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Part 11 [Unexplained Connection Chapter 61]

"Edward?" her tone was sharp, her emotions raw. "I was expecting your call."

"Of course you were Alice dear, and how are the fashions this year?" I eased my angry tongue into the smooth tones that I knew she preferred.

Alice let out a little sigh "You aren't calling about the shows are you Edward, although you would love the stitching on the shirts I saw today, absolutely exquisite."

I smiled despite myself, I did miss Alice terribly. "Sister, tell me what you have seen". I heard her shuffle in her seat, her visions had returned then. There was something she was unsettled about.

She whispered "Please Edward, just let it happen, we will all be so much happier once she's with us forever."

My throat contracted with the venom roaring through my system and I fought the desire to scream and shout, I had to be careful or Alice would break off contact. "You've seen him turn her?" I forced the words out.

"No", it was more of a breath than an actual sound.

"Alice, how can you be ok with this? You know what he will have to do". She interrupted me with a coughing sound, which I knew was totally unnecessary. Once again I struggled to understand how their relationship could function with this level of horrendous adultery, and yet she had always remained faithful to him. I cast back to the first time I had seen it, how she had played it over and over in her mind, how I had begged her to leave him to escape from his disgusting influence. I remembered my sadness when she had stayed, immersing herself in menial tasks like shopping, how this had worsened each time her beloved mate had 'slipped' as she put it, until now it was bordering on obsessive behaviour.

"He didn't decide" she choked out, "I saw him…them…but he didn't decide so that I wouldn't see. If it happens, he'll make sure it's her decision, not his, then everything will be ok…it will be ok…" I squeezed my eyes shut, and gripped the wall, feeling the plaster crumbling under my fingers in rage.

"Tell me what you see" I said again firmly.

She sighed audibly down the line "She looks beautiful, like she's going to confirmation. They're in a hotel. I recognise the suite. Jasper took me there when we first left Forks, before we reached the Denali's. It's the same room".

Part 12 [Unexplained Connection Chapter 62]

I allowed the phone to crumble in my hands. I felt myself trembling. I knew exactly what he was thinking. I remembered back to the picture I had drawn of her one sunny afternoon when I hadn't been able to be by her side at school. I punched the wall in anger. How dare he take such an image of innocent perfection and use it to enact his own vile fantasies.

I was just about to launch myself after him when the terror in the beast's mind caught my attention. I frowned, he had become captured, I had not been expecting this and I recoiled as the evil she-wolf stepped towards me in her brazen nudity.

I leapt back trying to distance myself from her sinful flesh and twisted when I realised that my mind would not allow me the distance from her that I craved.

I screamed with disgust at her whorish taunts and almost laughed when they sentenced one of their own to death. How typically barbaric of the heathens. But I stopped still when she began to taunt him with the death of his mate.

I began to scratch and scrape at my head as the seeds of his madness began to blossom in my own mind. The fears and terrors twisted like snakes through my skull. I crumpled to my knees and felt the beast do the same. His certainty that the Polluter was coming for her clawed its way through me.

The darkness was so disgusting and I realised that this was the hell that lived inside the beasts. If I had needed anymore proof of their inherent wickedness I had it now. I slammed my head against the floor, willing for the Lord to spare me from its vile consumption.

I collapsed against the floor as it was purged from my mind. Babbling words of praise and thankfulness to my merciful God, I pulled myself upright. I realised quickly that I could not abandon this cursed woman when she was in need of protection from the Devil himself.

I picked up the hotel phone and found the information I needed quickly. Dragging the cursed woman with me I returned to the vehicle and began to head across town. After a few moments I smiled at the simplicity of it all, I did not need to plan. I was stronger than him now. I would just kill him, and if he had already destroyed her humanity, then I would put her to rest before she awoke, while she was still welcome in Heaven.