Title: Shades of Love

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Characters: Elizabeta Héderváry (Hungary), Roderich Edelstein (Austria), various mentions of other characters

Pairings: AustriaxHungary

Warning: Rated M for heavily implied sexual content in later chapters (Chapter 4). Toeing the line. Not beta'd. Use of the German/Hungarian language (with translations at the bottom of the page). Use of human names. Historical content (explained at the bottom with the translations). Five-shot.

Dedication: Many thanks to LePetitPappillon to helping me out with this. :3 (She's also an amazing writer and a horribly bad influence. 8D;;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, nor do I own any of the songs mentioned in this fanfiction. I am writing this purely for my own enjoyment (the enjoyment of others may very).

A/N: I swear to god, more time was spent worrying on whether Austria wore a cravat or jabot/ascot tie than actually writing this chapter. According to the Hetalia wikia, he wears a jabot (aka ascot tie), but an ascot tie is technically a cravat. Darn it, Austria, stop being confusing! I ended up settling with jabot after doing a bunch of research/comparing pictures, etc….. Nnngh. So three hours of worrying about detail later and what do we get? The same result that we started with.

Story of my freakin' life.

Chapter 1 (of Five)

It had been several years since Hungary had last seen Austria. When she entered the cabinet room, there he sat next to his boss. His chocolate bangs were slightly longer than they were since the last time she saw him and his navy-blue uniform was as pristine as ever. His lace jabot was tied expertly; a clean knot sent fabric cascading onto his chest. Amethyst eyes met her emerald ones and he hastily stood.

"Good morning, Miss Elizabeta. It's been a while."

"Good morning, Roderich." She sat at the seat proffered by her own boss and he returned to his own seat. Immediately their bosses launched into conversation about the proposed pact to support each other in war. Hungary's boss had been the one to suggest the idea and it seemed that Roderich and Elizabeta had little input into the outcome of this proposition. They were merely there for the formality of it all.

As such, Elizabeta was paying little attention to the meeting. Instead she was dreaming of returning home, changing out of her uniform and into something less restrictive then visiting the forests of her homeland. When Hungary came out of her daydream, she found herself gazing in the direction of her fellow country. Austria was listening to the meeting with great intensity, fingering his chin with a contemplative air.

He really was very attractive, Elizabeta reasoned to herself. She remembered when they'd both been under the control of the Holy Roman Empire and how ridiculous he'd looked with his hair slicked back. Now that he had forgone the hairstyle of his childhood and allowed his natural cowlick to kick dark brown hair over amethyst eyes, Austria had taken on a rather handsome air.

He looked up and caught her eyes on him. Hungary quickly diverted her attention to the table, pretending to be fascinated by the swirling grain of the wood. She could have sworn she heard him chuckle softly.

The meeting dragged on for several more hours until the two countries were dismissed. They walked in a semi-awkward silence down long mansion halls, their steps in perfect synch with each other. Finally, the silence was broken.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" Austria asked quietly.

"It has," was Elizabeta's guarded reply.

"How have you been?" He asked.


But he knew she wasn't. He knew that under the sleeves of her uniform were bandages and half-healed wounds. He also knew that there were scars; many, many scars, all from previous battles—many of the battles he himself had participated in. The last time he had seen her, properly seen her, had been many years ago. She had been forced to watch the execution of her Prime Minister and army leaders. When Roderich had turned his back to leave, tears had been streaking down her cheeks.

". . . Elizabeta." He said it with such tenderness, such emotion that it made her pause. He took her hand and gently brought it to his lips. "I'm incredibly sorry."

She stared at him, shock evident in her emerald eyes. His gloved hand ghosted patterns on her fingers, the leather soft against her skin.

"It. . ." She shook her head. "I know it wasn't your fault. . . Countries cannot control what their bosses decide. We can only follow orders."

Austria closed his eyes in agreement and released his grip on her hand. "Such as our orders now."

"Yes. . ." Hungary's voice was uneasy. The two walked on in silence. When they reached the front of the mansion, Roderich helped his fellow country into her carriage.

"I will undoubtedly see you again see, Miss Elizabeta." he told her. "Quiet soon, in fact. But until then, I hope you have safe travels back to your home land."

Hungary nodded and the door to the carriage was shut. Roderich watched as the horses pulled it away from his house and only left to return inside when he could no longer see it on the horizon.

When the messenger came to tell Roderich he was to be wed in a month's time, he was not surprised. He knew it had been coming. Since Austria and Hungary were being combined, it was only fitting that their representatives would be wed as a result. All he asked for was the precise date of the occasion.

"The eight of June, sir."

He nodded. "Thank you. You may go." The doors to his music room closed, and Roderich returned his attention to keys of his beloved piano once more.

Elizabeta Héderváry was known for her masculinity, but even she grew excited when she was told she would be married to Roderich. He was after all, in her opinion, very handsome. He was a wonderful man and even though she had abused him rather horribly when they were younger, he was still kind to her. He was gentle and quiet and would be a perfect husband. She couldn't ask for a better arrangement.

But there was a piece of her that was heartbroken. She would be loosing her independence, most of her land, her identity. Her people were already being Germanized; with the combination of Austria and Hungary, would she loose her identity for good? It was almost too much to bear.

"Miss Hungary?" The young messenger boy looked at her, worried, when she stifled a small sob.

Elizabetha waved him off. "I'm fine. Thank you for telling me. You can go."

"Yes, Miss." The boy turned and hurried from the room. Once he was gone, the female nation fell back on her bed, weighting the pros and cons of her arranged marriage. When she could think no more, Hungary simply curled up and went to sleep.

To be Continued...

Warning! History Content!

-In July 1849 the Hungarian Parliament proclaimed and enacted the first laws of ethnic and minority rights in the world. Initially, the Hungarian forces defeated Austrian armies. To counter the successes of the Hungarian revolutionary army, Franz Joseph asked for help from the Czar Nicholas I, whose Russian armies invaded Hungary. The huge army of the Russian Empire and the Austrian forces proved too powerful for the Hungarian army, and General Artúr Görgey surrendered in August 1849.

Julius Jacob von Haynau, the leader of the Austrian army, then became governor of Hungary for a few months, ordered the execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad, leaders of the Hungarian army, as well as Prime Minister Batthyány in October 1849. Lajos Kossuth escaped into exile. Following the war of 1848 – 1849, the whole country was in "passive resistance". Archduke Albrecht, Duke of Teschen was appointed governor of the Kingdom of Hungary, and this time was remembered for Germanization pursued with the help of Czech officers.

A/N: I dunno when I'll get the second chapter out. It's a wedding, and I'm rubbish at writing weddings... but I like weddings. *sigh* So I'll get there eventually.

Chapter 1 was obviously the intro/Austria and Hungary learning of their arranged marriage (based on the merging of Austria and Hungary in 1867. June 8th, the day of Austria and Hungary's wedding day, corresponds with the date of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise). Chapter 2 will be the actual wedding and wedding night. Chapter 3 will be the morning directly after the wedding. Chapter 4 will most probably be very, very long and consist of "little moments" throughout Austria and Hungary's marriage (This is where small time sexytimes happens). Chapter 5 will consist of Austria and Hungary's divorce and an epilogue.

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