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Chapter One


I leaned back against the door of my car and took in the large building in front of me. 'Fitch Fitness Centre' was emblazoned in red, foot high letters. Underneath was the tagline: 'don't get fit, get Fitch'. Christ, was that supposed to be funny? I chuckled to myself as an image of Rob and Jenna Fitch swam up before me - the two of them with eyes alight at their own cleverness at coming up with the line.

It had been nearly a year since I was last here. I span around to check my reflection in the driver's side window. I've let my hair grow since then - it now reaches to my shoulders in soft waves. The colour has changed too. It's now a very pale blonde, since yesterday's trip to the hairdresser. Quite a difference. I'm not saying that my own mother wouldn't recognise me, but it would suffice as a disguise for anyone giving me only a cursory glance. I had dressed carefully too. It was important to look good, but without seeming like I made too much effort. I had opted for skinny black jeans - that emphasise my long, slender legs - and a close fitting 'Rolling Stones' tee shirt with just enough 'hug' to show off my curves. Hey, there's no harm in knowing that you have a good figure, right? I flicked my cigarette butt away, and strolled towards the building.

As the sliding doors swept closed behind me, I walked over to the familiar figure hunched behind the reception desk. As soon as he saw me, he looked up with his trademark cheeky grin.

"Naomikins!" The booming voice of one James Cook - loud, obnoxious, and probably the closest thing I have to a best friend. He was dressed in a black polo shirt with 'Fitch Fitness' stitched on in red. For some reason, he had all three buttons of the collar fastened, which just made him look uncomfortable. He stood up from his chair, and looked appraisingly at me, swinging the top half of his body first to the right, and then to the left.

"Blondie, eh? I like it!" He waggled his eyebrows in what I'm sure he thought was a seductive way, but only served to make him look comical. I scowled at him, and glanced around to see if anyone else was in the reception.

"Chillax, babe! There's no-one here but the Cookie Monster!" he said, spreading his arms out as if to demonstrate. "So that's your disguise then, is it? I recognised you straight away." Christ sake! How many times did I have to go over this with him?

"I considered a fake moustache" I deadpanned. "But I couldn't get one to match my hair colour." I rolled my eyes at him. "James," I knew the use of his first name would ensure his full attention. "I only need to look different enough to survive a passing glance from either Jenna or Rob. They hardly know me, and probably won't even remember me. Besides, if we work this out right, I shouldn't even see them... Not until later, anyway." He nodded, and I started to think that he might have got it. "Shall we get this show on the road, then?"

He winked at me and lifted the receiver on the desktop telephone. He punched in a couple of digits and waited for the connection. Then, in his best 'faux posh' voice, and with a wide grin plastered to his face: "Miss Fitch? Hello, James at reception here. I have a delightful young lady with me, enquiring about joining Fitch Fitness Centre." I could hear a giggle on the other end of the line. When he spoke next, the false voice was dropped. "so get that fit arse of yours down here then, girl!" With that, he replaced the receiver, and I slumped into a seat.

"Hi, welcome to Fitch Fitness Centre"

I glanced up, and was left momentarily speechless by not one, but two sets of deep brown eyes looking at me. Two identical beauties had joined Cook and I in the reception. They weren't very tall, but their figures were fantastic - with curves in all the right places. They each had a slightly rounded face, a small button nose, and rather pouty lips. They were wearing black skirts and black blouses with the logo stitched onto it. One of them had one less button fastened at the top of her blouse, and a considerably shorter skirt. I glanced between the two of them and noticed they were not as identical as I first thought. The one who had spoken (and had the shorter skirt) had darker hair. It was a rich brown colour with a hint of purple to it, whilst the other twin had bright, vibrant red hair. I found myself lost in a moment of wondering what other differences I might find between these two girls...

The same twin who had addressed me first, now spoke again. I'm Katie, and this is Emily. We're here to show you around the gym." As she gestured towards Emily, I found my gaze following to her. For a moment, our eyes locked, and she gave me a small but friendly smile. I couldn't stop a huge grin spreading across my face.

Suddenly, I realised they were both staring at me expectantly. Right, it's a little English custom we have of giving your name, when someone introduces them self. "Naomi" I mutter, without even thinking. I realised my mistake as soon as I saw Cook frowning at me. Fucksake! Why did I just do that? I'm supposed to be using a fake name! Still, no harm done. It's not the most common name, but it's not too rare. As long as I give them a false surname. I plunged about in the recesses of my brain for a suitable last name. With a burst of relief, I remembered my mother's maiden name. "Campbell" I blurted out without any more thought. "Naomi Campbell" Oh shit. I may as well have said hi, I'm Naomi fake-name, pleased to meet you!

Cook guffawed with laughter. Katie giggled shamelessly. Emily just rolled her eyes at her sister and gave me another small smile.

"I bet you got teased a lot at school for that" she said, with sympathy. Well fuck me twelve ways 'til Sunday - I didn't expect such a small girl to have a husky voice like that. It felt like a warm blanket to my ears.

"Not really." I stared pointedly at Katie and Cook. "Not after I got expelled for bringing a hunting knife to school." The laughter died away, and two sets of eyes stared at me, trying to decide if I was making a joke. Not Emily. Now, it was her turn to laugh, and I decided that I enjoyed the sound of it. It was impossible to hold my 'don't mess with me' stare whilst Emily was laughing. Katie spotted my smile, and chuckled.

"Okay, no more laughing at the name. Follow us and we'll show you around." I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that they had accepted my name without question.

The next hour passed quickly, with Katie and Emily showing me around the gym. I already knew the layout pretty well - I had worked there for two months last summer - but I made a good show of being in a new place. As far as they were concerned I had never set foot inside Fitch Fitness Centre before, and was genuinely interested in the sports hall, the swimming pool, and the various other facilities.

The gym wasn't a huge place, but the trip around it took quite a while due to our constant chatting. I was at my charming, sociable best, and both of the twins showed that they were willing to be friendly. We found out that we're all about the same age - they have just turned 21, while my 21st is coming up. We had also all just finished University, and none of us had decided what we wanted to do next. Katie had done a degree in fashion, and Emily had studied art. They had both studied at the University here in Bristol. I told them about the politics degree that I had just finished at Goldman's in London.

"Politics? That sounds pretty dull!" sneered Katie. I just shrugged at her, biting back a sarcastic retort. I was trying to charm them both, after all. Instead, I explained that I thought there was a lot of things wrong in the world, and that politics was one good way to try to make changes. "I suppose so." she muttered, obviously not interested. I thought to myself that as long as there were enough fit men in the world, Katie probably thought that everything in the world was just fine. I sum people up pretty quickly, and I had already decided that Katie was as shallow as a mouse's belly button. Shoes and men were most likely the only things she really cared about.

Emily however, was different. I couldn't put my finger on it yet, but there was something about this little redhead that had me intrigued. She seemed interested in me, too. She asked me some questions about my degree, and for a few minutes we chatted comfortably about it. That is until Katie interrupted us, telling us to stop talking about 'that load of old bollocks'.

After showing me around the gym, the twins led me to the office to fill out the necessary membership forms. Katie excused herself, saying that she had something to do. As the door closed behind her, Emily giggled.

"By 'something to do', she means she's going to flirt with Cook for the rest of the day. He's the guy you met in reception."

"He seems to think he's something of a ladies man?" I probed. Emily nodded.

"yeah, he's constantly trying it on with every female customer or member of staff. Well, apart from the old biddies that come along for the pensioner swimming hour!" She paused, considering her last statement for a moment. "although, just because I haven't seen him trying it on with them..." We both laughed at the thought of Cook trying to get laid with the over sixties.

"So is Katie shagging him then?" I asked, already knowing that Cook hadn't succeeded with her so far.

"No, she likes to make guys work for it. She's a bit of a prick-tease, really."

"What about you?" I asked. She frowned at me, and her face went a bit red. Woops! "No, fuck! Sorry, no!" I stammered. "I'm not asking if you're a prick tease! I just wondered if Cook's charms held any interest for you?"

Emily laughed at my attempts to assure her that I wasn't trying to insult her. I found myself relaxing a little bit, and laughing along with her. After a moment, I realised she hadn't answered my question. I asked her again.

"No!" she spluttered, maybe just a little too quickly. "He's not my type, really. Besides, I have a boyfriend." I smiled at her while I took this in.

"What's his name?"

"Gary. We've been together for..." She scrunched her face up while trying to work it out. She looked so cute like that. "Eight months. He was in my degree class."

I processed this new information. An eight month relationship was quite long. Especially from my point of view - I don't really do relationships. Once I've fucked a girl a few times, I usually loose interest. Sometimes even once is enough. The fact that they've been together for that long could be a bit of an obstacle. But on the other hand, he's an art student so it's not all bad news. He's probably some bespectacled, emo with long, greasy hair and paint under his fingernails. What? I told you I sum people up quickly!

"So what about you? Does Cook stand any chance with you, Naomi?" She grinned playfully at me as she asked the question. "'Cause I can tell you for a fact he will have a go!" I looked her in the eyes, before deliberately letting my gaze fall to her lips. I paused for a couple of seconds before trailing my eyes back to hers. Then with a firm voice, I answered her.

"No. He's definitely not my type." I watched her smile falter just a little as she wondered if there was any meaning behind my words. I could see she was about to probe further, but I didn't want to be too obvious just yet. I turned my attention to the membership forms on the desk, and began filling them out. It was after all, the pretended reason for my being there.

When I was once again back in reception, there was no sign of Katie. Cook was there by himself. He beamed at me as I walked in.

"Hey there, Blondie! How did it go?" I considered the question carefully. All in all, I think things had gone well, so I told him that. I had laid some good groundwork for being on friendly terms with Emily and Katie. "So, which one are you gonna go for?" He asked.

"Emily" I answered, without hesitation.

"You know she's seeing someone, right?" I flicked my hand as if brushing this seemingly insignificant detail aside. Cook carried on. "And she's like...straight, yerknow?" I laughed at him. How many supposedly straight girls had Cook seen me fuck? He was obviously thinking along similar lines. "Okay, okay!" He held his hands up in mock surrender. "So Emily's your girl. You won't mind me having a crack at Katie then, will you?" I arched an eyebrow at him.

"Thought you already were? Or at least trying to!" I knew this would get a rise out of him.

"I haven't laid on the full, Cookie Monster charm with her yet!" He told me with indignation. "She'll be putty in my hands when I get going. Reckon I'll have her cracked long before you've got your hand up Red's skirt!" Now that sounded like a challenge to me.

"Care to make a wager, Cook? First one to get a fuck with a twin. Fifty quid."

I saw him hesitate for just a moment. He didn't earn a fortune working at the gym, and most of his 'disposable income' went on beer and drugs. But Cook was never one to back away from a bet, and he had inexhaustible confidence in his own ability to get shagged.

"you're on, Blondie! Easy money!" We shook hands on it, and I walked out of 'Fitch Fitness Centre' with a smile on my face. My head was full of thoughts about a certain redhead, and all the fun I was going to have in pursuing her. Ideas that had up to now been rather vague, were rapidly forming into a concrete plan.

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