Rising Thunder

Part 2

Previously, on Poké Rangers Ninja Storm…

The Rangers were drawn out by Dyodine, only to meet his latest allies in battle, the Thunder Rangers. After an intense battle on both foot and bike, the Rangers were defeated and had one last hope: the Zords. However, even when they formed the Megazord, the Megazord was destroyed and the Rangers were knocked out cold. Now for what happens next…

Deep in a valley residing in Mt Coronet, an academy resides. Led by the powerful Sensei Watanabe, he trains students to become powerful ninjas to stop an evil he once had part in creating. He then chose three ninjas amongst the rest. Three who would become...

Go, Poké Rangers

(The words Poké Rangers appear on the screen)

Go, Ninja Storm Lets Go!

(Ninja Storm appears under Poké Rangers)

The Call is On

(Bruce does a back flip and morphs)

Their Force is Getting Strong

(Bruce is seen looking at the screen, arms folded. Bruce Carter. Red Magmortar Ranger. Created by Blazin Saddles)

They'll Have to Brave the Weather

(Dylan rides his motorbike up a hill and does a 360, landing perfectly)

Ninja Storm, Stand Together
(Dylan laughs towards the screen. Dylan Lowridge. Yellow Hippowdon Ranger. Created by Death Knight25)

The Storm will Grow

(Gina goes through the barrel of a wave on her surfboard)

The Waters Flow

(Gina looks at the screen holding her surfboard smiling. Blue Starmie Ranger. Created by Blue Bongo)

Poké Ranger Ninjas, Go

(Two rangers appear in the dark, only partially visible)

Poké Rangers, Ninja Storm

(The three Rangers morphed draw their weapons and point them at the screen)

It's Growing

(Three Zords appear. A Magmortar, Hippowdon and Starmie)

It's Growing!

(The three Zords start to change)

It's Growing!
(The Wind Jitsu Megazord appears walking, an explosion occurring behind it)

Go, Poké Rangers

(Dyodine sits in his throne with Steelor and Cacargo standing next to him)

Go, Ninja Storm, Let's Go!

(Gold and Silver appear, both pulling at a dress which rips)

The Speed of the Wind (Let's Go!)

(The three rangers ride on their Tsunami Cycles)

And Strength like Thunder (Let's Go!)

(The two rangers from before appear, briefly being seen clearly when lightning strikes the ground)

Go, Poké Rangers,

(The three rangers use their Jitsu to turn into their spirit)

Go, Ninja Storm (Let's Go!)

(An explosion occurs behind them while in their Jitsu form)

Poké Rangers,

(The rangers form the Overheat Cannon and fire, exploding a monster)

Go, Ninja Storm (Let's Go!)

(The rangers celebrate after their victory)

Poké Rangers,

(A different Megazord appears in a dark sky, taking up a battle stance)

Go, Ninja Storm (Let's Go!)

(The Wind Jitsu Megazord strikes a monster, destroying it)

Poké Rangers,

(The rangers stand in a heroic position looking at the screen)

Go, Ninja Storm (Let's Go!)

(The screen explodes and Poké Rangers Ninja Storm appears. Created by Hotrod198. Inspired by Blazin' Saddles)

"Rangers!" Cam yelled through the intercom, hoping to reach the Rangers. Inside the fallen Megazord, the Rangers were unconscious, lying over their respective consoles. However, Bruce slowly started to stir and he took his smashed helmet off, half the visor missing.

"Man my head hurts…" Bruce muttered. Bruce moved his head around as he heard the sound of talking. "Cam? Is that you?"

"Bruce!" Cam exclaimed. "Good! At least I know one of you is alright. Bruce, I need you to try and get Gina and Dylan out of the Megazord. There is a big chance that the Megazord could explode at any minute, if even the slightest more damage occurs. So get Gina and Dylan out of there! And fast!"

"Right," Bruce said. He got up and put his helmet back on, not bothering to carry it. He made his way through the destroyed Megazord and he soon found Gina, slowly starting to wake up.

"What happened?" she muttered. She looked around to see Bruce walk over to her and help her up.

"Come on," he said. "We need to get out of here. The Megazord is going to explode so we have to hurry up and get Dylan."

"Okay…" Gina muttered. She was hurt, easily identified by her limping. As they continued through the Megazord, they soon came across Dylan, the metal bar on top of him.

"Ah crap…" Bruce muttered, seeing the beam on top of him. "Hey Dylan? Are you alright?" There was a slight groan and Bruce started to lift the beam. Gina limped over and started to help. They moved it enough to rest it on the console where they left it. They then pulled Dylan out and carried him out of the Megazord.

"Okay Cam," Bruce said. "We're out."

"Good," Cam said over the intercom. Suddenly, the Megazord glowed and it disappeared. "I'm teleporting back to the Zord Bay where we can perform repairs."

"Okay…" Bruce replied. "We're going to get out of here before anyone sees us…" With that the Rangers demorphed and carried Dylan away from the scene.

"Well done!" Dyodine said, patting the shoulders of both the Rangers. "You have destroyed their Megazord! Without that our warriors can attack the Sinnoh Region! Hearthome shall be levelled to the ground as our first place to attack!"

"Yes my lord…" the Crimson Ranger said. "However, we still need to perform our own task."

"As you told us," the Navy Ranger piped up. "Sensei Watanabe killed our parents. We need to fulfil our revenge. Then we will go our own ways to train and become even stronger!"

"Yes," Dyodine said. "Go and do what you wish with Sensei Watanabe. Destroy him however you please." The Thunder Rangers chuckled then teleported away.

"Are you ever going to tell them boss?" Cacargo asked. Dyodine chuckled as well.

"And ruin their fun?" he said. "Oh Arceus no…"

"Oh man!" Cam cried out as the Rangers handed him their Morphers. "Your Morphers are basically destroyed!"

"Dude we're sorry," Dylan said, lying on a chair with an ice pack on his head. "It's not like we were going to know it would happen."

"Well let's just say we're lucky," Cam said. "When these were constructed, they were built with a Regeneration Cycle in it, a device which allows the Morpher to repair itself. However, it takes twelve hours to do so. Anytime you guys would morph before that would cause them to explode and became unrepairable for good."

"So basically," Bruce said. "We can't morph for twelve hours, no way to fight giant monsters and the Thunder Rangers are still on the loose." Bruce sighed loudly. "Just great…"

"Bruce," Sensei said, leaping onto the table. "Morphing isn't the answer to everything. If you only trusted your morphing powers, you would never have led the team this far." Bruce nodded when suddenly, an alarm started sounding. Cam raced over to the computer and looked at it.

"Dyodine has sent down a pack of Darkogues," Cam said. "You need to at least try and stop them."

"Right," Bruce said. "Let's go guys." Gina made her over towards the door, her limping subsided. Dylan took the ice pack off and wiped his forehead.

"Man I'm gonna have one major headache tomorrow…" Dylan muttered. He then followed Bruce and Gina out of the base. However, unknown to them, the Thunder Rangers stood on a cliff, able to see them but to still be unseen.

"We have located the hideout," the Crimson Ranger said.

"Let the plan commence," the Navy Ranger said. The two waited for the Rangers to leave and they leaped down to the ground and raced for the entrance to the base. Seeing it, they smiled, placed their hands on the hand recognisor and shocked it into recognising it as Bruce's. The door opened and they walked in to see Cam and Sensei looking at the computer, working on something. The Crimson Ranger brought up his Pinsir Claw. He fired a Thunderbolt from it and it blasted towards Sensei and Cam. However, Sensei quickly pushed Cam out of the way as the Thunderbolt hit the wall, cracking it a bit. Sensei got up and watched as the Thunder Rangers entered the base.

"Cam, get back," Sensei said. Cam did as he was told and backed up to the far wall. Sensei ran towards the Crimson Ranger and attacked with Tackle, sending him sprawling backwards. The Navy Ranger drew his sword and went to strike Sensei however he jumped onto the sword then propelled himself off of it. He then tackled the Navy Ranger in the chest. Sensei then jumped into the air again and propelled himself back off the roof and used a Take Down on the Crimson Ranger. The two rangers staggered back up.

"Now this is ridiculous…" the Crimson Ranger said. "We can beat three Rangers but then we can't stop one lousy Bidoof…"

"Let's just trap him," the Navy Ranger muttered. He brought out a black and white Pokéball. He threw it at Sensei and he started glowing. Sensei tried to pull away but he was soon sucked inside the Pokéball. "There," the Navy Ranger said. "Piece of cake."

"What about him?" the Crimson Ranger wondered, looking at Cam who stood up the back.

"We wait till the Rangers get back," the Navy Ranger said.

"Then we show our true selves," the Crimson Ranger said. "And get the hell out of here!"

"Okay guys," Bruce said. "The only way we can stop them is to use our Jitsu."

"Yeah," Dylan said. "Though I think I'd rather my powers…"

"Don't be such a baby…" Gina muttered.

"Hey!" Dylan yelled back. "You didn't…"

"Stop!" Bruce interrupted. Dylan and Gina shut up. "Okay guys; let's just get this over and done with. Magmortar Jitsu Power!"

"Hippowdon Jitsu Power!"

"Starmie Jitsu Power!"

The three of them transformed into their respective Pokémon spirits and watched as the Darkogues started swarming.

"Let's go!" Bruce shouted. Bruce ran at the Darkogues, his arms surrounded with fire. He punched several of them, destroying them instantly. Suddenly, one Darkogue leapt into the air behind him and came down, ready to attack. Bruce quickly turned around in time and fired a fireball at it, exploding on contact. The Darkogues was instantly incinerated.

Gina, meanwhile, fired a Water Pulse at three oncoming Darkogues. The ball of water exploded into a wave and wiped them out. She then moved into Rapid Spin, striking down several more of the Darkogues. She saw one was approaching her by itself so she charged at it with Rapid Spin and basically drove it into the sky. She then fired a Hydro Pump at it, sending it smashing into the ground.

Dylan watched as the other two fought off the Darkogues. He then looked at the group he had to deal with. He attacked with Sand Tomb, trapping four of them inside. The sand spun rapidly around their bodies, causing sparks to rain off their bodies. The attack subsided and the Darkogues exploded instantly. However, in the smoke that it brought, three more Darkogues came speeding out, their fists glowing. Dylan noticed this and fired a Hyper Beam, destroying all three in an instant.

"Yeah!" Dylan shouted. He transformed out of his Jitsu form as did Bruce and Gina.

"Good work guys," Bruce said as the group got together. "We better head back."

"That was pretty easy…" Bruce muttered as they made their way to the base. "I mean, I would've thought they'd send down a goons or something. You know, like Mach-Titan or someone."

"Well maybe we did enough damage to them to hold them off," Dylan said. "And we… hey! What's that?" Dylan pointed to the entrance to the base where they could see the hand scanner was destroyed.

"Something's not right…" Gina muttered as the three made their way into the base. Inside, the place was trashed. The table had been overturned and the chairs were on fire. As the rangers looked around, the wall exploded and emerging from it were the Thunder Rangers. They were both holding Cam.

"Hello rangers," the Crimson Ranger said. "Surprised?"

"Let Cam go," Bruce said, getting into a fighting position. "We will try and stop you."

"Fine," the Crimson Ranger said. He let Cam go as did the Navy Ranger. "But we get to keep Sensei!" He held up the black and white Pokeball.

"Hey!' Dylan shouted. "You can't take Sensei! Take Cam instead!"

"Oh thanks Dylan…" Cam muttered as he walked over to them.

"What?" Dylan wondered. "We need Sensei more than we need you." Cam sighed and Bruce stepped up.

"Okay let's just get to the bottom of this," Bruce said. "Who the hell are you guys?"

"Do you really want to know?" the Crimson Ranger asked. The Crimson and Navy Rangers started to glow. When the glowing subsided, Justin and Ricky stood there. Shocked looks filled the room as Justin and Ricky snickered.

"He did warn you!" the Navy Ranger said. The look on Dylan's face quickly transformed from shock to anger. He charged them, his fist clenched. Justin just grabbed his hand and twisted his arm. Dylan fell to the ground in pain.

"Why are you guys doing this?" Bruce wondered. Justin laughed.

"Sensei killed our parents," Justin said. "So we're going to give him some payback!"

"Why would Sensei kill your parents?" Bruce asked. Ricky shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know why!" he said. "But we must avenge our parents! Only then will our parents be finally at rest."

"But killing Sensei for killing your parents would make you no better than him!" Gina said. Ricky flinched at this. "I don't believe Sensei killed your parents anyway!"

"We know the facts!" Justin said. "Come on Ricky, let's move!" Justin had electricity crackle off of his body as he transformed back into his ranger suit. Ricky sighed, a confused look on his face. He then transformed back into his suit. The two Rangers then teleported away, leaving no trace behind.

"Damn it!" Bruce said. He kicked one of the fallen chairs in anger.

"Yes!" Dyodine shouted in joy on his ship. "The Rangers are down and Sensei is captured! Things couldn't be better!"

"Uncle!" Gold shouted, racing into the room. Silver was close behind. "I say we party!"

"You know?" Dyodine said, smiling beneath his mask. "I say a party of sorts is in order!" Gold and Silver both squealed in excitement. Gold pulled out an alien device called an aPod. She pushed play and music started to play. Soon, Gold, Silver, Cacargo and several Darkogues were all dancing to the latest hit by the Rangerz.

"You know," Silver said to Dyodine, taking a break to have a drink. "There is some irony in this with us listening to music played by a band called the Rangerz."

"Ah who cares…?" Dyodine muttered. "Music is music!" Dyodine looked up to see Steelor watching everyone dancing. Dyodine chuckled and his eyes glowed blue. Soon, Steelor's legs started moving by themselves and Dyodine started to control Steelix, forcing him to dance.

"Sir!" Steelor called out, trying to resist. "Please stop!"

"Lighten up Steelor!" Dyodine said. He then released his control on Steelor and the general fell to the ground. Steelor grumbled as he got up. Steelor stormed out, muttering something about showing him. Dyodine ignored him as he turned the large viewing screen on. From it, he could see the Thunder Rangers traversing a mountain.

"Why do we have to climb Mt Coronet?" Ricky muttered, his face sweating from behind his helmet. "Why don't we just destroy Sensei now? It'd make life so much easier."

"You know we have to use the power of the three orbs locked away at the top of the mountain," Justin said. "That's the only way we can truly destroy him."

"Fine…" Ricky muttered. "But according to legend, weren't there meant to be Ancient Ninjas of the Lost guarding this place?" As Ricky said this, a hand bursted out of the ground and grabbed his leg, tripping him over and sending him toppling over. Emerging from the ground was a half human, half Gliscor figure. It was human with a Gliscor like helmet and had Gliscor pincers as well as wings. It also had a Gliscor tail emerging from its rear. Several more started to appear as well. They all charged at Justin and Ricky from the air, attacking with their X-Scissor attacks.

"Let's do this…" Justin said. He drew his Ninja Sword and went to attack the first creature to come near him. As he started to strike it, the creature quickly disappeared and then reappeared behind him, striking him down. "Oh the irony…" he muttered, getting back up.

Ricky drew his Heracross Laser and was trying to shoot them down; however, they were too quick for him. One came rocketing towards him and struck him with his claw. Ricky was sent into the air however he did a back flip and landed perfectly. He charged at the Gliscor, his sword drawn and ready. He struck its left chest but as he went for the second strike, the creature grabbed the attack in its claws. It ripped it out of Ricky's hands and threw it away. It then fired a Poison Sting at him, sending him tumbling back towards Justin.

"Damn…" Ricky muttered, getting up. "I wanted a challenge earlier… not now that we've done what we wanted."

"Who cares," Justin said. "Let's move into a defence position." Ricky nodded and the two drew their swords and stood a metre to two metres apart, their backs both facing each other.

"That was not good…" Bruce muttered, picking the table up with Dylan's help. They placed it back into position and Bruce collapsed into the chair. "They know where our base is now… that could cause quite a dilemma…"

"Look on the bright side…" Cam said. He appeared with a briefcase. He opened it up to reveal the Morphers. "At least the Morphers are repaired and functioning."

"Yeah!" Dylan shouted as all three raced over to grab the devices. "Finally we can fight back!"

"Now guys," Cam said. "I've upgraded your Morphers a bit. So hopefully now, we can fight back."

"So what can we do now?" Gina asked. Cam smiled.

"You can activate your swords Element Mode," Cam said. "They…" However, before he could continue, an alarm blared. He raced over to the computer to see Justin and Ricky climbing Mt Coronet.

"The Thunder Rangers?" Bruce asked. Cam nodded.

"Careful guys," Cam said. "Don't go all out." The three Rangers nodded and raced outside.

Justin stabbed at one of the Gliscor creatures, sending it backing off. Another came up on his left and he struck it. The Gliscor creature tumbled backwards as another one approached from around his body, its right claw glowing a silver colour. It hit Justin in the side of head, sending him tumbling to the side. Ricky took a quick glance backwards, drew his Heracross Laser and fired it at the Gliscor, striking it in the head as well. The creature fell backwards, lying on the ground, motionless. Ricky helped Justin up.

"You okay?" Ricky asked.

"Yeah…" Justin muttered. "But these guys are everywhere! And they take forever to take down…"

"Doesn't help that our weaponry is based on the bug type…" Ricky said. Suddenly, they were surrounded by five of the creatures, approaching them in a circular formation.

"Crap…" Justin said. They raised their swords, hoping to hold them off. Suddenly, the figures appeared and struck the Gliscor figures, causing them to falter. Appearing next to the Thunder Rangers were the three Wind Rangers, their swords also ready.

"What the?" Ricky asked. He went to strike Dylan but he blocked the attack as Bruce spoke up.

"Let's call it a truce," Bruce said as Ricky and Dylan swords separated. "Just until we stop these guys." Justin and Ricky exchanged a look.

"Fine…" Justin muttered. "Just until we stop these things." The three Rangers nodded. The Gliscor creatures charged at the Rangers. Bruce did a front flip over the one which charged at him. He then struck the warrior, sending it falling to the ground. He then drew his Magmortar Cannon and fired about five shots, all five causing the creature to explode.

"Seems we have a power boost…" Bruce muttered. The remaining four Gliscor creatures noticed that their comrade had fallen. They all nodded to each other and soon, two of each began to glow and fuse together.

"Oh come on…" Dylan muttered. When the creatures stopped glowing, in their places were two humanoid Gliscor figures about twice the size of the Ranger's.

"Let's pair up," Bruce said. "Dylan, Gina and Ricky you guys take one. Justin and I will take the others." The rangers nodded and sped off to face the creatures. Dylan ran at his opponent, his Hippowdon Hammer glowing. He struck the figure in the chest, aiming as high as he could. The attack barely fazed him. However, Gina and Ricky both ran up and jumped onto Dylan's shoulders quickly, pushing off afterwards, their Ninja Swords drawn. Ricky and Gina both struck the creatures in the chest, causing it to falter. Dylan then ran at it once more, this time hitting the creature's knee. The creature fell to the ground. Ricky drew his Heracross Laser and Gina drew her Starmie Disc Launcher. They both fired their weapons and impacted with the creature, causing it to explode.

"Yeah!" the Dylan and Gina shouted in glee. Ricky however just nodded in approval. He then turned to the two of them, gun pointed at them.

"Surely you can't wait till they finish?" Dylan asked. Ricky shook his head and fired, both Rangers only just managing to dive out of the way in time.

"Sorry" Ricky said. "But I have a mission to fulfil." The two rangers groaned and got ready for battle.

Meanwhile, Justin and Bruce faced off against the other Gliscor creature. Bruce and Justin ran at the creature. The Gliscor tried hitting the Ranger's with its claws. Bruce and Justin dived out of the way and Bruce summoned his Magmortar Cannon. Justin also summoned his Pinsir Claws. Bruce fired a fireball at the creature as Justin fired a Thunderbolt. The two attacks exploded on contact with the creature's chest. It took a step backwards but then hit the ground with a Metal Claw, sending rocks flying everywhere, colliding with the two red rangers. Bruce and Justin then tried running at the creature again. This time, Bruce was firing fireballs at the creature while Justin ran behind him. As Bruce got closer, Justin jumped over Bruce and pressed his Pinsir Claw at his neck. He released a Thunderbolt, causing the creature to spasm. He then drew his sword and struck its chest, causing it to fall over. He then put his Pinsir Claw away.

"Nice work," Bruce said. Justin just swung his sword in his right arm. He then spun around quickly and struck Bruce in his chest. Sparks rained from his body and he fell down.

"Oh come on…" Bruce muttered, getting back up. He drew his sword as Justin raced at him again. Bruce slashed at him, managing to get the attack to collide. Justin recoiled then pounced back, striking at Bruce's chest. Bruce stumbled backwards, where he noticed Gina and Dylan also falling. He ran over to the other two to regroup.

"I thought we were on the same side…" Dylan muttered. "So much for that."

"Hey," Bruce said. "What about our upgrades?"

"Yeah!" Gina said. "Cam said our swords can perform new attacks!"

"Then let's try it!" Dylan said. However, as he spoke, the Thunder Rangers interrupted them with chuckling.

"Whatever you guys are planning," Ricky said. "It's not going to work! Thunder Cannon!"

Justin and Ricky drew their Pinsir Claws and Heracross Laser. The Pinsir Claws split in half and connected to the sides of the Heracross Laser. The Rangers then held the cannon from both sides.

"Thunder Finish!" the two rangers shouted. A huge ball of electricity appeared. The two rangers fired it and the attack exploded on contact with the ground, right near the rangers. The rangers were sent tumbling down the mountain, all three hitting a tree. The Thunder Rangers chuckled and the weapon separated. The two then continued their way up the mountain. Meanwhile, the Rangers groaned in pain as they got up.

"I wish they could decide if they were on our side or Dyodine's…" Gina muttered.

"Come on…" Bruce said. "We'll catch up to them in the Tsunami Cycles." Soon, the three Tsunami Cycles arrived on the scene, having driven up the mountain by them selves. The rangers hopped on quickly and sped after the Thunder Rangers.

"I will have my revenge…" Steelor said as he watched several Darkogues working on a giant robot. "I will fight the rangers with my own Zord!"

"Sir," Mach-Titan said, reappearing. "Dyodine would wish to know where you are. I said I would look for you."

"I don't care…" Steelor said. "I won't return until my Zord is complete." Mach-Titan nodded his head and walked off. Steelor watched as more Darkogues arrived, aiding in their bid to build the robot.

"We've made it…" Justin said as he and his brother reached Spear Pillar. He looked around at the barren landscape, the only things around being ancient pillars. They walked to the centre where there was a pedestal, three orbs placed on it. Justin reached for one but was blocked by some sort of force field.

"They would protect it wouldn't they…" Ricky muttered. "So we've come all this way with no way to actually get access to the orbs."

"Ah my slightly-more stupid-than-me brother…" Justin said, shaking his head. "You really thought I would come here without the key?" Justin showed his brother the black and white Pokeball. He then placed it on the force field which then shattered and cracked, allowing the rangers to get access to the orbs. "And now!" Justin shouted. "We will bring the end to Sensei!" As he said this, he placed the Pokeball in the centre of the pedestal. Lightning suddenly started to occur, thunderbolts coming down and striking the ground. Soon, a portal started to open, two red eyes glaring through.

"Was this meant to happen?" Ricky asked. Justin watched as a fiendish arm started to appear from the portal. As another arm appeared, the rangers finally arrived.

"Holy Miltank!" Dylan exclaimed. "What the hell is that?" As he said this, a huge roar emerged from the portal, sounding like a jumbo jet.

"Guys!" Bruce said. "We need to close the portal! Whatever's coming through is big!"

"But how?" Gina asked. Meanwhile, Justin approached the portal, holding the black and white Pokeball.

"Sorry rangers," Justin said. "But I will destroy Sensei! And I'll use the power of time and space."

"Justin," Ricky said, slightly uncertain. "Are you sure this was meant to happen?" Justin nodded. The Pokeball then opened up, revealing Sensei injured. The creature in the portal grew angrier. A tendril appeared, reaching towards Sensei. However, at the last second, a white light appeared and transformed into a male and female wearing white ninja like clothing. The two ninjas then sliced at the tendrils with their swords. The creature let out a roar of pain and recoiled into the portal. Soon, a large blast of energy sped towards the ninjas. However, they both brought up their hands and summoned a force field. The attack hit the bubble and reflected back towards the portal. The portal started to change form blue to red. The creature roared and the portal exploded, sending a shockwave throughout spear pillar, splitting the ruins to pieces. The rangers looked around to see Justin approaching the ninjas, sword drawn.

"Idiots!" he roared. Ricky called out to Justin, to try and stop him. However, as he swung, the sword went straight through their bodies. The ninjas then raised a hand and caught the next incoming slash. Justin looked up at them, surprised at their power. Suddenly, they removed their masks, revealing their faces. Justin dropped his sword and staggered backwards. Ricky's eyes also widened beneath his visor.

"It can't be…" Ricky muttered. Ricky took a step forward. "Mum? Dad?" The ninjas both smiled. Ricky ran at them and hugged them.

"This has to be a joke…" Justin said. However, Sensei walked over to them and shook his head.

"This is no joke Justin," Sensei said. "These are the spirits of your father. And I did not kill them. See how they look at me." Justin looked at the spirits. He knew what they wanted to say just through their facial expressions.

"So…" he muttered. "Dyodine lied?" Sensei nodded. Justin joined his brother and looked at his parents. They smiled lovingly at him. Suddenly, a figure quickly struck everyone down. The figure soon stopped and was revealed to be Dyodine. He summoned a blue ball of psychic energy and fired it at Justin and Ricky. At the last second, Sensei jumped in front and summoned a Light Screen, then reflecting the attack backwards at Dyodine. However, Dyodine quickly dived out of the way.

"Come on!" Bruce said to Dylan and Gina. The three rangers then ran at Dyodine, swords drawn. Dyodine then fired three blue beams at the rangers, causing sparks to rain from their bodies and send them toppling to the ground. The rangers got back up. However, Dyodine chuckled and sent a huge shockwave of psychic power out from around him, sending everyone flying. He then had a blue aura around him and Dyodine teleported away.

"Damn…" Bruce said, getting up from the impact. "He's real strong and he didn't even break a sweat!" Sensei nodded.

"He wanted to finish us all off," he said. "He thought we were too busy dealing with the Thunder Rangers." He looked at Justin and Ricky. "Now we need to figure out what to do with you two…"

"We will get out of your way…" Justin said. "We will head back to Stark Mountain, home of the Thunder Academy. We will see what destiny has in store for us..."

Sensei nodded. "As you wish." Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Suddenly, with an explosion sending rocks flying everywhere, a huge robotic Steelix appeared from the centre of Spear Pillar. The Steelix then wrapped its body around the mountain, its head about the size of Spear Pillar.

"Holy Arceus!" Dylan shouted. Suddenly, emerging from the creature's head, was Steelor, laughing evilly.

"Rangers!" he shouted. "Prepare to fell the wrath of my own Zord! The Steelix Zord!" He disappeared back into the cockpit. The Steelix then fired a Hyper Beam at the ground, causing dust and rubble to be sent flying everywhere.

"Gina, Dylan let's form the Megazord!" Bruce shouted.

"Right!" the blue and yellow Rangers shouted in reply.

"Jitsu Zords!" the three Rangers shouted. "Combine!" The Hippowdon's head disconnected from the body and formed a torso as the rest of the body split in half to form legs. Two small feet appeared from behind the Hippowdon's body. The Magmortar Zord's arms then went over its head, connecting together to form a large cannon. A fist then emerged from the cannon. The legs of the Magmortar Zord then transformed into connectors and connected with the Hippowdon head. The Starmie Zord then split in half, the two stars separated from a silver pole which had a connector on it. The connector then connected to the Hippowdon head. The crystal on the Starmie then split into fingers and the rest of the hand emerged. From the back of the Hippowdon Zord's head, a silver head appeared. It had yellow eyes and a silver mouth plate. A red horn then emerged from the forehead, a yellow one on the left side of the face and a blue one on the right, giving it a little colour. Steam then came out of the joints of the Megazord.

"Wind Jitsu Megazord!" the three of them shouted.

"Bah!" Steelor shouted. "That midget robot won't be able to stop this machine of destruction! Flash Cannon!" A silver ball of energy appeared in the Steelix's mouth. It then fired it at the Megazord.

"Use Flamethrower!" Bruce shouted. The Magmortar arm pointed towards the oncoming attack and fired the stream of fire, the two attacks colliding. They soon exploded, the shockwave however sending the Megazord crashing into the ground. Sensei then started to try and make the Thunder Rangers leave.

"No…" Justin said.

"This is our fault…" Ricky said.

"So we'll make things right!" they shouted in unison. "Thunder Roars! Thunder Ranger Zords! Combine!" The Heracross Zord's body detached from the head and split into two, transforming into legs. The Pinsir Zord then connected to the top of the Heracross Zord, the legs connecting into the new legs. The sides of the Pinsir Zord then split off of the body. Two hands appeared from it. The two horns of the Pinsir Zord then folded downwards onto the Pinsir's body. A head then emerged from the top of the Pinsir Zord. It had a Heracross horn emerging from the forehead. Pinsir horns also came out of the side of the head. A mouth plate then came appeared over the mouth.

"Thunder Megazord! Battle Formation!" the two Rangers shouted.

The other rangers looked over as the Thunder Megazord stood by their side.

"Thanks guys," Bruce said, speaking through the intercom. The other rangers nodded in reply.

"Let's use Thunderbolt!" Justin said.

"Why don't we make it a Double Thunderbolt?" Bruce asked.

"What's the harm?" Ricky asked. The two Megazords fired their Thunderbolt attacks in unison. They collided with the Steelix head, however, not causing much damage.

"Pathetic…" Steelor muttered. Suddenly, the Zord started to move and the tail it appeared. It started slamming into the ground, trying to hit the Rangers as they constantly dived out of the way.

"We won't be able to keep this up forever…" Bruce said. "We need a new plan!"

"Hey guys!" Cam said, interrupting them. "I managed to repair the computer and have been working non-stop on the moveable HQ."

"Just get to the point," Gina snapped.

"Fine fine…" Cam muttered. "Guys, the Moveable HQ's Battle Mode is ready! Oh and Dylan, to activate it, you need your Bone Hammers."

"Why the Bone Hammers?" he asked.

"Because the Hippowdon Zord needs to be cloned to make use of the Battle Mode," Cam said. "SO go for it!"

"Okay," Dylan said. "Bone Hammers activate!" The two hammers appeared in Dylan's hand. He then put the hammer part into two slots at either side of his cockpit, the handle's facing up. As he did this, the Megazord split up. The Hippowdon Zord then started to groan and whir followed by it glowing. Soon, there were two Hippowdon Zords. As this happened, the Moveable HQ appeared from the mountain.

"Okay guys," Bruce said. "Let's do it! Wind Battle Unizord Awaken!" The Moveable HQ's cab split away from the trailer. The end of the trailer split into several pieces then reconstructed to form one single wheel. The cab then connected to the top to form some sort of waist. The Magmortar Zord then hopped on top, the head disappearing into the Zord. The arms then moved to the shoulders, becoming cannons. The Hippowdon Zords then connected to the Magmortar Zord's arm pits. The heads then split away from the bodies and opened wide to reveal hands. The Starmie Zord then split in half, the front half connecting to the front of the Megazord and the back connecting to the back of the Megazord. A new head appeared and it had three horns as well as a visor and mouth plate.

"Wind Battle Unizord!" Bruce shouted. "Primed and Ready!" The Megazord struck a pose.

"You think a truck is going to help stop me?" Steelor asked. "Dream on! Hyper Beam!" The orange blast came straight towards the Megazord. However, the Megazord was quicker and rolled right out of the way. The Megazord then charged towards the Steelix's head. The hands of the Hippowdon Zord disappeared back into the bodies and swords emerged where the hands should be. The Megazord then slashed at the head, causing the Zord to recoil as sparks rained from it.

"What the…?" Steelor muttered. Sparks started to rain around all inside his cockpit.

"Let's finish this!" Bruce said. The Zord then leapt into the air and jumped onto the Steelix's head. It then rolled down his body, right down to the tail. The Megazord then plunged its swords into the skin of the robot. "Death Cut!" the rangers shouted. The wheel on the Megazord started to roll furiously, creating smoke. It then sped up the body of the Zord, the swords still in the Steelix's body. The swords cut through the skin with ease and the Zord slowly started to explode. The Megazord reached the back of the head where it leapt off. It landed on the ground in front of the Megazord. The Zord was slowly starting to crumble. The Megazord then started to spin.

"Gyro Ball Finish!" the rangers shouted once more. The blades started to glow blue and the Megazord spun towards the robotic Steelix. The Megazord collided with the head and it exploded with a bang. The cockpit inside started to explode as well, Steelor having two of his arms cover his ace while the other two try and regain control. However, losing all hope, he teleported out of the Zord, just as the head exploded into a million pieces. The rest of the Zord started to crumble as well.

"Yeah!" the rangers shouted in unison, glad to have won. When they looked to see if the Thunder Rangers were still there, they realised the Thunder Megazord had disappeared.

"Where'd they go?" Dylan asked. He sat on one of the chairs at the base.

"I don't know…" Bruce said. "But I feel we haven't seen the last of them."

"I believe," Sensei said. "That Bruce is right. I believe that the Thunder Rangers will reappear. Though on whose side I do not know…"

"Well if they're on our side," Gina said. "Then we can really kick butt!"

"Yes Gina," Sensei said. "But when there are five of you, there is two more times the chance of an argument or disagreement." The rangers nodded and started to chat about non-related things.

"So the Thunder Rangers have betrayed me…" Dyodine said from his throne. A grovelling Steelor was begging at his knees. "If they end up siding with the Rangers… then this will mean chaos for us all!"

"Um sir…" Steelor said. "Can I stop begging now?"

"You could've stopped five minutes ago you moron…" Dyodine muttered. Steelor got up and started to walk away. "Oh but by the way…" Dyodine said, interrupting him. "Welcome back." Steelor grinned and walked off.

Meanwhile, at the foot of Stark Mountain…

"We have to discover the power…" Justin said. "We need to know who we are."

"And this is the only place?" Ricky asked. Justin nodded.

"We're going home…"

And thus brings the end of yet another chapter. Well that's the conclusion to the second parter of the first two parter of the series. This is also the longest chapter so far… so I'm glad! Anyways, next chapter, The Knowledge of Jitsu will be up soon. Preview below. And please review!

Sensei: Son… I have something to tell you.

Cam: I have Jitsu?

?: I can feed off of his anger…

Dylan: It's huge!

Sensei: It's fuelled by Cam's anger… be careful!

Cam: I will destroy you rangers!