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The walk was a mile towards Toleido High School, but the walk itself didn't seem so bad. With every step, Kana busied her mind with as much nonsense as she could. She glanced over to the rose patches at the school's opening gardens.

'Oh look at the flowers! Aren't they so beautiful? To be sparkling with the dim dew resting upon the petals. How adorable!' she giggled to herself, but internally, Kana weighed a heavy sigh.

'Beautiful flowers? What is she thinking?' the smile curved downwards as she rolled her eyes at the idiotic opinion. Kana stepped towards the outside corridors of the school and rested upon one of the many linear white pillars supporting the massive buildings.

The anger Kana felt raised. 'Stupid school, stupid people, stupid world! How could anyone accept the ignorance of others? No, the people were ignorant themselves!' She glared at an individual water bottle lying about. The ballistic teen flared at the sight of litter also, stomping towards the plastic bottle and gritting her teeth. Presently, the now repressed empty drink was gripped deathly in her hand, ready to be flung into the nearest recycle bin (go recycling!).

She irked a slight sneer. 'I'd love to kill the person who did this,' Kana's eyes narrowed with the malicious grin quickly replacing her previous frown.

'A slow death would do it, yes, with a knife to slowly cu-'

"Would you please shut the hell up!" demanded a nearby voice.

Kana stammered in her thoughts and looked towards the direction of the audible voice. The scent of a cigarette caught her attention. A boyish teen around her age stood before her, wearing a dark navy imitation of military attire, with a loosely tightened tie underneath the light blazer, and a buttoned officer hat veiling his medium-short beryl hair and slender pale face. The person's eyes gleamed of a cadaverous, chartreuse hue that stared sternly into Kana's eyes, with his lustrous lips pursed tightly in an inauspicious manner.

She stared questionably at the boy. "What?"

The anonymous teen flicked his cigarette into the shabby bushes and spit out a curse. "I said, would you please shut the hell up! Your thoughts are too f***in' noisy!" Another cuss slipped out of his mouth before rubbing his temples in frustrations.

The girl doesn't know the troubles he goes through! Having to wake up to the inconsequential cogitations of his neighbors, and leaving early to destinations to avoid the thoughts of others, and to later deal with more until he falls asleep, later to be forced to 'watch' through residing residents' dreams.

The audacity of the challenges he goes through daily! To come to school two hours early, and yet there was already a person mindlessly wandering around, ranting nonsense at this time of hour!

Oshitari Kana continued to gaze at the teen in confusion. She didn't recall speaking out loud.

"I said your f***ing thoughts, you mindless bastard! Poseidon (1)! Girls are the worst f***ing piece of s*** Zeus (1) could ever bring down to this hell! Stupid retard!" the teen's explosion made Kana jump back. She frantically sputtered words to come out of her mouth, heeding the outraged boy's words and declared any words to be audible rather than be clammed into her pessimistic mind.

"How are you reading my mind? Who are you? Why are you smoking?" Deep breaths helped the crazed teen distract herself from committing any further thoughts.

The boy chuckled to himself. The hat lifted as he scuffled his hair.

"The name's Ayato Naoi. How can I read your mind? I just can, and the same goes for smoking," he stretched his hand towards the feminine protagonist (2). "Nice to meet you..."

"Oshitari Kana." stammered the second-year. She gave a quick glance at Ayato, but dared to speak or think.

"Good to see you then, Kana." Naoi gave a slight smile, gazing at her for a few moments. 'She's not too bad looking, though she really has to stop the bitching.'

Kana's face reddened at the sight of Naoi's glance. Oh! The embarrassment of having Ayato stare at me! Wait, embarrassment? Since when was this something to be wary of?

The thoughts were overheard by him too, and flushing a deep rose-colored pigment.

'Butterflies? What could this mean?'

Ayato perked into a serious stance and stuttered in words.

"I-I-I'll see you around, Kana!" hurrying towards the nearest indoor entrance (3).

She looked at the boy dash into the school and sighed once again, having a more melancholy feel to it than the previous one. She slumped again towards the ivory pillars.

'Ayato Naoi was his name? He's so mysterious...' she trailed off into her deep thoughts. 'Wow, but to be telepathic? That's pretty awesome.' Kana visualized Naoi's face once again, seeing his illuminated face directly before his leave. The sea green eyes were so enchanting. Her eyes dimmed at the picture. The new transfer student is surely to make the second semester of school a lot more interesting, especially when he's a cutie! She chuckled an innocent laugh.

The boy was distant enough from Kana to avoid anymore thoughts. His heart, too, pounded of heavy, quick beats. Ayato was unsure whether this came from the running or from the confusing feelings directed towards the girl.

'Oshitari Kana?' he breathed. 'She's sure to be an interesting person to look at during the time I'm here. I wonder how long it's going to take me to get expelled...' he pondered. Piercing blue eyes mentally appeared, with the stubby blond-haired face facing towards him. The nude pink lips were inviting, as they curved into an angelic smile.

'But then again, it wouldn't be so bad to stay here either.' Ayato grabbed another cigarette before heading down the halls to his locker.

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