Catch Me a Star...

The boy and I were walking down the snowy path together... He looked up at me and said "Today's my birthday you know?" he said. "Yeah..." I replied.

"Today's also my last day isn't it?" he asked while he wore a smile on his face. 'Why is he smiling.' I thought. His blue-gray eyes full of life. Then he asked:

"Can you give me a present?" He said.

"What present then?" he nodded, he knew for sure sure what he had wanted.

"Catch me a star, Kanda..." he pointed to the sky. "Yes, that's what I want for my birthday today! A star."

I looked at the feeble frame beside me. Today was his last day. I hugged him and said: "Stupid, How am I supposed to catch you a star?"

" I know you can do it.. if you just try, please, my father always gave me stars... please Kanda? I'm only asking for one star."

"FIne I'll catch you a freaking star... come one lets go. " I took his hand. I gripped it tighter. I knew this was his last day and I wasn't ready to let him go.

"Moyashi is this some kind of test?" I asked as we walked faster.

"Nope, I just want a star.'' he said. "I'm confident you'll get one for me Kanda."

I kept walking grabbing gripping his hand tighter.




A sudden light bulb clicked... I knew the answer to the present...

"I know now." I said.


"The star... I know where to find it." I looked at him closely as he smiled sending me a message. 'I knew you would'

"Come on let's get you a star."

I knew it was impossible, to get a star in the middle of December, I had to try just for him...

I found the spot. I waited and waited. Then in a twist of fate, we saw one. There was his star... I carefully caught it. I put it in a jar. And turned around to face him and then...

"You caught me my star, I knew you would! " He came and embraced me. Who knew this tiny thing would be such a precious present for a person.

"Happy Birthday Moyashi." I said while I hugged him and kissed him on the forehead.

"That's not enough..."

"Tch.." I went for his lips and kissed him passionately.

"Thank you, Kanda..."


"Say Kanda, Do you love me?"

"Tch, what a stupid question."

"I'll take it as a yes."


The next day Allen left...


My Star shinning brightly

You were beautiful and so lively

AN: OMG SO CHEEZY! I know I know... Geez I didn't know what came to me. OMG... I was just reading 'Catch Me a Star' by B. Harrison and thought of Allen and Kanda. Hehe so long since I had a fanfic. Haha Fanservice is 50% done if anyone is interested. Yeah... so... yeah. If anyone is still interested in it. I grew like 5 more centimeters so I'm officially 5'3! haha... I'm so short. And I had like a lot of stress at school because of stupid algebra. Dude are we going to use Cramer's Rule in the SuperMarket? Yeah... Are we? Geez. Ok thank you for anybody who read this. Anyways sorry for the OCC-ness of Kanda! haha I just wanted to do it!

~ Allen-Musician1245