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Chapter 1 The Dream Catcher's Deal

Ichigo's/Shirosaki's Dream

Ichigo lazily opened his eyes, revealing his surroundings. The substitute shinigami was somehow standing in the middle of a forest. As he examined the forest, Ichigo couldn't but feel that he was standing in one of those fairy tale forests.

Even though it was night, the leaves of the trees glowed brightly with life, reflecting the soft rays of the full moon shining proudly above. The bark seemed to be old, and on some vines curled around the trunks of the trees. There were neither leaves nor grass on the ground, only moss gathering up the moisture in the air.

"This is my dream, Ichigo. Get out." A low hiss said teen knew of so well.

Ichigo whirled around to see his inner hollow leaning against a tree, arms crossed and sneering at him. One black and yellow eye was open, glaring at his king.

"Shiro? What are you doing here?" Ichigo scowled, unhappy about the fact something like the hollow standing in a pure forest such as this.

"I just told ya. This is my dream, therefore ya shouldn't interfere. You've done enough of puttin' me down." Shirosaki snorted.

Ichigo frowned, scanning the forest one more time.

"This is your dream?"

Really, the teen thought that this was an odd dream for the hollow. Shirosaki was always so hateful, Ichigo was sure that the hollow's dream would be more chaotic than peaceful.

"Do I have ta repeat everythin' to ya? Or are ya really stupid?" the hollow scowled, now glaring at the shinigami with both piercing yellow eyes.

"I'm not stupid!" Ichigo retorted. "Besides…I would have thought that your dreams would have been destruction or killing things."

"What's wrong with a fairy tale forest? It's borin' in our inner world. It's just tall buildings standin' horizontal an' not vertical. Th' only person ta talk to is th' old man, an' he just ignores me. Th' only change would be when it rains." Shirosaki snorted.

"It rains in there?" Ichigo asked, surprised.

"An' it's not even cheerful. When th' rain comes it always made me depressed." The hollow spoke as if it was an everyday thing.

"Oh…" the teen really didn't know how to respond to that.

Ichigo then realized something. This was the first time Shirosaki wasn't trying to attack him, or even showing too many signs of hatred against him. Did dreams like this really have an effect on him?

"Hey…why are you so calm right now? You're not attacking me or throwing threats of bringing me down." Ichigo tilted his head.

"Wha'? Can't a hollow like me jus' relax an' enjoy some peace unlike your everyday life of bein' a danger magnet?" Shirosaki hissed.

"I guess you made your point." The teen frowned, deciding not to prod the hollow any further if he didn't want his head sliced off.

Shirosaki didn't respond, only turning his gaze to something else. Taking advantage of the silence between them, Ichigo took a better look around. He had turned around to see some sort of design on the ground. It looked like some sort of star, with a strange eye in the middle. The star itself was surrounded by two circles, some form of Latin symbols between the lines.

"What is this?" Ichigo knelt down to examine it closer.

"Dunno." The hollow shrugged, removing himself from the tree to stand by the substitute shinigami.

"Looks like some sort of alchemy or dark magic symbol." Ichigo tilted his head at it.

"What'eva it is, ya should leave it alone." Shirosaki scowled. "It could'a activate once ya touch it or somet'ing."

"When did you become so educated?" the teen raised an eyebrow.

Growling, the hollow pounced at Ichigo, no longer able to control his anger. With a yelp of surprise, Ichigo began to struggle. The two wrestled in the moss, rolling and punching.

In the end Shirosaki rolled them over, straddling Ichigo's waist and pinning the teen's wrists above his orange head. The young teen struggled a bit more until he felt a warm breath against his face. Ichigo stilled, too shocked to move as he realized that the hollow was leaning over him with half closed eyes.

"Sh—Shirosaki?" Ichigo gasped when the hollow's hips pressed against his.

Pale lips leaned closer to tanned ones, their breaths mixing. Ichigo felt his face heat up, mentally cursing at teenage hormones.

"Ya know King…" Shirosaki trailed off when his gaze shifted to something glowing behind the shinigami's head.

"What?" Ichigo dared to ask.

"That thing is glowin'."

Worried, the teen turned his head to see that the strange symbol was indeed glowing while a part of it was under his head.

Before either could react, there was a blinding flash. They closed their eyes as they felt the forest floor leave them. It felt like they were gently being lifted and teleported into a different setting.

They didn't know how long it lasted, but once the flash ended they fell onto a hard surface. Their groins rubbed each other roughly, causing Ichigo to scream and arch his back. Shirosaki surprised them both by purring into a tan ear.

"My, my, you two are a catch indeed." A female voice giggled.

In an instant the two raised their heads, one staring the other glaring at the woman sitting by the table, leaning over it to stare right back at them.

She was pale, almost as pale as Shirosaki. Her hair was darker than the shadows. It was partially loose, but two small portions that supposed to frame her face were pulled back into a short braid. On her forehead was a black mark of a third eye.

If her hair and skin color were shocking, her eyes and outfit nearly made Shirosaki shiver.

The woman had piercing red eyes, matching her miko like kimono. The top half was white, as tradition, and a red lower half. But at the end of her sleeves were red dragons, curling and twisting around the sleeve. Around the chest area the hakui was parted to show off a bit of her huge bust.

Her red hakama was mostly normal, only around her feet were white dragons with similar designs as the red ones on her sleeves. She smiled deviously as both shinigami and hollow twitched for to grab their zanpakutou.

"Calm down boys, I don't hurt my clients." She rolled her eyes, leaning back into her chair.

Hesitating a moment, Shirosaki rolled off of Ichigo and stood up. The teen pushed himself off the floor to stand next to his hollow. The woman smiled up at them.

"What do you mean clients?" Ichigo asked.

"Exactly what it means." She paused for a moment when they frowned. "You didn't know? When two people need or want something, they come to me in their dreams."

"Why dreams an' not in real life or somet'ing?" Shirosaki crossed his arms.

"My magic specializes in dreams. It is here that I am able to figure out what my client needs from me."

"And who are you?" the teen frowned.

"My name is of no importance. I am often referred to as the Dream Catcher, or a Dream Witch. Either works for me." she stood up to make her way to the cabinets nearby.

Ichigo took the chance to take in his new surroundings. Everything was made of old wood. There were a few cobwebs in the corners, and the old carpets on the floor were faded. The teen wrinkled his nose at the odd smell in the room. He turned to the window at the right were incense was burning.

Even if the room seemed old, it took Ichigo a moment to realize that the theme was dragons. On the carpet were dragons, the stained tablecloth had a dragon in the center, curling and twisting perfectly over the round table. Even the incense burner was in the shape of a dragon!

But Ichigo thought it was kind of cool that as the incense burned, the smoke came out of its nose and mouth.

The Dream Catcher came back with some tea with three empty cups. She sat down in her chair, motioning them to sit down across from her. Hesitantly, Shirosaki sat down first followed by Ichigo.

"By the confused expressions you two don't know why you're here." Dream Catcher smiled.

"He was th' one invadin' my dream." Shirosaki accused.

"I can't control what I can and cannot dream!" Ichigo retorted.

The hollow rolled his eyes. "Of course ya can't, King."

"Are you mocking me?" the teen twitched, about ready to punch the pale hollow.

"Boys! Now would you please calm down?" she snapped her fingers near their ears.

"Hey!" both scowled.

Dream Catcher laughed at their reaction. "You two are going to be so much fun!"

"What are we here for?" Ichigo demanded.

"Sheesh, calm down." She whispered, pouring the tea into the three cups.

"What was tha'?" Shirosaki hissed.

"Nothing. Now, let me see…the two of you two shares the same body?"

"Unfortunately." The hollow snickered.

"You hate being cooped up in the inner world." The Dream Catcher turned her gaze at Shirosaki. "You feel lonely, frustrated, and sad for having no one to talk to."

Surprised, the hollow hissed in response.

"Stop fussing, I don't invade people's minds for information. This," she raised a hand to her third eye. "Is how I see through the soul."

"Now, who wants tea? This is Jasmine Dragon tea, my personal favorite."

Ichigo tentatively reached for a small tea cup, noting that it too had a fancy dragon around it and took a small sip. It tasted a bit spicy, but the sweet aftertaste made up for it.

Seeing that Ichigo wasn't dying, Shirosaki reached for a cup of his own.

"You're frustrated that Shirosaki takes any advantages to fight you for control. You hate him, yet at the same time you don't. You know he's a part of you, so you can't really blame him for being stubborn." She continued.

Surprised, Ichigo nearly choked on his tea. He quickly swallowed and coughed, setting the tea cup on the table.

"I'm sorry, you surprised me is all. And you're right." Ichigo said when he stopped coughing.

"It's not the first time. At least you didn't spit it out." The Dream Witch shrugged.

"So what is it tha' we want?" Shirosaki spoke up, not bothering to cover up his boredom and irritation.

"I just told you. You want freedom, and Ichigo wants you to stop fighting for control. So, my solution." She stood up.

"What are you going to do?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"You shall see in the morning." The witch smiled knowingly before she brought her hands together to chant something in a different language.

The next thing Ichigo knew was complete darkness.

End of Dream

Ichigo stirred in his sleep, the rays of the sun peeking through the curtains. He knew that in a few weeks school will start again. Ichigo would enjoy the last days of summer and sleeping in late. Or as late as his old man allowed before barging in screaming the daylights out of him.

There was some sense of warmth to the side. Not opening his eyes, Ichigo turned and snuggled closer to the source of warmth. The source of warmth stirred a bit, and something what felt like a chin nuzzled into his hair.

Frowning, the teen opened his eyes into black pajamas. Ichigo blinked his eyes a few times to confirm that there was another person in his bed. It took the berry head to figure out that he couldn't squirm away from the firm chest because arms were tightly wrapped around him.

"What the hell!" Ichigo screamed, kicking the sleeping form off the bed.

The teen instantly felt pain in his gut. He curled up and held a hand over the pained area and peered over the side of the bed. The other had screamed from being kicked, and now lay on the floor curled up groaning. Ichigo recognized the form as his inner hollow.


"Who else, King?" the hollow hissed, menacingly glaring up at Ichigo.

Shirosaki wasn't dressed his normal reversed shinigami outfit. Instead he wore the same pajamas as Ichigo, only they were black while the substitute shinigami's were white.


"I'M COMING TO RESCUE YOU ICHIGO!" Isshin yelled as he burst through the door—more like kicking—and ran to the center of the room hands up.

"SHUT UP YOU OLD GEEZER!" Ichigo sat up, throwing his alarm clock at his dad.

The alarm clock hit the old man square in the face and he fell back on the floor.

"Why, Ichigo, why did you hurt your daddy?" Isshin whimpered, fake crying.

Shirosaki knelt down next to the older man, peering at him curiously. Ichigo stood up, scratching the back of his head at the situation.

Inner hollow somehow escaped inner world, now walking around in his own body. His dad came running in, and is now lying on the floor like a whimpering puppy. With a sigh, Ichigo thought of stuffing Shirosaki into his closet. It worked for Rukia.

But today was not Ichigo's day. Isshin opened his eyes, blinking as he gazed at a grinning pale twin version of his son.

"Who are you?" the elder man asked with his voice in a serious tone for once.

"You're not ta only one keepin' secrets, old man." The hollow snickered.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Isshin sat up as he adjusted his glasses to take a better look at the Ichigo look—a—like. The pale version was the same in every aspect of Ichigo, with only a few differences.

The copy cat had piercing yellow eyes that seemed to shine in the light. Instead of orange mop of hair was pure white, almost blending in with his skin. It was at this time that Ichigo realized that his hollow seemed a little more human than his normal appearance.

"Stand up." Isshin crossed his arms.

Scowling, Shirosaki complied. The elder Kurosaki raised both his eyebrows when he saw the familiar scowl Ichigo always had when irritated on the pale twin.


"Who are you?" Isshin demanded, ignoring his son.



The pale Ichigo shrugged. "That's wha' he calls me."

Isshin turned to his son.

"I can explain…" Ichigo bit his lip.

"I knew you were a vizard, but how did this happen?" Isshin pointed to Shirosaki.

"You know, Dad, it's a funny story actually." Ichigo paused for a moment.

"Well?" the elder Kurosaki raised an eyebrow.

"…I have no idea!" Ichigo threw his arms up, sitting back down on the bed.

"Don't tell me ya forgo' about our dream last night? We met a Dream Catcher." Shirosaki crossed his arms.

Isshin froze.

"Dream Catcher?"

"Oh yea! I remember now, she was…weird."

"I guess this is wha' she meant by grantin' our wishes. I have my freedom and ya no longer have to deal with me." Shirosaki grinned.

"Not true." Isshin shook his head before smacking Ichigo's head.


Both teens rubbed their heads.

"See? There are drawbacks when you make a deal with a Dream Catcher."

"But we didn't agree to anything! She just told us what we wanted and then she told us to wait until morning to see what her solution would be." Ichigo frowned.

"You still made a deal with her the moment you touched her symbol. Now, get dressed boys. You're going to Urahara's shop."

Death: Ok, this is my first try at Bleach. But really, I think some parts are a little...uncharacteristic for Ichigo. But I did what I could. I've been trying to read through the series and watching the eps but my computer messed up on what chapter I'm on in the manga, so I'm literally stuck not knowing where I was at and I'm anxiously waiting for the new eps.

Why do they take so damn long to air the new eps? It's getting on my nerves!

1) The star, eye, circle, thing, I got off from Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp, and I believe it's either directed or produced by Tim Burton. The symbol is supposed to mean to protect a loved one, but in here I decided to change that. The Dream Catcher uses this symbol to lure in customers/patients.

2) Hakui: It's the white, top half of a miko's (priestess) traditional Japanese outift. You don't know what it offically looks like, look up Kikyo from Inuyasha.

3) Hakama: They're like pants but are more kimono-like, if you get what I mean. Think of the pants Ichi-nii wears when he's a shinigami.

4) Dream Catcher/Witch: Think of her as a female, more conservative version of Urahara. She's odd, mysterious, and helps others even if they don't ask or even agree to making a deal with her. The only difference is that her intentions are yet to be determined, and the same goes for her name.

Yes, this may be random, but I couldn't stop thinking about the idea of Shirosaki having a body of his own and the only drawback was that they share the same pain, wounds, etc.

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