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Chapter 8: Finishing

Allen tiredly stumbled out of the school building. His legs felt like jelly after having to run the entire campus at least four times before lunch. Then, right after he finished lunch, he had to go through Tykki and his idiot teachings with Lavi's class. Poor Lavi. How the hell had the boy survived it without him there?

Allen sighed, remembering all that had happened in that idiotic class. The second that Tykki had told them to "demonstrate" for the entire class how they enjoyed their alone time, the freakish class of freshman all pleaded the two do actually go through with it. Like hell they would though. He was still sore from Lavi's birthday's presents. Placing his hands on his head, Allen tried to forget a particular girl that had caught his attention. She had actually stood up and bowed her head while begging them to do it.

"Has the entire world turned into a breeding ground for perverts?" Allen whispered to himself as he walked to his bike.

After the girl's plead went unanswered, Tykki had gone so far as to get out Lavi's grade sheet and was about to shred it. Lavi, in a panic to stop his uncle, quickly grabbed Allen's hips and turned him around so that his back was to the class. Just when he was going to question why he had done so, he felt the all too familiar hand rubbing his ass. Allen expressed his extreme displeasure by trying to hit his boyfriend but Lavi somehow managed to avoid it.

'Look. I'm only going to say this once. To have this kind of sex," Lavi paused, glancing back to Allen's face, seeing the look of embarrassment and death.

Allen heard Lavi take a deep breath before he felt him press a finger against his entrance through his jeans. He gasped not only at the feeling but in complete shock that Lavi had actually done it. When he didn't move his finger, Allen was forced to bite back a whimper. Damn body and its weird sensations.

'The person on top would have to put his thing in here only after preparing his partner,' Lavi stated, trying to avoid most eyes, mostly Allen's though, and finally moved his hands away from his love.

'Can you show us how to do that?' some random boy had asked.

'You sure as hell better not if you want a boyfriend to come home to!' Allen snapped at the redhead.

Lavi quickly jumped back from his lover. He hated when Allen was upset at him. It was never fun to be on the receiving end of that. The redhead watched Allen stomp over to his uncle. Deciding that it was better not to stop him, Lavi just let Allen beat the poor teacher until he finally passed out. Then Allen stomped over to Tykki's desk and stared down at the class.

'As of right now, I will be teaching the rest of the class. If any of you have a problem with that, then you had either get the hell out of here and go to the library or shut the hell up!' Allen snapped at them.

Lavi was shocked to see that none were smart enough to leave. He, on the other hand, was quickly trying to make his way towards the nearest door. He'd rather spend an entire class period with the old panda than be within hundred feet of a completely pissed off Allen. Yeah, he loved him, but that didn't make this side of him any less intimidating.

'Mr. Bookman, where do you think you are going?' Allen voice called out to him, 'Go back to your chair this instant. Everyone, pull out your books and turn to page 475.'

Lavi quickly did as he was told. He only looked back at Allen to see him erasing Tykki's diagram and write his name on the board.

'Whenever Mr. Mikk is unable to teach this class, I will be your teacher.' Allen said as he finished his name, 'You are to refer to me only as Mr. Walker. Not Allen. Not Mr. W. Not any other nicknames that your under developed minds might come up with.'

'Mr. Walker?' a girl asked.

'Yes?' he answered.

'Um…how old are you?' she questioned.

'The same age as you, my dear,' Allen answered.

Lavi slowly nodded when several stares fell onto him. It had surprised him as well. Allen had skipped several grades after high school. He never thought about it before but the small man had probably done it so that he could stay with Lavi. The poor boy had worked himself to death the day that Lavi graduated and made it into college a year later, landing in his class (maybe cause he himself, along with some other friends, decided to put off school for a year but still, it was cute).

'So you're only eighteen?' a boy gaped.

'Oh! No no. I'm not that young. I'm actually 20,' Allen chuckled, 'I keep forgetting that not all of you are the same age as each other.'

'So, Lavi?' the same boy asked, 'How old are you?'

'I'm 23 as of last Saturday,' Lavi beamed.

Allen clapped his hands together, 'Alright. Now that we've settle our curiosity about my age let's settle down and focus on work.'

Allen sighed for the nth time that day, pedaling his bike towards his new home with Lavi. He thought that class would never end. Apparently, Tykki never taught the poor kids anything. Every time he said a term for something, thirty hands would shoot up. That lazy bum. Knowing his uncle, Allen would be stuck teaching the entire class so he could go enjoy himself for the hour and a half class.

Racing down the street, Allen nearly missed the turn to the apartment. Lavi probably had been home for at least two hours before him. His classes got out at four while Allen's got out at five thirty. Plus, Lavi had a car. Allen didn't. Working his legs faster, Allen pedaled the pathetic work of medal up a steep hill. If it weren't all the running he had done, it was the slight soreness he felt from his weekend having fun with Lavi that caused his legs to feel so heavy as he pumped up the hill. He sighed in relief when he finally reached the apartment building.

Dragging himself up the stairs, Allen tried to put on an angry face. He was still rather upset that Lavi would do something like he did but then he also completely understood why he did so. Although…

"He had better not be expecting to do anything tonight," Allen stated as he walked through the apartment door, "Oi, Lavi!"

Allen froze in the doorway. Where was he? Pouting, Allen placed his school bag next to the doorway and slowly made his way into the apartment.

"Lavi, you had better be here. You promised that we'd go to the movies tonight," Allen stated.

"Ah, I'm still here," Lavi's voice called from the kitchen.

"You're not burning this kitchen down too, are you?" Allen scolded, putting his hands on his hips.

"No way!" Lavi chuckled, "Why don't you go ahead on take a bath? After that we'll eat then head out for the movies."

"But doesn't the movie start at seven?" Allen asked, checking his watch, "It's already quarter after six. Why don't we just eat then head out?"

"Don't worry. We have time. I'll get you out at quarter till," Lavi stated.

"But that doesn't leave me much time at all!" Allen whined.

"Just go get in the bath," Lavi laughed.

Grumbling, Allen did as he was told. Why was the guy so hung up on him taking a bath before they left anyways? Quickly shedding his clothes, Allen looked around the bathroom. It certainly was weird. Maybe the rabbit had planted a hidden camera somewhere to catch him on tape.

"It does seem like something he would do," Allen sighed, eyes looking everything over before settling on a new bottle, "No way. He didn't,"

"Allen?" Lavi's voice sounded from behind the bathroom door.

Allen jumped in surprise, "Y-Yes?"

"Lenalee just called me. Apparently the was a serious fight at the movies and the place is filled with cops. They aren't letting anyone until nine," Lavi said, "If you want, we can go then."

Allen sighed in disappointment, "No. The movie was suppose to be close to three hours long. By time we would get home, it would be really late. Besides, I have class at seven-thirty tomorrow morning anyway. We'll just have to go some other time."

"Yeah. Hey, to make it up to you, why don't I make an awesome dinner that the two of us can enjoy?" Lavi suggested.

"Ah…No," Allen stated nervously, "How about we just go out to eat?"

"Sounds good. I'll just let you enjoy your bath then," Lavi smirked.

"Alright. Why don't you pick out a good restaurant while you wait?" Allen said through the door.

Lavi nodded and walked back towards the front door. Just like he suspected, Allen had left his bag there. Smiling, the redhead picked up the overfilled bag and carried it into the living area. As quietly as possible, Lavi dumped all of the contents out onto the floor.

"Now let's see what Allen's been writing about whenever he gets bored in class," Lavi smirked.

After about ten minutes or so of just looking through his notebooks, Lavi finally came across Allen's Creative Writing binder. Not really expecting Allen to actually write anything interesting for class, Lavi sighed as he opened the binder.

Assignment: Write a lemon story….

"What?" Lavi snapped, quickly sitting up from his laying position.

Assignment: Write a lemon story. Story can be about anything. There is no limit of what can be in it. Story must be at least ten pages long but no longer than thirty-five pages typed. You must include the theme of lemons throughout the story. No exceptions. 12 point font. Single spaced. Include a written rough draft…

"What kind of assignment is this? Why would any teacher assign something with a title like that! Don't they know there are bound to people who will take it wrong?" Lavi ranted, "Wait…Allen would be one of those people…Please let him have gone a little black for this writing!"

Lavi started to skim through all of Allen's work. He had to admit that the younger male had quite the knack for writing.

"don't go…I'll be back…yada yada yada…Whoa!"

"I won't let you leave me, Raven!" Ayame exclaimed pushing the slightly older male onto the bed.

"Aya…I have to-" Raven tried to reason when Ayame crushed his lips onto his own.

Raven's eyes widened. Could it have been possible? Did Ayame really love him as he had always loved the younger male? Slowly, the older of the two males relaxed and returned the kiss. It wasn't long before he took charge. In one swift move, Raven pinned Ayame to the bed and smirked down at the other.

"You don't know how much I love you," Raven whispered as he bent down to latch onto the younger's neck.

Raven slowly unbuttoned the younger male's shirt and pushed the flimsy material out of the way. He chuckled when Ayame's face flushed a very bright red. Looking to the bedside table, an evil smirk graced Raven's nearly perfect features. Reaching over, the older of the two picked up a lemon.

"You know something, Ayame," Raven smirked as he slowly licked the sour fruit, "I've always loved how lemons can add a certain "zing" to basically everything"



Lavi was out of his clothes and at the bathroom door within two seconds. He flung open the door, almost regretting it instantly.

"L-Lavi?" Allen gasped as his face flushed.

Allen could feel the bright blush rushing across his face. Lavi had walked in either the worse or the best time, depending on who's side you're on. The redhead had decided to interrupt Allen just as he was trying to relieve the heat that had filled his nether regions. He had been sitting in the tub for about five minutes, if that, trying to ignore the persistent heat in his groin. It wasn't as if he could help it. Sure, he was still mad at Lavi but that didn't mean that his mind wouldn't wander and get himself horny. Plus the fact that he was trying to figure out how to write the rest of his lemon story, making it a true lemon story.

So, there Allen was on the side of the tub, just about to relieve at least a little of the heat when Lavi flung open the door. An evil smirk fell upon Lavi's face as he strode up to Allen.

"I-Is it your turn, Lavi?" Allen stuttered, starting to get up.

"Not quite but I didn't want to wait any longer," Lavi smirked, holding the white haired boy down.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Allen questioned.

"I read your "lemon" story," Lavi smirked.

"You what?" Allen snapped, "Why do you have an insatiable need to read everything little thing I write down?"

"Cause you tend to write down some very naughty yet fun things," Lavi said, leaning closer to Allen's face, "Things that make me want you even more than I thought possible."

"What the hell do you think that you're doing?" Allen snapped as he pushed Lavi back a bit.

"Well, you're horny. I'm horny. I say that we stop talking and have a little fun," Lavi smirked, picking up the new bottle that Allen had spotted a little earlier.

"Oh fuck me," Allen sighed, giving in to his body's needs.

"Get your ass back here, Lavi!" Allen shouted on the top of his lungs as he chased his boyfriend threw the halls of their apartment complex.

"Yuu!" Lavi shouted, pounding on his neighbor's door, "Let me in dammit!"

"What the hell, usa-" Kanda started to groan as he slowly opened the door.

Lavi pushed his way into his friend's apartment and slammed the door, locking it instantly, before Allen could burst through it. The redhead sighed as he sank down to the floor.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing in your boxers running around like a fuckin' mad man?" Kanda asked, annoyed that he was being dragged into his friends' problems, "I thought you and Moyashi were enjoying some fuckin' time together."

"We were," Lavi shivered.

"Then why is he chasing you as if he's going to kill you?" Kanda questioned.

"Well, we were enjoying our bath together for a while. Then I decided to move out to the living area. So I picked him up and carried him there. Unfortunately for me," Lavi gulped, "I accidentally tripped over his books and landed on this Creative Writing homework."

"So?" Kanda sighed.

"It ripped write down the middle…" Lavi stated, biting his lip.

"I repeat, so? Why can't he just rewrite it?" Kanda huffed.

"It was the best story he's ever written and he just knew that if he could just manage to give it the perfect ending that Mr. Chan would have it published for him," Lavi explained, "He was so excited about it too."

"And he can't rewrite it?" Kanda questioned.

"He doesn't have enough time," Lavi sighed, rubbing his face, "The rough draft is due tomorrow. His story was nearly sixty pages long hand written."

"Sixty?" Kanda gasped.

"Yeah. They had to hand write their rough draft. The typed version has to be at least ten pages but no more than thirty-five. With sixty pages, he'll be pushing that max when he types it up," Lavi said.

"So he's wasting the little time he has to rewrite it by trying to kill you," Kanda stated, trying to understand the workings of the Moyashi's mind.

"Lavi! Get out here this instant!" Allen shouted through the door.

"He's not trying to kill me," Lavi whimpered.

"Then what is he trying to do?" Kanda asked, a little curiously worried.

"You know how I told you that he is a different person in his writings?" Lavi questioned, flinching from the pounding on the door.

"Yeah," Kanda nodded.

"Well," Lavi swallowed, "He wants to show me that side of him now."

"Not following," Kanda sighed.

"Apparently, Tykki gave Allen some of his "toys" so we could really celebrate my birthday," Lavi shuddered.

"Wait…so Moyashi's trying to…oh gawd," Kanda gaped, eyes wide once he realized what kind of trouble his friend was in, "You better stay here tonight, usagi."

"Th-Thanks, Yuu."

"Whatever," Kanda sighed, heading back to his bedroom, "Just make sure not to set my kitchen on fire."

"Lavi!" Allen snapped, kicking at the door, "I'm only going to say this one more time. Get your fucking ass out here before I break that door down!"

"I said I was sorry Allen!" Lavi pled, Kanda watching from his doorway, slowly starting to realize something.

"That's it!" Allen shouted.

"Wait!" Kanda snapped, racing back to the door and flinging it open, "Take him!"

"Wait, what!" Lavi gasped as Allen latched onto his arms, "You said I could stay here tonight!"

"Yeah but then I realized something," Kanda stated, sticking his head out the door as he watched Allen drag the rabbit to their apartment, "Lenalee's coming over in fifteen minutes and I didn't think a busted door would be the best thing to greet her with."

"Damn you, Yuu!" Lavi screamed as Allen tossed him into the apartment.

"Oi Moyashi!" Kanda called out, "Make sure to cover his mouth. I don't want Lenalee's ear catching onto what you two are up to in their."

"Will do, BaKanda," Allen smirked, quickly shutting the door behind them.

Kanda sighed as he listened to the sounds of wrestling next door, a few loud crashes, and a high pitch "What are you going to do with that?". Poor rabbit. He knew about Allen's black side and he wasn't talking about his poker side. Allen and Lenalee loved to talk about their deepest fantasies together and, much to Kanda's displeasure, most of the time, Lenalee would retell everything to him. Smirking, the raven haired man made his way back into his bedroom. Lavi was going to learn about all of Allen's little quirks tonight.

"Now, my smexy bunny man," Allen whispered, slowly licking his way up Lavi's neck, "Which shall be first?"

"None!" Lavi begged, "When I said that I wanted to experience your naughtier side, I didn't mean like this!"

Allen just smirked as he pulled away from his lover. He did a rather good job if he did say so himself. The smaller of the two males had managed to surprise his boyfriend with his strength when he picked him up and pinned him to the bed. Then, much to Lavi's surprise, he handcuffed the redhead's hands to the bed to keep him from running away.

"Come now, Lavi," Allen smirked, licking his lips, "You don't really mean that, do you?"

Allen slowly ran his hands down his love's chest and down to his boxers. Lavi trembled under his touch as he slowly pulled his boxers off. The younger male licked his lips again as he slowly ran his left hand up Lavi's thigh and towards his growing member.

"I don't really think you do," Allen whispered seductively as he ran a finger over the tip of his boyfriend's erection, relishing in Lavi's light moan, "I really don't believe that you do."

"M-Mercy?" Lavi stuttered.

"There is no such thing, my love. Alls fair in love and war after all. Besides," Allen stated, grinning evilly as he slowly lowered his mouth to the tip, "You're going to help me finish my lemon story."

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Allen: Speaking of lemons, what's with that lemon story part?

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Of course, that being said, the story had to have the sour fruit mentioned throughout it. That's when the light went bing in my head. Their assignment gave me the spark of inspiration that I needed to use to finish this story.

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