Prelude to a Storm

Deep in a valley residing in Mt Coronet, an academy resides. Led by the powerful Sensei Watanabe, he trains students to become powerful ninjas to stop an evil he once had part in creating…

A large ship sped through space, passing Hayley's Comet. The ship was shaped like a giant Honchkrow. Inside, there was a throne. Sitting there was some sort of creature. The figure looked human except he had a mask which looked like a Deoxys' face covering it. He also had armour all over his body. The torso of the defence Deoxys' was chest armour, speed Deoxys for leg armour and attack Deoxys for arm armour. He looked at a large screen which resided in front of him. The figure chuckled.

"My ship nears," he murmured. "The Wind Ninja Academy will not stand a chance…"

A boy who looked about nineteen with greenish black hair stood on top of a bridge. He had some sort of rope tied to his legs. Several other kids stood around watching him. The kid with the rope tied to him gave a two finger salute then jumped backwards off the bridge. He plummeted towards the water, laughing. Suddenly, the rope stretched and the boy flung back up. He landed back on the bridge on both his feet and laughed. The other boys laughed, surprised by it as well. Suddenly, the boy's watch started to beep.

"Sorry bro," he said to one of the kids. "I gotta go." The boy ran to his car and sped off, leaving his friends behind.

A large wave started to form as a girl quickly got up on her surfboard. She balanced herself forward as she pushed her board through the barrel. She came out the other side as the wave calmed down. She ran her hands through her green hair, shaking it to get the water out. She walked up to a car which was parked in the parking lot. She put a blue hoodie, white t-shirt, white shorts and white sneakers on over who blue bikini. She looked in the car to see a boy sitting in the driver's seat.

"Hey Bruce…" she muttered, hopping in the passenger seat. "Guessing Dylan's late again?" Bruce nodded sighing.

"Man if he doesn't start to hurry up, Sensei will definitely expel us for good. But while Dylan is gone I want to talk about something else. Gina, about last Friday I…" But he was cut off as the girl snarled.

"Don't you dare bring that up," she snapped. "I forgot about it so you should too. You abandoned me so I don't care about…" Gina stopped as the back door open. A boy with black messy hair, blue eyes and white skin jumped into the car. He was wearing a yellow shirt and brown baggy pants.

"Hey guys!" the boy said as he hopped in. "What's up?" Gina and Bruce looked at each other then at the boy.

"Nothing Dylan," Gina said. "We were just waiting for you. We can go now Bruce." Bruce sighed and started the car. They then drove down the road.

"They are late again father," a boy said. "I don't know why you bother."

"Shush Cam," another voice said, sounding a lot older. "You know they have a different Jitsu than the rest of us." The first voice sighed.

"Okay father, I'll send five of each group to battle them," Cam said. "That should at least give them some practice." The other person made a grunt of agreement.

As the car drove along the ridge, Dylan was busy reading some sort of comic book. Gina looked back and noticed him.

"What are you reading?" she asked. Dylan showed her the front cover. "You're reading Poké Rangers? You know they don't exist."

Dylan sighed. "What about all them stories of all the different rangers appearing in Hoenn?" he said, looking at Gina like she was stupid. "And what about the Rangers in that new region called Verger! You know they exist!"

Gina muttered something and looked back at Dylan. "They were probably shooting a series of movies or something," she said. "That's all."

Dylan gave up and returned to his reading. Bruce chuckled and pushed his foot down, making the car go faster.

The three soon arrived at the entrance to a valley. They exited the car and looked around.

"Man its quiet," Dylan muttered. "Too quiet… Maybe there is some evil ninja creature coming to attack us!" Dylan then imitated some karate moves when Bruce came over and put him in a headlock.

"Stop it now Dylan," he said. "We're being watched." As he said this, the three looked around the forest. Suddenly, a black streak zoomed past them.

"Crap!" Dylan shouted. "It is some sort of evil ninja creature thing!" Suddenly, fifteen black clad humans appeared. Five had red stripes, five had blue and the other five had yellow. Bruce looked at the other two.

"Ready?" he asked them. The other two nodded and threw their clothes off, revealing similar outfits. Bruce had a black one with red lines, Gina had one with blue lines and Dylan had one with yellow. "Let's move!"

Gina ran toward the ones with blue lines. She did a flip over them and ran towards the lake. She was running fast and was soon sprinting over the water. The other figures followed her as well. Gina then turned around, whipping up a stream of water and blasting it at the figures. She knocked one down but the other four stopped. They had the pointer and middle finger of their right hand point up and the pointer and middle finger of their left hand touched their palm. The figures then glowed white and transformed into a ghost like figure of a Swampert.

"Crap," Gina muttered then she did the same finger action. She then yelled, "Starmie Jitsu Power!" Gina glowed white and she transformed into a ghost like Starmie. The red crystal in the centre started to glow.

"Water Pulse!" she shouted. A water ball appeared in front of her and she blasted it at the Swampert. It exploded on contact but the Swampert still stood there. Gina then started to spin. "Rapid Spin!" she cried out. She started spinning towards the Swampert figures but one jumped into the air and used Iron Tail on Gina, sending her crashing into the water. She fell into the water and turned back into her normal self. The Swampert figures turned back into their black clad forms and started to drag her out of the water.

Dylan looked at the five figures surrounding him. He then jumped into the air and when he landed, he made the ground to shake. The figures kept their ground however and soon did the Jitsu finger position. They glowed white and they suddenly all turned into Garchomp ghosts. Dylan swore under his breath then did the Jitsu as well.

"Hippowdon Jitsu Power!" he shouted. He glowed white and he then looked like a ghost figure of a Hippowdon. He then charged at the Garchomp, knocking one into a tree which turned back into its black clad self. The other Garchomp charged a Dragon Claw and charged at Dylan.

"Sand Tomb!" he shouted. A small tornado of sand formed around Dylan and it blasted out to the Garchomps. However, the Garchomps started to become hard to see for Dylan.

'Crap!' he thought. 'I forgot their ability!' A Garchomp then charged to Dylan and struck him down with Dragon Claw. Dylan tried to get back up but was stopped by Dragon Rush which sent hi flying into a tree. He reverted to his old self and took a breather. The other figures grabbed him and pulled him to where they were holding Gina.

Bruce looked at the figures. He formed a fireball in his hands and threw it at them. However, they just absorbed the attack. They then performed the Jitsu and transformed into Blazikens. Bruce smiled and he performed the Jitsu action as well.

"Magmortar Jitsu Power!" Bruce glowed white and he was soon replaced with a ghost like figure of a Magmortar. He then charged at the figures and hit one of them with Fire Punch. The Blaziken he aimed for dodged and uppercut him with a Blaze Kick. Bruce fell backwards then chuckled. His body became surrounded with fire.

"Lava Plume!" he shouted. The fire surrounding his body then exploded outwards, colliding with all the other Blazikens. He thought it was over when a Blaziken appeared out of nowhere and hit Bruce with Close Combat sending him sprawling to the ground. Bruce tried to get up but fell down once more. The figures had returned to their black clad selves and they dragged Bruce over to Gina and Dylan. The three looked up as a Staraptor flew towards them.

"Oh man…" Dylan uttered, realising who it was. The Staraptor landed and it transformed into a man with dark tanned skin in white robes.

"You three," he said. "Come with me. We need to talk." The three of them sighed and got up, following the man through the portal.

"Sir," a Machamp creature said. "We have reached the orbit of Earth." The creature which spoke was shaped like a Machamp except he was made out of a Steelix's body and had the head of a Steelix.

"Excellent work Steelor," the figure with the Deoxys like body said. "Now where are my idiot nieces?" Suddenly, two girls with Beedrill and Butterfree like armour appeared.

"Hey uncle!" the one with the Beedrill armour said. "When are we going to attack?"

"Yeah!" the other one said. "We wanna go destroy things!"

"Shut up you blithering nincompoops," the creature said. "I Dyodine will destroy this world and if it wasn't for my stupid brother on his holiday, it would just be me and my men!"

"And don't forget women!" the Beedrill armour said. "You can't forget several of your own henchmen who are females!"

"Shut up Gold!" Dyodine said. "Be like your sister, Silver, for a change. She's good for something. She can shut her mouth when she knows I don't wanna talk!"

Gold pouted and Silver snickered at her.

"We're sorry Sensei," Bruce said. "We were busy doing things. When it was time to come here, I was in the middle of jumping off a bridge!"

"But you know by now Bruce," the old man known as Sensei said. "That you have had enough chances to get here on time."

Bruce and the others nodded and Sensei sighed.

"You will come back tomorrow on time," Sensei said. "But come later, I will have no choice, but to expel you."

The three bowed at Sensei and walked off as another boy with brown bowl cut hair appeared.

"I'm going to say it again," Cam said. "I don't know why you put up with them…" he said.

"I put up with them Cam," Sensei said. "Because I sense something is coming. Something I know…"

"It's time…" Dyodine said. "Steelor! Cacargo! Gold! Silver! Darkogues! We attack now! We now claim the ninjas of the Wind Academy!"

Several cheers bellowed out of the ship and a beam blasted out from the mouth of the Honchkrow ship.

Meanwhile at Storm Chargers, where the group hang out,

Dylan sat down next to the bike he was working on. Grabbing the spanner, he started twisting some bolts. Bruce sat over on a chair near a rack of clothes while Gina looked at the TV with a news report on about some evil mutant creatures attacking Hoenn and the Elite Four are nowhere to be seen.

"Stupid Hoenn…" she muttered. "They always get the more sporty pastimes…"

Dylan was about to insert a new fuel injector to the motorbike when the clock on the bench started to ring frantically.

"Let's go," Bruce said. "Or we'll be late!"

"Dylan!" a voice shouted out. A girl with long blonde hair appeared. "Where are you going?"

"Sorry Sarah," Dylan said. "I have to go. But did I mention you're the best boss ever?"

Sarah sighed as Bruce, Gina and Dylan ran out of the shop.

A large tornado of energy ripped into the ground. Ninjas all around the valley looked at the large explosion and tornado in the sky. Suddenly, five creatures appeared. Dyodine, Steelor, Gold, Silver and a new creature which had a Cacturne body and Magcargo shell on the back. It had orange lines over its body.

"Cacargo," Dyodine said. "Summon the Darkogues!"

The Cacturne/Magcargo creature nodded and its shell opened, releasing ten dark balls of energy. They transformed into black Tyrogues. They had no faces except for a Deoxys faceplate like the one Dyodine wore.

"Darkogues!" Cacargo shouted. "Capture the Wind Ninjas!" The warriors ran out and started fioghting the ninjas. Suddenly, Sensei appeared in front of Dyodine.

"I will stop you like I did all those years ago," he said. "Even if it takes me to my death."

"Well your death will come swift," Dyodine replied. "And you won't even faze me!"

Dyodine then fired a Psybeam at Sensei who countered by twirling his staff to form a Protect. Dyodine then charged in quickly, punching Sensei, sending him backwards. Sensei then twirled his staff and it started to crackle with electricity. He pointed it at Dyodine and a Thunderbolt blasted out, striking Dyodine in the chest. Dyodine snickered.

"You're still as weak as you are old," he tormented. "And that is your downfall. Its time I finished this off. Psycho Boost!"

Dyodine charged up a powerful ball of energy and blasted it at Sensei. Sensei then grabbed the attack with his bare hands and an explosion occurred. Sensei was nowhere to be seen. Dyodine roared with laughter and smashed an incoming ninja in the face, sending him flying.

Cacargo looked at all the captured ninjas. His shell opened up again and several bubbles blasted out, capturing the ninjas. They all then disappeared into Cacargo's shell. Cacargo chuckled as Dyodine and the rest appeared next to them.

"Let the tornado finish the academy off," Dyodine said. "We shall return to our ship." The five of them then teleported away and the Darkogues disintegrated into nothing.

Bruce, Gina and Dylan made their way through the forest. Several Burmy and Starly were around eating at the time.

"I hope Sensei doesn't bust us," Bruce said. "Since we did help them old people and their broken car."

"If he does," Gina said. "I say we all gang up on him."

Suddenly, the three felt the ground shake drastically. Starly flew off fro their perches and Burmy fell of the branches of the tree.

"What was that?" Dylan asked. "It sounded like an explosion!"

The three started running towards the waterfall near the lake.

The three of them were teleported to the front of the academy. Well, what the remains of the academy were anyway… There was rubble everywhere. Fallen trees, glass everywhere, shredded parts of ninja clothing everywhere and all the fountains had stopped.

"What the hell happened here?" Bruce wondered, looking around.

"I don't know…" Dylan muttered. "Maybe it was a tornado or something."

"Tornados don't make explosions Dylan…" Gina muttered. "Only weapons…"

Suddenly, a pile of rubble began to move. An Alakazam appeared and behind it, was Cam.

"Cam!" Bruce shouted, running over to him. The three of them helped their friend out of the rubble.

"Quick!" he yelled. "Over to the other side! There is a safe place there!"

Bruce and Dylan took Cam's arms over their shoulders and started to carry him through the rubble.

"Um sir," Steelor said. "We have a problem."

Dyodine looked up and a projection appeared, showing Bruce and Dylan carrying Cam and Gina running alongside them.

"Fire the Shadow Balls!" Dyodine commanded. "If we can't capture them then they can burn in hell!"

The mouth of the Honchkrow Ship opened up and it blasted large balls of dark energy at Earth.

"Nearly there!" Bruce said, stepping over a log.

Gina had ran on ahead to try and find out where Cam was trying to take them. However she had no luck. Suddenly, a dark ball of energy smashed into the ground about ten metres away from them. It caused an explosion, sending the three falling over. Gina shouted something inaudible and was about to run over to them to help when Bruce told her to run back with his hands. Another explosion occurred behind them and Bruce picked Cam up again. Dylan then stood still and realised a Shadow Ball was coming straight at them. Reacting quickly, he put his fingers and palms together.

"Hippowdon Jitsu Power!" Dylan shouted as he glowed white. He transformed into his ghost version of Hippowdon.

"Protect!" he shouted and a barrier appeared over the three of them, protecting them from the powerful attack. Dylan quickly transformed back and continued helping Bruce carry Cam over to Gina. Another Shadow Ball came down but it was too far away to do anything. Soon, they had reached the safety spot where Gina was.

"So where were we meant to be going?" Dylan asked.

Cam pointed his left arm to a spot next to tree. "To that tree," he said. "You'll have to perform Jitsu to open it."

Bruce walked up to it and placed his hand on the tree. "What Jitsu should I use?" Bruce asked. "My Magmortar Jitsu or Shadow Jitsu?"

Cam shook his head. "Neither," he said. "You have to use Destiny Jitsu. I know its short notice but you should be able to pull it off if dad has done what he has to do."

Bruce sighed and placed his hand on the tree. "Jitsu of Destiny!" he cried out. Suddenly, the tree opened up, revealing a small platform in a tube.

"What the?" Dylan questioned but as another Shadow Ball fell to the ground and exploded; they ran to the platform and stood on it.

The tube started to drop as the tree closed and the three of them fell as the platform started to drop. Soon, they landed somewhere with a bang. Another sliding door opened and a large room appeared. In it were a table and a computer up the back. There was a screen on two of the parallel walls. Next to the computer was also a small cage.

"Cam," Gina began. "What is this place?"

"This," he said. "is Ninja HQ. It's where we go when we're under attack."

Bruce and Dylan wandered around when Gina went and sat on a chair near the table. Suddenly, a Bidoof appeared.

"How the hell did a Bidoof get in here?" Bruce asked, looking at it. The Bidoof stood on its hind legs and looked at the four of them.

"I see you brought them here Cam," the Bidoof said. Bruce, Dylan and Gina's jaw dropped.

"You can talk?" Dylan asked. "Please tell me that one of them attacks hit me and killed me…"

"No Dylan," the Bidoof said. "You did not get hit. However, I did and I was forced to use a Jitsu I hoped I would never have to use."

"Wait," Bruce said, walking over to the Bidoof. "How can a normal Pokémon like you use Jitsu?"

"I'm not a Pokémon Bruce," Bidoof said. "I am Sensei. I was forced to use the Chameleon Jitsu."

"What?" Gina questioned. "You mean you could make yourself a Pokémon yet you chose Bidoof? Why not a Dialga, or Palkia? Or even Giratina! You could've easily stopped whatever happened here. Actually that's a good question. What did happen here?"

Sensei sighed and walked over to the computer. Standing on his hind legs, he pushed buttons with his front ones. "This is Dyodine," Sensei said, pointing at the Deoxys figure. "I battled him decades ago yet he escaped. Now he has returned with an army. I believe you three can stop him. But only if you three can become the Poké Rangers!"

Bruce, Gina and Dylan looked at each other and cracked up laughing.

"There's no way I could be a Poké Ranger!" Dylan said. "All I do is read the comics!"

"They're not even real," Gina said. "That stuff in Hoenn doesn't exist. They're filming some sort of movie."

"Yeah come on," Bruce said. "Stop pulling our leg and figure out another way to stop him."

Sensei sighed. "Cam," he said. "Get the Morphers."

Cam nodded and he walked past Sensei to a door behind the computer. He brought back out with him a hexagonal shaped box. He placed it on the table and opened the lid. Inside were three rectangular shaped objects with a small Poké Ball on them. One was red while the other two were blue and yellow. Bruce went and picked up the red one and strapped it on his wrist. The Morpher glowed and then it faded away. Dylan and Gina did the same and their Morphers glowed as well.

"Bruce," Sensei said. "The fire burns inside you to give you the will to lead this team to stopping Dyodine as the Red Magmortar Ranger."

"Gina," he began again. "Graceful as the ocean itself, you will help stop Dyodine as the Blue Starmie Ranger."

"Dylan," Sensei continued. "Strong as the ground, you will become the Yellow Hippowdon Ranger! Together, you three will become the Poké Rangers!"

The three took a heroic pose as Sensei said the last line. Immediately after, the three went down and started fiddling with their Morphers.

"How do these things work?" Dylan asked, trying to figure it out.

"When you need to morph," Sensei said. "Shout out, Ninja Storm Ranger Form! And say it while pushing the Pokeball button. Suddenly, an alarm went off and a screen appeared, showing a humanoid figure but had Magikarp scales and Samurai like armour. Alongside the creature were ten Darkogues.

"Dyodine has sent a goon down," Sensei said. "You three must go stop him now!"

The three of them nodded and ran outside. Cam watched them leave and turned to his father.

"I hope they can do it…" he said and turned to watch the screen.

Outside, Bruce, Dylan and Gina stood, ready to battle.

"Hey ugly!" Bruce shouted. The Magikarp creature turned to look at them. "You wanted us?"

"No one offends Magike like that!" the creature said in a babyish tone. "Now I will destroy you!"

Magike raised his arms and hundreds of bubbles blasted out towards the rangers, exploding on the cliff side of where they were standing. They fell down the small cliff but got up quickly.

"I'll go first," Dylan said, raising his Morpher. "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form! Hyah!" The Pokeball on the Morpher opened up. It enveloped Dylan in a white light then a tornado of sand surrounded him. The sand subsided and he was wearing a yellow outfit. An image of a Hippowdon appeared in the background and a copy of its head smashed into Dylan's to form the helmet.

"Power of Hippowdon!" Dylan shouted, returning back to where they were standing. Dylan looked over his body at the armour.

"This is so cool!" Dylan exclaimed. Bruce then went next.

"Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" Bruce shouted. "Hyah!" The Pokeball on the Morpher opened up. It enveloped Bruce in a white light as well then a tornado of fire erupted around him. The fire diminished and he was wearing a red outfit. An image of a Magmortar appeared in the background and a copy of its head smashed into Bruce's to form the helmet.

"Power of Magmortar!" Bruce cried out. Bruce looked at his armour as Gina went in and did the same.

"Ninja Storm," she shouted. "Ranger Form! Hyah!" The Pokeball on the Morpher opened up. It enveloped Gina in a white light as a whirlpool of water started around her. The whirlpool subsided and she was wearing a blue outfit with a skirt. An image of a Starmie appeared in the background and a copy of its body smashed into Gina's to form the helmet.

"Power of Starmie!" she yelled. The three of them looked at each other when Magike noticed what happened.

"Uh oh…" he murmured.

"Poké Rangers?" Dyodine questioned from his ship. "Nobody told me there would be Poké Rangers!"

The three rangers walked towards Magike as he tried blasting them with another Bubblebeam. However, it exploded harmlessly behind them.

"Darkogues!" Magike shouted. "Attack!" The Tyrogue like creatures charged out at the Rangers. Bruce, Dylan and Gina nodded to each other and drew the swords from their backs.

"Ninja Swords activate!" Bruce commanded. The three of them raised their swords and charged at the Darkogues, striking each one down. Sparks rained out for each one's body as the blade sliced their body. Most of them were destroyed quickly except for three of them. The Ninja Rangers charged at one each. They moved quickly, turning into blurs and destroying the Darkogues, disintegrating them.

"Alright!" Dylan shouted. "We did it!"

"You forgot about me!" a voice boomed as Magike appeared and struck the rangers with a samurai sword. Sparks rained from their bodies as they fell to the ground. The three of them got up quickly.

"I think its time we turned it up a notch," Bruce said. "Magmortar Cannon! Power up!" A Magmortar's arm appeared except the shoulder flame was a handle. "Fire!" he shouted, firing a large fireball at Magike. The fireball exploded on contact with Magike, sending him flying into a tree.

"My turn!" Gina said. "Starmie Disc Launcher! Slice and Dice Time!" Two small Starmie appeared in the side of a gun except the hole where the attack came from was the size of the small Starmies on the side. Gina aimed the Disc Launcher at Magike and fired, sending several sharp miniature Starmies blasting into Magike. Sparks rained down from his body as each one hit. Magike fell to one knee after the attack.

"I'm finishing this!" Dylan said. "Hippowdon Hammer! Charge up!" A Hippowdon's head appeared and coming out the back of it was a staff like object so that Dylan could wield it. Dylan then ran at Magike with the hammer and brought it down hard towards him. "Iron Head!" he shouted, smashing the hammer into Magike's head. An explosion occurred but Magike still lived, though he was weak.

"Rangers!" a voice suddenly said through their helmets. Bruce, not knowing what it was, looked around. "It's me Cam! I'm talking over the intercom. When you talk now I can here you."

"Okay," Bruce said. "So what do you want?"

"To stop Magike," he said. "You need to combine your weapons to form the Overheat Cannon. It will be able to destroy him."

"Right," Bruce said. "Thanks Cam."

Bruce, Gina and Dylan all got their weapons. Bruce got the Magmortar Cannon and lifted the handle up, making it look straight. When it did, the cannon part on the end opened up even more to become bigger. Dylan then folded the staff part of the hammer in and then up, making the staff smaller. Gina then got the Starmies to go off her weapon and connect with the Hippowdon head, allowing the Disc Launcher to connect. Bruce then took the handle of the gun.

"Overheat Cannon!" he shouted, aiming it at Magike. "Online!"

"You wouldn't obliterate a Magikarp would you?" Magike whimpered, standing up to his full height.

"I find them annoying…" Bruce muttered. "Overheat Cannon fire!" A blast of powerful fire erupted from the cannon and blasted into Magike. He screamed in pain and exploded into a million pieces.

"All right!" the three of them shouted. "We did it!"

Back at HQ…

"That was so awesome!" Dylan exclaimed, sitting down on a chair, resting his feet on the table. "We have to do that some more."

"Well I'm not sure if I wanna become a Poké Ranger…" Gina said. "I mean, if those things on TV are real, then we could all get seriously hurt."

"Yeah but Gina," Bruce said. "Think of it this way. It's just a great new sport which requires you to save the world. That's all. But we need to do this. To save our friends who were abducted."

Gina nodded. "Yeah you're right," she said. "This is just one big sport. And I'm ready for it."

Sensei Bidoof nodded and all of them laughed, having no idea what is in store for them…

Well there is the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I surely enjoyed writing it. That's sort of why I started again. I just felt Legends of Time was rushed and I wasn't finding it that interesting to write. But here it is. The sequel now as the first one. So enjoy! Here is a preview for the next season. Oh one last thing, theme song comes next chapter so don't worry.

Bruce: I can work by myself… I don't need your help!

Sensei: Let him go Gina. He needs to find out for himself.

Gina: Don't you get it? Only as one can we defeat this monster!

?: You rangers are going to die! Even if it takes me to my last breath! ZAP!

Cam: Rangers! You need to form the Wind Megazord

Bruce: Wind Megazord arise!

Stay tuned for the next chapter!