A/N: So, this is a little "what if" scenario I came up with in my head for a year after the end of season 5. I don't own Bones, although I wish I did!

It had been a long couple of days for Angela. She and Hodgins had returned from Paris after nearly a year away, just a few days shy of when Brennan and Daisy were set to return from Maluku and Booth from Afghanistan. They had come home to a mess of a homicide that needed to be solved and Caroline hot on everyone's heels as they waited for Dr. Brennan. Caroline believed that the body they had discovered was that of a child that had been missing for nearly three years from a prominent family in Washington. Angela knew that Brennan would be a little more than pissed that the bones had been moved from the scene already in her absence. If there was one thing Brennan was anal about, it was keeping all the evidence and particulates intact and not tampered with. She feared Brennan's rage when she came home to the bones already at the lab without her approval. But there was little to nothing anyone could do without Brennan since they were assigning this as her first case after her return from Maluku.

Angela, still recovering from jet-lag, told Cam that she would start working on a facial reconstruction as soon as Brennan arrived and cleared the bones for cleaning. Until then, she went home and slept off the feeling of not getting enough sleep, with Hodgins right by her side. Angela drifted in and out for a while, mostly dreaming of Paris, the lights, and her year off spent just going through art exhibits and spending quality time with Hodgins as husband and wife. She also wondered in and out of her conscious state what would happen once Brennan and Booth were back on the same continent, much less the same city together. It didn't take a genius to put two and two together when you looked at them. Hell, Sweets had gotten it on day one when it took Brennan and Booth six years to figure out what everyone else already knew. They were in love with each other. Angela had seen it years ago and even encouraged Brennan to persue it and give things a chance, but Brennan was stubborn.

Brennan had even gone so far as to ask Booth to donate his sperm so she could have a child, but without the commitment of a relationship to either her or the baby that would have come from that union. There were times when Angela wanted to slap her best friend and tell her that she was being stupid…and that was definitely one of those moments. Angela had told Brennan that the right way to do it would have been for her and Booth to make love to one another to create the life she so desired to have, but Brennan quickly retorted that Booth believed it would create a bond. Part of Angela longed to tell her best friend that the bond was already there and had been there for years. Sadly, the plan for a baby eventually fell through because of Booth's brain tumor. That had shaken everyone, including Angela. She watched Brennan carefully through the whole ordeal and how she never left Booth's side, not even for a moment longer than necessary. Angela saw the concern on Brennan's face and read it in her eyes. Even an idiot could see that a mile off.

After the brain tumor, things turned back to normal in most aspects. Booth was still confused by the delerium from his coma-induced dream that he was married to Brennan and expecting a baby with her. Angela had known all along that Booth was in love with Brennan, but the dream had obviously triggered him to do something about it. She watched them struggle to understand what their partnership meant after his surgery and how they danced around the issue several times. And once Brennan announced that she was truly going to Maluku, Angela knew it was serious. Booth also announced he was leaving for Afghanistan to train the next generation of Army Rangers. Angela could hardly believe it from either Booth or Brennan. Her best friend said that she needed "objectivity" to view her life through, but she never believed that either Brennan or Booth would go through being apart for a year. Yet they had. And over the course of that year, she'd had very little communication with either of them while she was in Paris. There was an occasional e-mail here and there from either of them and a few video chats with Brennan, but that was merely it.

Sighing, Angela laid her head back on the pillow and turned to see Hodgins awake next to her. He gave her a smile and pulled her close.

"Can't sleep?" he asked, kissing the nape of her neck as she laid against him with her back to his stomach.

"Not really," she admitted, shaking her head. "I was just thinking about Brennan and Booth. Brennan will be home tomorrow and Booth two days after…"

Her words trailed off in her own thoughts. She had no idea what was going to happen when Booth and Brennan reunited. The only thing Brennan had mentioned was meeting him at some coffee cart, but other than that…her details were nil to none.

"It'll be good to have everyone home," Hodgins interjected, trying to lighten his wife's mood. "I know I've missed everyone at The Jeffersonian…even Daisy and Fisher."

Angela laughed a little, knowing that everyone had been annoyed by Daisy at first, but come to really like her despite her annoyances and inability to really filter herself from talking.

"You're right," she agreed, turning over to face him. "And it'll be good to get back to work."

"Yes, the world of bugs and slime never sleeps."

Angela laughed along with Hodgins at his humor. She knew that it would be nice to have a constant place to go to each day and a group of people she knew and was comfortable with. For all the faults of working with murder each and every day, Angela loved the people she worked with. The job they did each day gave her purpose as an artist that was unique in that she gave victims back their identity. Going back to that job felt noble in a sense.

"Oh and we can tell everyone about Paris," she added, smiling as she snuggled into the pillow, starting to feel a little more at ease.

"I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to catch up with everyone," he added, yawning once. "For now, I think we should sleep."

"I like that idea," she replied, closing her eyes. "I love you Jack."

"I love you too, Angela."

The next day Angela woke and got dressed before kissing Hodgins goodbye as he went to work in the lab. Her job was to go pick up Brennan and Daisy from the airport when their plane landed in the early afternoon. There was a wave of excitement rolling over Angela at the prospect of seeing her best friend for the first time in a year. She quickly unpacked the rest of her and Hodgins' things from Paris before grabbing her bag and keys to head off to the airport to make it early enough to greet them as they came through the gates. She drove toward the airport in her new silver Xterra, which was a gift from Hodgins to replace her van that finally quit on her. As she drove, her cell phone went off and she saw Sweets' number on the screen. Hitting the answer button, she put it to her ear.

"Sweets?" she asked, unsure of if it was really him.

"Angela!" the other end of the line greeted in Sweets' voice, letting her know it was really him.

"Oh my God, Sweets! How are you?" she asked excitedly.

"I'm doing good and you?"

"Great! Actually on my way to pick up Brennan and Daisy from the airport right now, so I think we might be stopping by the Jeffersonian later," she replied.

"That is what I was actually calling about," he said. "I want to meet you there and greet them. Can you get me the information about what gate they're going to be at and the time?"

Angela smiled and knew what Sweets was up to. In the back of her mind, she knew that he wouldn't be able to get over Daisy like he said he would while she was gone. He was too in love with her.

"Yeah, I'll text you the information as soon as I get there, but I do know their plane lands in about an hour so you might want to head up this direction now," she said, taking the exit off the highway toward the airport.

"Okay, that sounds great. Thank you Angela."

"No problem Sweets."

With that, she hung up the phone and drove into the airport parking area. She found a spot and parked before grabbing her bag and running inside. After a little runaround with the information desk, she found the gate and texted Sweets with the information before sitting down. Tapping her toes, she waited for the minutes to pass by as she texted Hodgins and Cam with updates about the plane and its whereabouts. Her heart started to race when she saw it was arriving. Angela stood up and watched as people filed off the plane until she saw Brennan and Daisy walking together. Excitedly, Angela made her way through the people and hugged Brennan enthusiastically.

"You're home! You're home!" she chimed happily. "Sweetie, I am so happy to see you finally here!"

Brennan smiled at her and returned the hug. "I trust you didn't have issues getting the plane information this time," Brennan teased.

Angela laughed, vaguely remembering the flashing incident six years prior when she had to pick up Brennan from her flight in from Guatemala. The attendant had been rude and there was no other way of getting his attention, so Angela dazzled him otherwise.

"This time I thought ahead and got it offline," she replied, looking to Daisy. "It's good to see you too Daisy."

"Oh thank you Angela, it's really great to be…" Daisy stopped dead in the middle of her sentence and Angela turned to see Sweets standing there waiting.

Watching for a moment, Angela saw as Sweets and Daisy reunited. That relationship was obviously not over as Daisy dropped her bags and ran into his arms, kissing him fervently. Angela turned her attention back to Brennan, who was staring at her knowingly.

"Your ilia has shifted," Brennan said, giving her a smirk. "You are pregnant."

Immediately blushing, Angela smiled. "Well, that wasn't exactly on my list of things to tell you right as you got off the plane…but, seeing as you already knew from looking at me, yes I am pregnant. Eight weeks."

Brennan smiled at her and stepped forward to give her another hug. Angela was slightly surprised that her best friend seemed so personable, especially given she was usually cranky after long flights. However, she wasn't going to argue with it.

"Congratulations Ange," she said. "I'm really happy for you and Hodgins. I know that you're going to be a wonderful mother."

Angela smiled brightly at her best friend. This was the start of something good and Angela could feel it in her bones. Today her best friend had returned and in two days time, Booth would be home as well. Their team would be complete again. And she would be a mother in seven months. Life was making some strange twists and turns, but she felt prepared for them now. After grabbing the bags, she took Brennan by the lab to check in while Sweets took care of Daisy's transportation. Today was a good day.