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Chapter 1: Questions of Culture?

"Oh! There you are Allen!" Lavi beamed, running towards his white haired friend.

"Lavi?" Allen asked, turning to the redhead.

Anyone that had been in the hallway quickly found a wall. They all knew that of all the students at Black Order University, Lavi was not the person to stand in the way of. A few snickering, the fellow students remembered what had happened the last time any one did. Mr. Mikk had yet to recover from being trampled by the redhead.

"I need your help!" Lavi exclaimed, excitedly placing his hands on the younger's shoulders.

"With what?" Allen questioned.

"A project for a class of mine!" Lavi whined, "We were assigned countries to do a complete presentation on. The presentation has to have three dishes from the country, a three page analysis of its history, and a power point of its culture."

"So why are you asking me for help?" Allen sighed, walking down the hallway, "You're the history major. Not me."

"Yeah, I know but I got assigned the one country I know next to nothing about!" Lavi complained, following close behind Allen.

"What country is it?" Allen chuckled, amused at Lavi's problem, "Germany? America? Zimbabwe?"

"None of those," Lavi sighed, opening the door for his younger friend.

"Then what is it?" Allen asked again, heading out to where his bike was chained up.

"England," Lavi muttered.

Allen froze. Lavi bit his lip as Allen slowly tuned around to face him.

"England," Allen repeated.

"yeah," Lavi said, trying to put on a smile.

"You don't know anything about England," Allen stated.

Lavi just nodded. Allen sighed and hurried his way to his bike.

"So," Lavi started to say, debating whether or not to ask, "will you help me?"

"Lavi, you know that I only spent three years of my life there and those three years were before I could even write," Allen stated, looking down at the ground.

"But don't you have any kind of books at your place that I could borrow?" Lavi plead, getting on his knees in front of the British boy, "Look! I'm down on my knees in front of you begging!"

Allen stared at his friend's one eyed puppy dog look and chewed on his lower lip. Truthfully, he hated thinking about his home country. That place held too many horrid memories for him. Memories of death and betrayal.

Lavi watched as the look of hurt filled Allen's silver eyes. Sighing, Lavi quickly got up and pulled his friend into a comforting hug.

"Look, you don't even have to read the stuff or anything. I'll find the books and do everything myself. It's just that I don't have any of the stuff that I need at my place and that old panda won't let me in the library. Apparently, I'm grounded for almost burning down the kitchen," Lavi said, "It really sucks having him as a guardian and a teacher."

Allen laughed softly at that thought. Pulling out of his friend's hug, he smiled and got on his bike.

"Alright. You can come over and try to find some kind of book on one condition," Allen smirked.

"What's that?" Lavi questioned, placing his hands on his hips.

"You don't try to make the three dishes in my kitchen. I don't want Cross going off at me for having a charred mess to clean up," Allen chuckled.

"Deal!" Lavi chuckled, "but…"

"But what?" Allen questioned.

"I'm grounded from my car so I don't have anyway to get there," Lavi sighed, scratching the back of his head.

"Hm…" Allen looked around in hopes of catching sight of someone, "Ah! Lenalee!"

Allen, completely forgetting about his bike, trotted over to where one of his only two female friends stood with her "boyfriend", Kanda Yuu. Everyone knew not to call him her boyfriend in fear that her crazy chemistry teacher of a brother heard them. Poor Mr. Mikk had been on the receiving end of him the last time he had snapped.

"Allen!" Lenalee beamed.

"What do you want, Moyashi?" Kanda sighed with the arrival of the white-haired boy.

"You're as friendly as ever, BaKanda," Allen sighed, "Lenalee, can you give Lavi and I a ride to my place? My bike can't take both of us."

"Hm…I don't know, Allen. Nee-san won't get out for another couple of hours. Mr. Wenhamm is on his case again for not doing his work," Lenalee stated, poking her chin thinking about the new situation.

"So then," Allen stated, pouring all of his cuteness into his face and gave Kanda his cutest puppy dog look ever, "would Kanda be so kind as to give us a ride in his car?"

"Only if Hell freezes over," Kanda scoffed.

"Meanie," Allen pouted.

"Come on, Yuu!" Lavi prodded, leaning onto Allen's right shoulder, "Allen's house is only a ten minute drive from here."

"Don't call me that!" Kanda snapped, earning a giggle from Lenalee.

"Sure, he'll give you guys a ride," she stated.

"I will?" Kanda gaped.

"Of course. We were going to go to the soba shop near down that way anyways," Lenalee stated, trying to hide her growing distaste of soba.

"Yay!" Allen and Lavi exclaimed.

"Fine," Kanda sighed, starting to walk off towards his car.

Lenalee trotted up to his side and quickly wrapped her arms around his. Allen smiled. True, he really didn't like how Kanda sometimes acted but he did like on how much Kanda seemed to love Lenalee. Although, he never did say it out loud in public, Kanda couldn't hide his smile when Lenalee clung to him.

"I'm happy for Yuu," Lavi stated, smiling at the scene in front of them.

"Me too," Allen agreed, "Those two really do make a good pair."

"Yeah, but I can't help but be a little jealous of him," Lavi added.

"How so?" Allen questioned.

"I always thought that I'd get a partner before he did," Lavi sighed, still smiling.

Allen stared at his friend. His statement had sparked a little twinge of jealousy inside of himself. He'd never told anyone, but ever since he had transferred to Black Order University, Allen had always had crush on Lavi. He was so confident of himself with everything that he did, something that Allen couldn't understand at first. Lavi was like himself. They were different from everyone else. He had a vibrant shade of red for hair, one bright green eye full of life while other one was hidden behind a patch. Add that to his cheerful, yet destructive, personality, and Lavi never stood a chance of fitting in. While, for Allen that would mean self shut down, Lavi had never let that bother him. He stood proud of what he was and that pride was what caused Allen to grow to like him. Blushing, Allen rubbed his left arm. Too bad none of Lavi's confidence had rubbed off on him.

"Hm? Is your arm bugging you again, Allen?" Lavi questioned.

"Huh? Oh! No, I'm just thinking," Allen smiled, trying not to blush even further.

"If you two want a ride, you had better shut up now," Kanda growled, unlocking his car, "Oh, and Lenalee?"

"Yeah?" Lenalee perked up.

"Would you rather go to that new ice cream shop next to the mall instead of the soba shop?" Kanda suggested, ignoring his hatred of sweet things.

"Yes!" Lenalee all but shouted.

Laughing at Kanda's slightly shaken face, the two friends crawled into the back seats.

~fifteen minutes later~

The drive had taken a little longer than expected, much to Kanda's displeasure. The second that they pulled up to Allen's house, Kanda all but forced them out of his car.

"Don't you even think that I'll start letting you guys get rides from me whenever you want now," Kanda ordered, starting to head off towards his new destination.

Lenalee's head popped out of the window as they started to drive off.

"Sorry about Yuu! He's kinda in a bad mood today! Have fun you two!" Lenalee yelled out before they turned a corner.

Allen chuckled at his female friend had said. He had never known a Kanda who wasn't in a bad mood.

"Alright, so shall we go in?" Lavi proposed.

"Yeah," Allen said, walking up to his door and opening the door, "But I should warn you that Tim has gotten-"

Allen was interrupted when Lavi was tackled by a large blur of yellow fur.

"-bigger," Allen finished, "Timcampy! Bad dog! Get off of Lavi this instant."

The overgrown puppy quickly got off of the redhead. Lavi quickly got to his feet and stared at the dog.

"What the hell happened to him? The last time I saw him, he was a tiny little puppy!" Lavi demanded as Allen petted the puppy.

"He's still a puppy, Lavi," Allen stated.

"Yeah, but he's almost comes to my waist!" Lavi exclaimed.

"Well, he is a Great Dane puppy after all," Allen chuckled, "I told you when you first came over not to get use to his size."

"Whatever," Lavi sighed, placing a hand on his forehead, "Where do you keep most of your books?"

"Um…I think any book that I have on England would either be in the attic or in the living room," Allen thought aloud, hooking a leash onto Timcampy's collar, "Why don't you check there while I take Tim on his run?"

"K," Lavi stated, quickly kicking off his shoes and heading deeper into the house.

Allen sighed as he opened the door again. He really liked Lavi but he could be insanely messing.

Lavi waited at a nearby window until he saw Allen disappear down the street. Smirking, Lavi sprinted for Allen's room. Truthfully, Lavi knew almost all that there was to know about England. He just used his project as an excuse to get into his love interest's house. Ever since his guardian left him alone, Allen didn't let anyone come over to his house. Not even Lenalee. The last time he had come over was to drop off some homework for the boy when he had gotten sick for a week. Not wanting to miss out on his only chance, Lavi all but flew into Allen's room.

"Now let's see…" Lavi said aloud as he went straight for Allen's closet.

All he found there was long sleeve shirts, vests, and black pants.

"Man, Allen. You and I really need to go clothes shopping or something," Lavi sighed, "Alright, next!"

Lavi spent the next couple of minutes ripping through Allen's chest and desk. He was searching for the one thing that would confirm his suspicions.

"Okay, I know he said that he kept one," Lavi muttered, eye scanning the room, "His bed!"

Lavi quickly looked under the bed and finally found what he was looking for.

"Finally! Allen's journal!" Lavi shouted in success.

Lavi quickly ran out of the room and up to Allen's attic in case Allen came back early. Now all he needed to do was find a big enough book to hide the journal behind. Digging through the many boxes that were piled into the small space, Lavi heard the front door open.

'Shit!' Lavi cursed, frantically digging.

"Lavi? You in the attic?" Allen called up the stairs.

"Y-Yeah!" Lavi called back, "Ah ha!"

Lavi finally found a book big enough to hide the journal in that actually had something to do with England. Smirking, Lavi started down the stairs.

"Hey, Lavi, when's your project due?" Allen asked, standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"I can turn it in tomorrow if I get it done fast enough," Lavi stated, making sure the journal was safely hidden.

"If that's the case, then if you want, I could try to make a few dishes for you," Allen suggested, "I have a book full of recipes that my dad used to make for me before…well, you know."

Lavi nodded. He knew that his father was the reason that Allen detested his homeland. True, Lavi hadn't know Allen when it had happened, but he could still remember Allen's face when he told all of his friends about his dad and his scar across the left side of his face.

"If you want to, that would be great Allen, but I don't want to force you to," Lavi stated, rubbing Allen's right arm.

"Then I better find that recipe book," Allen smiled, almost skipping to his kitchen.

'What's he planning?' Lavi thought, knowing that Allen only skipped when he was plotting something sadistically evil.

Shrugging off the feeling, Lavi followed Allen to the kitchen to see the younger boy struggling to carry several large bowls. Suppressing a chuckle, Lavi leaned against the doorframe.

"So, might I ask, what are you going to make for me?" Lavi questioned, highly amused at the younger boy.

"Tea scones, Cornish Pastie, and apple pie," Allen stated, shorting out the many bowls, "Why don't you go into the living room and try to get some reading done?"

"Awww. Don't you want me to help?" Lavi whined a little.

"No cause I know that if I do, the likely hood of a kitchen fire will be increased a thousand-fold," Allen stated, "Now, shoo!"

"Fine, fine," Lavi sighed, leaving the kitchen in a couple of slow steps.

'Dang it. And here I was hoping that he'd put on a cute apron,' Lavi thought.

Sighing, Lavi slowly walked into the living room. He didn't know why Allen insisted on calling it that. It was stacked with bookcase upon bookcase, all filled with either cooking books or martial art pamphlets. There was a TV in the middle of the room but Lavi knew that Allen never used it. The only time he ever did was when he had friends over for a small party.

Lavi plopped down onto the red couch that was placed right in front of the TV. He slowly opened up the large book to pull out the journal he had stashed in it. A feral grin slowly appeared on his face as he opened the forbidden book. He could finally find out who it was that Allen liked and beat the shit out of said person. Lavi wasn't a violent person but he didn't want anyone else to be with his Allen.

Reading through several pages of the journal, Lavi soon realized that Allen was shy even in writing. All he wrote down was what had happened during the said day which, Lavi noticed, was almost always the same for every day.

'Never knew he stuck to such a strict schedule,' Lavi sighed inwardly, 'This is so bor- BINGO!'

Lavi sat up from his slumped form.

"Last night, I had the weirdest dream. No, really, this dream was extremely weird. I've never had anything like it. When I awoke, not only was I little shaken by it but I started to question things. Like, could I…Could I possibly…be gay?" Lavi quietly read aloud. His pulse quickened, "Oh please, let him have written it down!"

Lavi quickly looked down the page and nearly let out a shriek of joy. He had! Allen had written down the one thing that could link them even closer together. Feeling his grin reappear, Lavi quickly started to read through the entry.

After fifteen minutes, Lavi finally finished. His face was a dark red and he could feel sweat starting to form along his neck. He could also feel his pants starting to get tight. Swallowing, Lavi quickly stood up. He needed to confront Allen about all that he had written down.

Lavi all but sprinted into the kitchen. He instantly regretted it though. For there stood Allen, in an outfit that he'd never imagine Allen to have lest something Lavi never thought that he would see Allen in. He wore a tight, black, sleeveless shirt and almost tight fitting white long pants with the pant legs rolled up. Tied around him was a bright pink apron that said Kiss the Chef. Lavi felt his mouth drop in amazement. For as long as he had ever known the white-haired boy, no matter the season, all that he had ever worn were long sleeve shirts, vests, and very loose fitting black pants.

Lavi stared Allen's somewhat deformed left arm. He never had thought that it had looked ugly. Not once. All he could ever remember was thinking that it was so cool. It was almost completely black with a very faint tint of red to it. His eyes slowly went up the arm and spotted something he had never noticed before.

"When did you get tattoos?" Lavi said out loud.

Allen jumped and spun around to face Lavi. Placing his left hand over his heart, Allen sighed in relief.

"For a second, I thought that you were Cross, Lavi," Allen chuckled.

"So when'd you get them?" Lavi asked again.

"Last summer. I was pissed that Cross left without saying anything, again, and I thought that it would be a great way to get back at him," Allen explained.

"Then, if that's the case, why'd you just get black lines?" Lavi questioned.

"I didn't," Allen said plainly.

Lavi raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Oh? Can I see then?"

Allen blushed a dark red and shook his head no, "I-I'm busy helping you with your project right now."

With that, Allen quickly went back to fixing the three dishes. Lavi quietly walked up behind the young man. Smirking, he shocked the white-haired boy by wrapping his arms around the boy's waist.

"L-Lavi! What are you doing?" Allen stuttered, trying not to spill anything.

"You said you were going to help me with my culture project," Lavi smirked.

"I-I am helping you with your project," Allen stated.

"That's not the project I'm talking about," Lavi whispered in the younger's ear, slowly rubbing the growing bulge in the boy's pants.

"Wh-What?" Allen gasped.

"I found your journal," Lavi stated, pulling the boy closer to his own body.

"Y-you what?" Allen stuttered, mind racing.

"I never knew you were so naughty, Allen," Lavi smirked.

Allen's face turned an even darker red as Lavi reached under the apron to slowly unzipped his pants, "St-Stop it, Lavi."

"You don't really mean that, do you?" Lavi whispered, slipping his hand into the boy's pants, "I don't really think you do."

Allen tried to pull himself away from Lavi. While he liked Lavi, he'd been damned before he let him do such indecent things to him in the kitchen. The same kitchen that had a huge window that let everyone on the street see what he was doing.

"L-Let me go," Allen tried to demand.

"No. I still need to learn more about the British," Lavi stated.

Puzzled for a second at Lavi's comment, Allen opened his mouth to demand an answer when Lavi suddenly kissed him. Allen froze for a second. Was this really happening? Was his dream finally coming true? Allen gasped when he felt Lavi gently squeeze him.

"What kind of Brit are you? Going commando," Lavi chuckled, "Such an indecent thing to do. Have you no shame, my little Allen?"

"Wh-What exactly did you r-read?" Allen managed to say.

"Everything up to that wonderful dream you had," Lavi stated, slowly licking Allen's bare neck, "I never knew that you were such an amazing writer."

"S-So you know?" Allen questioned, biting his lip, "about how I feel for you?"

"Yep," Lavi answered, untying the pink apron.

"Wh-What about you?" Allen asked, starting to turn around to face the older boy.

"I'll tell after you help me out," Lavi said, grinning like a mad man, "Or should I help you first?"

Allen blushed even darker (if that was even possible) as Lavi tried to pull the boy's pants off.

"W-Wait," Allen complained.


"Th-The window…"

Lavi at the large window and chuckled. Who in their right mind would ever want such a large thing in a private area? With one quick movement, Lavi picked up the slightly dazed boy and hurried to the hallway. Looking down towards Allen's room then to another, an evil grin that would have made Kanda proud appeared once more on his face.

"Say, Allen," Lavi said to the white-haired boy, "If you're still upset at Cross, then we should continue this "lesson" in his room."

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Now we return you to your previously scheduled fanfiction…

It wasn't long before sleep managed to claim Lavi. This was not the case for Allen. His mind, now back from its fuzzy hiatus, was racing with thoughts of everything that had happened. He felt like there was something that he had forgotten. Sighing, Allen decided that whatever it was it probably didn't matter anyway.

A loud banging on his front door brought him out of his thoughts. Slowly sitting up, Allen looked around the unfamiliar room for his pants. Spotting them on the far end of the room, Allen slowly got up. He hissed at the pain that filled his lover half. Biting his lip, he very slowly made his way over to where his pants laid. After nearly falling multiple times from the pain, Allen managed to get his pants back on and stumbled to the front door. Leaning on the doorframe, he flung it open to snap at whoever was unlucky enough to have been there.

"What do you want?" Allen all but shouted.

"U-uh, hi Allen," Krory stuttered, taken back at the anger in his friend's voice.

"Krory?" Allen questioned, not believing his eyes, "What are you doing here? More importantly, how'd you find my house?"

"Well, I saw that you left your bike at school and figured that I should bring it to you," Krory stated, "But since I didn't know where you lived, I had to call Lenalee to show me."

Allen stuck his head out of his door to see a very pissed off Kanda with a smiling Lenalee next to him, holding two ice cream cones.

"I had just told Yuu that I wished that you and Lavi could have come with us to the ice cream shop when Krory called. I told him your address and to wait there. I wanted to bring you guys some ice cream and then try to convince you guys to hang out with us. Just like the old days," Lenalee explained, "And, well, here we are."

"Hey, Allen, when'd you get those tats?" Krory questioned, staring at his left shoulder.

"Um…Last summer," Allen stated, finally realizing that he had come out without shirt.

"Will you just take the ice cream before it melts, Moyashi?" Kanda sighed.

Allen blinked at Kanda's comment and then reached out for one of the cones when a hand grabbed his.

"Sorry, but no thanks, Lenalee," Lavi's voice sounded from behind him.

Lavi, he too without a shirt, stepped out into view of all of their friends. He wrapped one arm around Allen's waist and pull him closer to himself.

"I've already had something better than ice cream," Lavi smirked, causing Allen to blush.

The three friends stared at the two boys, blinking in confusion for a second.

"So," Kanda smirked, "You finally made him your uke then, baka usagi."

Lavi just chuckled as Allen's blush grew darker. Lenalee giggled and pulled Allen into a friendly hug.

"I'm so happy for you, Allen," Lenalee smiled.

Allen just smiled back at his friends, "Would you guys like to come in?"

Moving aside to let his friends in, Allen stared at his new boyfriend. Smiling to himself, Allen confirmed his theory. The real thing was so much better than his dream. His smile turning into a smirk, Allen was glad that Lavi didn't no about all of his other dreams…yet.

"Hey, Allen?" Krory questioned as Allen closed his door.

"Yeah?" Allen answered, limping up to his friends.

"Is something burning?" Krory asked, pointing to the smoke coming from the kitchen.

"MY KITCHEN!" Allen screamed, forcing himself to sprint into the kitchen, only to find it on fire, "LAVI! You said you turned everything off!"

"My bad!" Lavi nervously laughed as everyone, Tim included, rushed out of the house.

"This was why I didn't want you to help me out in the kitchen!" Allen whined as he ran out of his house.

The five friends and one dog watched as the fire department did their jobs in Allen's house. Allen was sitting on the grass of a his other female friend's, who just happened to live across the street from him, lawn. He looked up to see her gently place her hand on his shoulder.

"You're free to stay here if you want, Allen," she stated, looking up at the busy firemen.

"Th-Thanks Miranda," Allen whimpered, "but hopefully that won't be necessary."

"What were you two idiots doing in there anyways that caused you not to notice the kitchen burning?" Komui snapped, showing up just to pick up Lenalee when the fire department had arrived.

Allen felt his blush return as Lavi looked back and forth between the two. Smirking, Lavi pulled Allen into his arms and stuck a tongue out at Komui.

"He was helping me with my British Culture project," Lavi smirked.

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