A/N - now I know I know this is crazy unrealistic but what is the point of fantasy if its not a little unreal? Enjoy!

"What the hell is going on?" Jared's voice was frighteningly cold, his face ashen. He dragged his gaze over me and Ian, taking in our naked bodies tangled in the sheets. His face turned to a mask of pure rage with the comprehension. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

I felt frozen, just as when Jared and I first met in the caves, unable to speak. Afraid. But this time I was afraid for a different reason, frightened of how much I had hurt him.

Red-faced, Jared reached down and roughly dragged me off the matress in anger. Ian imediately came to life, pushing between us, wrapping me in the sheet and standing protectively in front of me - his icy eyes a warning to Jared.

Enraged, Jared scoffed "Oh so now you're trying to protect her dignity? Where was that five minutes ago when you were FUCKING MY GIRLFRIEND?"

"Oh come on, Howe. You know its not like that." Ian took a breath to steady himself. "I love her."

"You love Wanda," Jared retorted "a creature in the back of Mel's scull! That girl and that body belong to me!" Jared suddenly looked as though he may be sick. "She's trapped in there. Mel wouldn't have wanted this. This wasn't her will - YOU PRACTICALLY RAPED HER!"

Jared lunged at Ian then but Ian was expecting it and managed to hold him back. He sighed and said in a quiet, level voice "It wasn't really like that. Mel...wanted this too."

A shadow of intense hurt passed over Jared's face and Mel yearned to reach out to him. Say something, Wanda, try to explain. Please. But I was afraid. And how could I begin to explain this? Please try to explain to him, she sobbed.

Jared raised his eyes to me and I could barely stand to look at the hurt in them. "Mel," he addressed her "after everything that's happened, after all we have been through, is this your way of saying - " his voice broke "- that you don't even love me anymore?"

"That's not true!" Mel's voice suddenly burst through me.

"Then what?" Jared's hard tone returning.

I stepped cautiously towards him and reached out a hand to touch his face but he flinched away. "She loves you, Jared." I said "Of course she does. That will never stop. She doesn't understand what happened, I don't think any of us do." - I risked a glance at Ian where he was begining to look almost as bewildered as Jared - "She loves you and I love Ian but this body, its almost too much for both of us. It's confused, it has conflicting desires. I'm so so sorry, Jared. And so is Mel".

Jared stared at me for a long moment and then suddenly demanded "I want to talk to Mel". At once, he closed the gap between us and took my face firmly in his hands. He only knew of one surefire way to bring Mel to the surface. He crushed his lips to mine and at once there was fire everywhere. But unlike before he wasn't going to get punched this time. Desire shot through me, hers and mine, and it was Mel kissing him, her hands grasping the back of his head to pull him closer. Within moments I could tell Jared realised this. His mouth burned a trail along my throat and I looked up at Ian's gorgeous face - hurt, confused, horror-stricken.

"Wait!" I pulled back, reaching for Ian unconsciously. I'd never felt so torn, utterly pulled in two directions and a pain so intense. Everyone stopped, realisation dawning.

Ian looked at us, disbelieving "So are you saying we have to...share?"

These words brought an ungoverned image to Mel's mind that sent an intense shiver up my spine but I quickly squashed the feeling. "No, no of course not! That's not right or fair. I guess we just need to keep a physical distance between us."

"No!" Jared pulled me close again. "Mel wants me, I know she does. I know it was her kissing me just then. And part of you wants that too, Wanda" Hearing my name made me realise how true that was.

Jared glanced back at Ian and they seemed to exchange a very loaded look, a silent agreement. When Jared bent his mouth to mine again I lost all thought, I could only feel. His tongue glided into my mouth and his hands travelled down to lift me up, I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me over to the matress. I felt a jolt of shock when I realised Ian had laid down beside me, he began running his hands over my body, he bent his mouth to plant butterfly kisses on my throat that had me shivering.

Oh my god, Mel sighed in pleasure and disbelief. My thoughts echoed hers but it was hard to think now as there was two mouths, two pairs of hands intent on pleasuring this insatiatable body. Jared began to peel away the sheet, growling with desire at the sight of my bare breasts. He closed his mouth over one, tightening my nipple to a peak. Now that my mouth was free Ian brushed his lips across mine, slipping his tongue inside. He pressed his body closer to me and trailed a hand along my thigh and bottom. Jared continued to move his mouth down my body, over my stomach, towards -

"I bet innocent Ian didn't show you this yet" he smirked, before glancing up at me with glinting eyes. He moved his mouth between my legs and Mel's thoughts soared, knowing how good he was. His tongue moved firmly over that sensitive spot and he spread my lips with his fingers. He groaned against me and I could tell he was pleased by how wet I was, as Ian had been earlier. The thought of Ian had me reaching for him and pulling him up my body. I encouraged him to put his knees on either side of my head so that I could take him into my mouth. I was not hessitant this time, I knew exactly what would please him and soon he was gently and unconsciously rocking his hips to my mouth.

The sounds Ian was emitting made Jared look up jealously and soon he moved upwards as Ian moved downwards. I took Jared into my mouth and was surprised by how familiar it felt. Mel knew exactly what he liked but I had gained some experience now too which I was keen to try out. When I experimentally grazed him ever-so-gently with my teeth I was rewarded with a deep and surprised groan. Mel chuckled in my mind at my new dominance.

Meanwhile, Ian's ministrations below had me almost losing concentration completely. He was rapidly thrusting his fingers deep inside whilst circling his tongue over me again and again. Seemingly out of nowhere another climax was upon me. I broke away from Jared to cry out and his competative streak had him joining Ian between my legs. That was my undoing and I bucked against them, almost screaming my pleasure.

When I finally stopped trembling and came back down to earth I sat up and gently pushed them both onto their backs on either side of me. I gazed at them both for a second - so similar in their protective and loving natures and yet total opposites in other ways. Jared had a strength that had kept Mel and Jamie alive through all that time on the run, an almost brutal determination to do whatever it took. Whereas Ian's strength was his kindness, a nature so sweet and understanding that he was a rarity among the humans. Although, it was begining to dawn on me that there were examples of this kindness everywhere in this race and I had just been blind before. Jared gazed at me with a desire so intense in his dark eyes that I knew it could only be for Mel. He was doing this for her. That look still had the power to make hot fire run through over body but it was Ian's loving eyes that pulled me in and held me like a magnet to this planet. A kindred spirit that I had never found in my other lives and the thought of leaving him suddenly seemed way too much to bear.

Wanda, Mel said quietly, that is a worry for tomorrow. Please let us just all have tonight. She was right of course. I took them both in each hand and stroked them in a gentle rythm, alternating my mouth between them. Minutes later they both urged me away in the same way that Ian had before. At once I felt innocent again, awkward. I wanted them both and had no idea how that would work. I sensed Mel's wry smile in my mind as she was amused by my purity and supplied an image of the solution. Oh, I thrilled at the thought.

Clearly, Ian and Jared were more on Mel's wavelength than mine as Ian pulled me down gently on top of him, I could feel the entire length of his body pressed against me and I shivered in anticipation of having him inside me again. Jared moved behind me, planted soft kisses along my neck and jaw whilst his fingers probed my other hole. It became obvious to me that this was not the first time he and Mel had experimented in this area. I could feel Ian hard between my legs and with a shaky sigh I lowered myself onto him. His eyes glazed with desire and he slid his hands down my sides to my hips, rocking us gently. He pulled me down closer to him and kissed me sweetly, his breathing ragged.

Jared meanwhile continued his attentions behind me, gently inserting a finger, whilst also reaching a hand forward to press against my clit. I made a noise that almost animalistic against Ian's mouth.

Good god, this is heaven! I exclaimed to Mel. Can it possibly get any better?

Oh yes, she murmured knowingly as Ian suddenly held me still and Jared pushed into my other opening. If I had felt full before nothing could compare to this feeling. Between them they were reaching places in me that I could never even have dreamed were there. Everything was gentle at first until I literally begged for them to go faster. I was very close already, the sensation building between all three of us. Hearing their voices mumuring my name with increasing urgency, and their hands roaming all over me, was almost too much to bear. When Jared whispered Mel's name in my ear I felt my heart soar and I knew it was her heart in that moment.

Jared increased the pace which in turn dictated mine and Ian's deepening thrusts. I could hear Jared's grunts of pleasure in my ear, and Ian groaning intensely beneath me and suddenly I could hear nothing at all, only feel, as my climax gripped me - I contracted around them both and cried out so loudly that I felt Jared's hand close around my mouth so that we wouldn't alert the entire cave! Seconds later they both filled me with their final thrusts and we collapsed in an exhausted heap.

I lay between them, a tangle of arms and legs, and tried to gather my thoughts but there was really no way to process what had happened. I could feel sleep begining to envelope me, I knew in the morning there would be huge repercussions. There was so many questions unanswered, problems to be solved - things would be unbearably awkward and painful for all of us. But for now we would just sleep. I could sense Mel's quiet thoughts - she had never felt so lucky or so loved. As for me - I had never felt so human.

A/N - unlikely that either of our gorgeous heros would ever agree to this kind of thing I know, but just wanted to experiment. Will attempt to write a much more realistic fanfic next time.

Love Amber.