This is set just after the "You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me" scene, when Mel gives Wanda permission to kiss Ian.

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As our tears dried our kisses became about something more than comfort and love. A desire stirred in me that was both new and familiar through Mel's memories. Ian pressed me back against the mattress and pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth, his hands grasping my body closer to him. He was kissing me with a desperate need, as if he wanted to put everything he had into the kiss to convince me to stay on Earth. He ground his body against mine and it was clear that he was aroused. I could think of nothing but him. It was just us. Me and Ian, alone.

"Wait!" I pulled myself up on my elbows, gasping. Being alone wasn't right. Where was Mel? Why wasn't she stopping this? I realised with relief that it wasn't like before when she disapeared as I could still sense her in the back of my mind but she was strangely subdued.

Mel? God, I'm so sorry. It was unforgivable of me to get so carried away. This is your body. This isn't right. I paused, baffled. But...why are you so quiet?

She seemed unable to put her thoughts into words. Finally she said - I think I want this, Wanda. I could sense her confusion, her conflict. I felt a cold feeling begin in the centre of my stomach.

You want this? You want Ian? My Ian?

I'm...confused. God, I'm so sorry Wanda. I don't know what has happened to me but suddenly he was there and his hands were on us (on me, I grumbled) and I wanted to kiss him too, to touch him, be with him...

I looked up at where Ian was studying my face closely, watching the internal conflict drift over my features, knowing I was talking to Melanie but clearly not knowing what about. He suddenly hugged me close "Wanda, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. That really wasn't cool. I shouldn't have gotten carried away like that knowing about Melanie and how it makes you both feel. Sorry, Melanie" He added. "Is she very angry?"

Suddenly Melanie showered me with images from her thoughts, memories from being with Jared and desires of what she now wanted with Ian. My Ian. I'm sorry, she apologised again, I have no way of explaining this to you so I'm having to show you. I love Jared but the feelings I am having right now for Ian are so strong that I can't seem to control them. I don't want to control them. There was something in that kiss, and I don't know if its just because this is how you feel about him and its effecting me but right now I want more.

"What's going on?" Ian asked me.

"Mel wants us to...continue." I whispered, incredulously "She wants to kiss you".

Shock and confusion registered across Ian's sculptured features. "What? I mean, how? This is...I only love you, Wanda. This is crazy."

The cold feeling in my stomach began to spread and made my pulse quicken with anger. Jealousy, Mel supplied the word, sheepishly. Knowing that Mel wanted Ian, in any kind of way, prompted a possessive feeling in me that I had no control over at all. Ian was mine, wholly mine, in a way Jared had never been. And now she wanted a piece of him too? But...the feeling of being in Ian's arms only moments ago and the images I was seeing in Melanie's mind of the possibilities with him were terribly hard to resist. I wanted him, both emotionally and physically, in almost any way possible and if Mel was giving me this opportunity I wasn't sure I could stop myself from taking it. Mel couldn't help a small thrill at this thought.

Without thinking I reached for him, pulling him back onto the floor. I gazed up at his bewildered face "I want you to kiss me. I do. Forget about Mel, because we may not get many more chances."

"So...?" Ian was still unsure.

"So touch me, now".

Without words he pushed me back against the sheets, covering my mouth with his again. His hands were in my hair, he tongue probing my mouth with the same desperate urgency as before. When he pulled my leg up to wrap around him and pushed his body against mine Mel groaned and I couldn't help the sound from escaping from my lips. I could feel already through his jeans how aroused he had quickly become again. I was desperate for more of him, kissing wasn't enough now. I untucked his shirt and pushed my hands under it, and grabbing a suggestion straight out of Mel's mind I dragged my nails down his back. A broken growl broke from his chest and he deepened the kiss. His hands were everywhere, grasping my body urgently. His fingers found the top of my shirt and quickly undid the buttons, exposing my breasts, he removed my bra before I even noticed and kneaded one breast feverishly while bending his mouth to the other. These were new sensations to me apart from through Mel's memories, and although familiar to Mel, with Ian I knew it seemed completely different to her too.

I shivered when he trailed kisses down my neck. "How much of this is you, Wanda? And how much her?" he murmured.

"She is more familiar with this kind of thing but the desire is mine, Ian, I promise. I can't get enough of you...". This seemed to satisfy him enough as he began to undo my jeans hesitantly. He removed them and then tossed our shirts aside. Moving his full lips back to mine and one hand to my breast, he trailed the other hand between my legs. He touched me through my underwear, again hesitantly, warily.

"More" I whimpered "Please. Take them off."

But still he didn't rush. He's treating us like a virgin! Mel grumbled, frustrated. Technically I am a virgin in all this, I reminded her. Well, I'm not. Touch him, Wanda, I'll show you what to do.

I pressed my hand between us, to the bulge in his own jeans and he immediately groaned and instinctively rocked his hips towards me. I hastily undid the buckle and then Mel showed me how best to move my hand inside and stroke that long shaft. "God, Wanda!" he grunted out.

"No more teasing" I whispered.

"You win" he replied, huskily, removing my underwear in one fluid motion.

I held my breath in anticipation when his hand moved back between my legs. "God, you're already so wet," he said with a groan "is that what I do you?".

"Yes" I managed to gasp out as he moved his fingers to the bundle of nerves at the top of my opening that were already throbbing with anticipation. Mel signed in satisfaction.

"This must be strange for you" he whispered "new, different".

"Very" I replied, breathless "But I need more".

"Tell me what you need, baby," he murmured in my ear. "do you want my fingers inside you?"

"Yes!" Mel and I gasped together. He slid a finger deep inside my opening and I felt myself grow even wetter. He thrusted in and out a few times before adding another finger, and moving his thumb to stroke that illicit sensitive spot outside. "Oh god..." I never knew it would be like this. I felt like a tightly wound elastic band, about to snap at any moment. I felt as if this feeling was leading somewhere, leading to something that I was desperate to reach...

Orgasm, Mel almost panted the word in my mind, and then assaulted me with feelings and images to explain. Those memories alone were almost enough to tip me over the edge and I could feel myself beginning to contract around Ian's fingers.

Clearly, he noticed this. "That's it baby, I can feel it. Come for me, sweetheart, I need to see you come". With his words I exploded, a feeling so intense that it was almost frightening and something I had never come close to experiencing before in any of my other nine lives.

Once I'd gathered my senses I whispered raggedly "Ian, I had no idea. No clue it could be like that. Mel's memories did not prepare me". He chucked and gathered me back in his arms to move his mouth over mine. He gazed at me, his sapphire eyes burning into me while he brought his fingers up and put them in his mouth, before bending back down to kiss me urgently.

I want to do the same...for him. I told Mel. I know, she replied. Me too, so much. I suddenly felt nervous, young, stupid. Don't worry, I'll show you everything. She reassured me. And my god did she! Every visual she'd ever seen, every incredible moment she spent pleasuring Jared slipped into my mind at once. And it really felt almost as if those memories were me, and I knew everything. I pushed Ian onto his back and straddled his legs. I bent my mouth to his chest and trailed wet kisses down his torso to the soft hair on his toned stomach, his head fell back with a moan which reassured me. I slipped off his boxers and moved my hand once again over him, building a slow rhythm. Under Mel's instruction I moved my mouth to the head and began to lick around it before sucking the whole length into my mouth.

"Good God, Wanda!" he groaned out "You are...amazing at this. How do you know...?" Realisation dawned. "Oh, its Mel" but at this point he barely seemed to care.

It wasn't long before the noises he was making became more urgent and he gasped "stop" and pushed me back hastily. For a second I was alarmed - "did I do something wrong?". Mel was smug - no, we were doing something too right and he doesn't want it to be over.

As if to demonstrate this point he rolled me over onto my back, pressing against me, trailing hot open-mouthed kisses down my neck and chest. He grazed my earlobe with his teeth and whispered urgently "I need to be inside you". His words alone and the desperation in his tone were enough to make me spread my legs wider. Then his hand was back between them and those incredible fingers were simultaneously pushing inside and circling my clit (the word Mel used) at a feverish pace. Through me, Mel pushed up against his hand because this time fingers weren't enough, we wanted -

"Ian...please," What was this desperate tone? This begging voice. This insatiable need. How strange this world was, this act so different from its equivalent on other planets.

"Ohhh!" my musings were brought to an abrupt end when suddenly Ian was inside me, filling me, taking me so completely and all I could so was sing his name in my mind. My Ian. All of him. In me.

I no longer needed instruction, everything was immediately clear and natural and obvious. Which was a good thing because Mel had completely ceased to be coherent. She was singing the same feelings as me, clawing once again to that same goal of completion.

Ian set the pace - a slow, deep, measured thrusting that was driving me insane with need. But Mel was fine with this, she was experienced and understood the intent of this delicious torture. But I was impatient. I reached out for him, digging my nails into his back again. "Oh god, Wanda..." this spurred him on as had been my intent.

"Harder" I demanded between breaths. "Faster. Please..." His reaction told me that my words drove him wild so I continued "I need you harder inside me, deeper, don't stop..." Mel liked this too. I urgently grabbed his hips to pull him deeper inside, filling me, pushing against a part of me inside which had me surging towards another orgasm.

He must have sensed this in my desperate moans and quickening breaths because he bent to my ear and gasped out "Yes. Yes, my Wanderer. Come for me again. Let me feel you come hard" His words shuddered through me and began to tip me over the edge and then his hand was between our bodies and his fingers moved over my clit and I was out of control - gasping, contracting, squeezing around him tightly.

"Ian!" we groaned his name together and he picked up the pace desperately.

"Yes! That's it. Oh god. Wanda...Wanda...Mel...I'm there, I'm coming!" And with a final thrust he collapsed over me.

We caught our breath and he gathered me tightly in his arms. "I love you" he whispered "so much. You can never leave, please. We'll think of another way. Promise me...?"

But I didn't have a chance to answer as a cold voice demanded from the doorway "What the hell is going on?". I turned around and there, staring angrily at Ian and I, naked and sweaty in eachothers arms, was Jared.

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