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It just was.

It was metal. It was made to fly. It was a weapon. It was a machine. It was not alive. It was not self-aware.

Then she was.

Her first thought was: 'WALL!'

And so she jerked to the side.

Her Trinemates were not so lucky.

Despite being the closest to the obstruction and thus having less time to manoeuvre, she still somehow twisted up in a manner that was odd.

Vaguely aware that she was somehow in a battle, her sensors screamed at her to move.

Something big and fast whooshed past where her right wing was but astro-seconds before.

She went up, some programming activating a summons to her Trinemates, both of whom had managed to pull themselves out of the building.

Feeling something odd in the area around her processor, she turned her scanners inward just as she hit cloudcover.

Had she the ability, she would have blinked.

It was...squishy.

It was...alive.

It was...making her wires crawl like you wouldn't believe, tapping as her internals and pulling the stick-like appendage attached to her motor functions like its life depended on it.

No wonder she was having difficulty manoeuvring.

Finding the little bit of programming that would get rid of the parasite, ejecting both parasite and the thing it was strapped to out of her processing area.

Once out, she snapped down her hatch, coming back around to observe the odd thing that was somehow slowing itself with a thin, flat material.

She circled it for a few moments in idle curiosity before her first Trinemate broke through the clouds.

He was the same as her, but her scanners and sensors and the little niggling in the back of her processors said he was male.

He was just closing his hatch from ejecting his own parasite.

She screeched, flinging herself to the side as their third burst through the clouds below her, almost smashing into her.

He appropriately dropped altitude a bit, sending out the appropriate clicks and chirps of apology.

She flared her fins in acknowledgment and drifted a little to allow her calmer Trinemate into formation with herself at point.

"-Do you read, Lobo-three-seven-two-one? Over."

Startled, she clicked a moment in confusion, her programs telling her it was coming from her internal communications systems.

She had internal communications systems?

"Lobo-three-seven-two-one. This is Ground Control. Do you read? Please answer. Over."

Clicking in indecision, she opened her end of the comm. line.

"I am. We are."

She paused, confused that her own voice was so very different to the one coming over the comm. line. It was like their voice was one dimensional and her voice was four dimensional.

She was so confused.

Her calmer Trinemate tapped his wing to hers, giving the impression of worry and comfort.

She abruptly realised she had been letting out a confused whine-keen and shut it off, embarrassed.

"Unidentified aircraft, you have entered a restricted area. Please state your name and registration and leave the vicinity. Do you read? Over."

If she could have frowned, she would have.

She tried again. "I am. We are. We are...Trine?" She tested the word, wondering if it would mean anything to this voice coming over the comm. line.

"Unidentified aircraft, please repeat your name and registration. Over."

More confused than ever, she sent a confused, plaintive whine over the comm. line. "We are. We are. We are Trine."

There was a brief period of silence, but when the voice came back online, the Trine was distracted by the sudden appearance of a large shape like their own shooting out of the clouds, continuing straight up into what her programming called the stratosphere from the troposphere where they were.

Instinct made her call out with vocaliser and comm. line.

The Them-Not-Them wavered in their trajectory.

A private message hit the Trine's processors and the Them-Not-Them continued on into the mesosphere, then the thermosphere, then the exosphere and then was gone.

She chittered uncertainly before turning and leading her Trine from the area.

"Hide, little ones. Hide until I return for you. For I am Starscream, Winglord of the Seekers, and I will return for you, my kin."

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