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When Sunny and Daisy turned up, the only warning the Trine received was a few seconds of Stephen Lynch's 'My Name Is Satan'.

For everything she was, Deathscythe could honestly say that Daisy was Frickin' Scary.

She was a literally sparkling white Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and had had Motorslaver paint a pattern of small white and gold daisies like they were being kicked up by her wheels on her doors and aft.

Somewhere, a human was probably still mourning the loss of his unspeakably expensive Supercar.

Contrary to her paintjob, her choice of ID Songs was a dead giveaway at her personality. She was honestly a perky, cheerful, social creature, but, unfortunately, these traits came servo-in-servo with being sadistic, aggressive, ruthless, vain and manipulative.

Disturbia and Deathscythe had been very, very relieved that she was unfailingly loyal to her siblings, if slightly cruel.

Sunny was a mechanical who had been found by Private about two lunar cycles after their onlining, who had been monitoring the military frequencies and heard of a disturbance in a suburban area that sounded like one of them, stumbling away from a duck pond in the local park, dripping wet and his head plating oddly warped.

Sunny had tried to attack Private when he transformed, but his stabilisers had been knocked loose, resulting in the robot falling on his faceplates. Private had barely gotten them out of there before the police arrived.

Disturbia had been distinctly unamused when Sunny, as the damaged mechanical thought his name was, had shapeshifted into a sunset-red/gold Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster.

Daisy had been pleased because he was not only very similar to herself in robot mode (wheel-peds, swords and all), but he was also as vain. Disturbia had teamed them together for a variety of reasons, but mostly because none of the other grounders could stand the two for long periods of time.

Sunny and Daisy called themselves the Shocktroopers and protectors of their siblings, but Deathscythe had to stop herself from cackling when she heard Teeter, the Volkswagen Beetle, mutter that they were 'more like glorified thugs'.

Still, they were fast and serious when the situation called for it.

Deathscythe shook herself and vented, not bothering to look for the disgustingly stealthy mechanicals, and tottered over to circle the lime robot, now certain her truckling was fine.


Making sure Sideswipe wasn't paying attention to anything but his brooding anger at the Seekers, Ironhide carefully opened a discrete comm. line to Ratchet and his Prime.

-'There are two more bots prowlin' in tha trees to yer left. Check tha signatures.'-

There was a moment of silence as the two scanned and found the same thing Ironhide found; a Femme Sparkling signature and an older, more familiar signature...

Ratchet swore.

-'What is Sideswipe doing?'-

-'S far as I can tell? Broodin'. Hasn't noticed yet.'-

-'Get ready to subdue him if necessary.'- Prime rumbled. –' He had always been illogical when it comes to being separated from...him.'-

-'Understood, Prahm. Ironhide out.'-


"Well, hello there, little one." The Old, Old One rumbled.

Deathscythe felt her brow-plates shift into a sceptical expression, pointedly stand up taller to loom a full head and a half over the Old, Old One.

A chuckle rumbled his chest. "Indeed. Not really so little, but still very young."

The Seeklet Queen squawked in mock indignation, wings flaring. "Am not!" Her throbbing voice rippled out of her vocaliser in English. "I'm almost eight lunar cycles old!"

He rumble/chuckled again, blue eye-lights glowing brightly.

"Really now? A pretty thing like you that old already? My, my." Deathscythe preened and crooned in approval. "May I know the name of such a pretty young femme?"

Pausing a moment to look up the unfamiliar word, the Seeklet brightened, standing proud.

Behind her, Freefall and Stardrifter shared a look, rolled their eye-lights and continued their labour.

"I am Trineleader Deathscythe. And these are my Trinemates, Stardrifter-"

Stardrifter looked up and nodded, seemingly unconcerned with the situation.

"-and Freefall."

Said Seeker grinned toothily. "Nice tah meetcha."

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