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"Another day, another bright cheery day! I can't wait to get to school!" Oshitari Kana sighed. It's always shocks the neighbors of the quiet suburbs how the fourteen year old could wake up with suchglee and remain that way for the rest of the day, many jealous and wishing their children could resemble the teenager. Eyes rubbed furiously, legs stretched, yawns let out, Kana was sprinting out of her room as quick as she could. Her father and brother slept peacefully as she showered, brushed her teeth, and made their breakfast, all before 5:30a.m.

"Breakfast is ready!" Kana shouted. The morning air cooled the Oshitari household, the mahogany flooring tingled one's foot per step, and the beauty of the rising sun makes the dawn of everyday the best moments for Kana. Every day was filled with chores and schoolwork; it was such a hassle to deal with. Kana pouted, if it wasn't for her mother that left the family for another man, she wouldn't have to be so busy all the time! She pouted, and sighed deeply. It had been two years and she still hadn't gotten over her mother's actions.

Kana lightly slapped her cheeks, she was not going to let herself be depressed today, winter break was arriving soon and she would be able to relax! 'How could I get myself down before the break?' she laughed heartily. Footsteps followed with the familiar yawns were heard down the halls.

"Good morning, father, good morning Johnny! I made egg omelets and sausages!" the joy in Kana's voice brought a brighter tint in her father's eyes.

"Thank you, Kana." Mr. Oshitari warmly said.

Johnny was already scarfing down the food, inhaling most of the dishes within minutes. The clang of the milk glass showed the end of his food rampage. "Haha, oops, sorry sis! Thanks for the food!" Words wouldn't interrupt Kana's rage.

"You there! I'm going to strangle you!" laughter filled the house as the two siblings chased each other. The household seemed as if it held the perfect family, but on the inside, everyone was struggling. Lies, lies, lies. Not even Kana was aware that holding the grief in would only hurt her later.


"Oh baby, don't stop now! Bring it in harder!"

"Sweetie pie, if you scream, you'll only make me want to do it more! Are you sure?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"UGHHHHHHHH" Ayato Naoi moaned. His elderly neighbor's dreams were always utterly disgusting. If it wasn't for his so called 'abilities', he wouldn't have to undergo watching his neighbors dreams every night.

The alarm clock blasted at 7 o' clock sharp. "Finally," Ayato murmured. It would be the start of another day of hell, and even more, he was going to start his first day at another school.

"Damn school, I'll probably get expelled again, whatever." He gradually got out of bed and headed out his door.


"I'm off to school, dad! Take care!" Kana shouted. She took off down the driveway, bringing her backpack over both shoulders before closing the gates. Sigh, the air of the suburbs felt great! The breeze lazily brushing the leaves fallen from the hibernating trees, the temperature had yet to become chilly. A smile crept upon Kana's face once again; her public reputation had to be sustained, right? Old man Joseph was already up watering the lilies of his garden.

"Mr. Wells! Good morning!" A wave, a smile, eyes gently lowered, the everyday routine gets tiring after a while, but the act tricks the fools anyways. The elderly man chuckled to himself, "Oh, well hello there Kana! Off to school again, I suppose?" The wave dropped, leaving the sham smile.

"Yes, sir! I dare not to be late today! Take care!" Kana left keeping a steady pace to the distant school. 'Another day, another day' she repeated to herself. The performance was yet again another success.


The rumbling of the heater set apart the silence between Principal Rosenhoff and the overconfident Ayato Naoi. Muted stares went on for minutes; the icy battle even had the secretaries sneaking a peek into the office, hoping to catch the sensation of the event.

Foe Rosenhoff made its risky move. He cleared his throat. "Ayato, your parents have already signed the papers. Despite your demands, you will have to attend this school, do you understand?" The opponent laid his legs across the desk, kicking off the acrylic apple and pen jar off while he was at it. Leaning back with a smirk on his face, Ayato Naoi wasn't going to give a shit about the man before him.

"Huh, you old geezer, you ACTUALLY think you can order me around?" he licked the outsides of his mouth, hoping get the record of the-guy-who-could-piss-off-the-principal-the-fastest. "I don't give a f*** about what anyone has to say! I'm leaving." With a sly expression and a mockful farewell, Naoi wins another battle with his signature combo attack. With the speechless look on Mr. Rosenhoff's face, it was sure to be a critical hit! After a faint click of the door, the rage from the aftermath erupted. The principal exhaled quick breaths, shattering his pre-sharpened pencils, shaking the nearby desks with every monstrous step taken.

"Who the hell does that kid think he is!" he bellowed.

"Mr. Rosenhoff! Please calm down!" frantic employees begged. The more the creature eradicated, the less the workers' paychecks would be! Oh, the predicament!

Snickers were heard from Ayato's covered mouth, distinctively bringing down his navy military hat. 'Ha, the commotion to happen so early in the morning? Now this is a great start to my day!' The bickering continued as Ayato walked down the empty halls, taking out a cigarette and a lighter from his outer blazer pocket.

'Ah Zeus! (1) I wish I could kill that kid so badly!' the enraged adult screamed in his head.

"Ha, I bet you would, wouldn't ya," fire met the straws of the cigarette and the smoke drifted up into the school's vents, eventually wandering into the cool air of yet another ordinary December morning.

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