No, not a new chapter. This is the one-shot 'Get It While It's Hot' that I posted separately some time ago. I decided that I didn't want to have a one-shot that was just smut posted on here, so I'm going to delete it in a few days. Then I decided that it was a shame to just delete it entirely, and since it fits nicely at the end of this story anyway, I thought I may as well add it here.

Get It While It's Hot


I pulled the car to a halt outside the Fitch household and killed the engine. We both glanced up at the window. There was a flash of movement from the curtains, followed by the sitting room being plunged into darkness.

"Real subtle" I said with a grin. Emily turned to face me.

"Show me your surprised face." I quirked an eyebrow at her.

"My what?"

"Show me your surprised face" she insisted. Fuck, she was serious. I did my best to feign astonishment at her. Apparently my effort was rather pathetic, because Emily just rolled her eyes at me.

"Well it'll be better with an audience" I argued. "I was planning on just winging it."

"You know how much effort Katie's put into this."

"Yeah, just a shame she made it so obvious" I answered with a chuckle. Emily and I were about to walk into our own surprise engagement party. The operative word of course being 'surprise'. We knew fine well what Katie had planned. She had been so insistent on us coming to Bristol on this particular evening. She had also been very particular about what time we were to arrive. Not a moment before eight had been her strict instruction. Add to that the little hints and snippets dropped to me in every phone conversation I had with either mum or Cook, and to Emily whenever she spoke to her family or Panda, and we had a pretty clear indication that something was going on.

But of course for Katie's sake, we had to pretend that we didn't have a clue. Not that I minded playing along. It was really nice of Katie to go to the trouble for us. I had been quite taken aback at first by her enthusiasm when we announced our engagement. She really has come around to the realisation that Emily and I are for keeps, and she couldn't have been more pleased for us. Of course she keeps on firing questions at us about venues, flowers, guest-lists and so on. All things that we haven't had a chance to even think about ourselves, yet. I feel like I'm just three conversations about table decorations away from just telling her once and for all to mind her own business. In reality though, I will try to keep my mouth shut. Her keenness makes Emily happy, and a happy Emily is a wonderful thing.

We both climbed out of the car and headed towards the darkened house. Almost unconsciously, I reached out for Emily's hand and interlinked our fingers as we walked up the driveway. The noise of the doorbell cut through the eerie silence. A moment later, a grinning Katie was stood in the doorway to greet us.

"Hey lezzers! Come on in." We stepped into the hallway, and took our coats off. Katie hung back, waiting for us go into the sitting room first. Emily and I exchanged a knowing smile, before pushing open the door.


The room was suddenly illuminated, revealing a crowd of people all grinning at us. I felt rather proud of my 'surprised face', even though I couldn't see it for myself. I even threw in a tiny stagger backwards, just to complete the effect.

"What's going on?" Asked Emily, as we were both enveloped in hugs from a dozen different people at once.

"We wanted to celebrate your engagement!" Said Katie, grinning from ear to ear. "You should see the looks on your faces!" I winked at Emily, and she grinned back at me.

The next ten minutes were spent greeting all of our guests. All of our Bristol-based friends were there of course, along with various family members. Each had to be greeted like a long lost friend, regardless of how recently we had seen them. After that, I glanced around the room. It had been decorated with banners and balloons, and really did look lovely. I saw Katie's hand in all of it. The double doors through to the dinning room had been left open, and I could see that the table was laden down with an almighty buffet. From where I was standing, it all looked fantastic - not a word that was commonly used to describe food in the Fitch house.

"It should all be edible" Katie muttered in my ear, clearly guessing where my mind had headed. "I made mum get caterers in. I buttered her up - told her she should just relax and enjoy herself tonight, instead of being busy in the kitchen." I flashed Katie a grin, before scanning the room for Jenna. She was mingling across the room, and was actually making a good display of having fun. She seemed a little stiff perhaps, but then I've never seen her be anything else. I was hardly expecting her to get drunk and tell me that from the moment she met me, she knew I would be perfect for Emily. Still, we live in hope. In fairness to Jenna, she had borne the news of our engagement with aplomb. That is, after the initial shock had worn off. At first she just went deathly silent, an unreadable expression on her face. There were hugs all round from the rest of the Fitches, but Jenna remained rooted to the spot. When eventually prompted for a response, she drew her lips back over her teeth (I'm assuming it was a smile) and mumbled some stuff that contained the words 'congratulations' and 'happy'. We took that as a sign that she wasn't about to explode.

As I watched Jenna, I saw my mother walk towards her and engage her in conversation. This I had to hear. I edged closer, remaining within earshot, but out of sight just behind them. Gina was her warm, effusive self, gushing her thanks to Jenna for hosting the party. Jenna was polite, but looked slightly startled by my mother treating her like she was a friend of many years standing. Mum said something to Jenna about how the wedding would bring the two families together. I knew that she was on to a winner with Jenna there - she loved the idea of being connected to an accountant who ran his own firm. The conversation flowed easily on one side, and stiltedly on the other, until Jenna voiced:

"It's not a proper marriage though, is it?" I bit my lip to stop myself from launching into an argument with my future mother in law.

"You're so right, Jenna dear!" Said mum firmly. "Gay couples should have an equal standing in marriage. We should get a protest going together, you and me..." I smiled to myself at mum's misinterpretation of Jenna's meaning. As mum prattled on about having a rainbow t-shirt somewhere in Jenna's size, she turned slightly and saw me standing nearby. She winked, before turning back to a now positively alarmed Jenna. I guess mum didn't mistake her meaning after all. Trust her to have a bit of fun at Jenna's expense.

I felt a familiar pair of hands slide onto my hips. With a large smile on my lips, I turned to face Emily. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close to me, enjoying her touch. We had hardly spent any time together all evening. We had each found ourselves pulled in different directions by the demands of our guests.

"Having fun?" She asked with a grin. I nodded. I actually was enjoying myself. It was lovely to think that everyone was there to celebrate mine and Emily's engagement. My lips sought out hers for a tender kiss. At least I meant it to be tender, but Emily surprised me by brushing her tongue against my lips. I gasped, and her tongue took full advantage and slid to meet mine. Her hands dug insistently into my hips, pulling me into her. In another second, Emily broke the kiss.

"This music's shit" she told me. Okay, that was random. I stared at her, wondering why she would interrupt an increasingly steamy kiss, just to tell me that. "But I'm sure I've got some better CD's, in my old room" she added, while raising an eyebrow enticingly at me. I mumbled my agreement, trying to stop a huge 'we're off to have sex now' grin from spreading across my face. A quick glance around the room showed me that our presence wouldn't be missed. Everyone was either eating or talking. Emily took my hand, and led the way out of the room. We tried to keep our steps slow, so as not to proclaim our intentions to anyone watching. Once at the foot of the stairs, we dismissed such caution, and ran full-pelt up them. I headed towards Emily's bedroom, but a tug on my hand from her held me back. She led me instead towards the bathroom. We were just about to head in, when a sound reached our ears from one of the bedrooms.

"Grab my balls!"

Emily and I exchanged a grin, and I was curious to know if she was remembering the last time we overheard those words together, the first night we had sex.

"Slow down, will you?" Barked Katie's voice in answer to Cook. I wondered to myself if Cook liked Katie's domineering side, as Emily led me into the bathroom. But as the door closed behind me and Emily pressed me firmly up against it, all thoughts of anyone else relinquished my mind. I was alone with the most beautiful woman in the world, and nothing else mattered but us.

Emily reached down between my body and my arm, and slid the bolt across, locking us inside. That explains her decision to go to the bathroom instead of her bedroom then. She kissed me fervently, her tongue moving against mine. As she began firmly palming my tits through my top, she left my lips to press scorching kisses along my jaw and neck. I moaned as she sucked on my pulse point. One of her hands slid lower, finding the hem of my skirt, before raising it up. I gave out a silent prayer of thanks that I had followed Emily's suggestion to wear a skirt tonight. The sudden thought that she had planned this little 'escapade', sent a rush of heat between my legs. Well that and Emily's fingers, which were dancing lightly over my clit through my knickers. I let out a primitive hiss as Emily's teeth grazed across my neck. Then I groaned in frustration as suddenly all contact with her stopped. Emily took a step back from me, a teasing smile playing across her lips. I reached towards her, but she stepped back further from my grasp.

"Take them off" she said firmly. Her eyes flicked downwards for a second, making her meaning plain. Not wanting to disobey my sexy-as-fuck-when-she's-in-charge girlfriend, I slid my knickers to the floor before stepping out of them. I had no shoes on, having discarded them ages ago for reasons of comfort. "And your top" added Emily. She raised her hand and rested it deliberately on the highest fastened button of her blouse. As I watched her slowly tease it open, I remembered her being uncharacteristically coy when getting dressed earlier. She had vanished into the bathroom and not emerged until she was fully dressed. The recollection of that made me now desperate to see what she had on under her clothes. I loved the fact that she was constantly surprising me like that. I stripped off my top, throwing it carelessly on the floor behind me. My eyes darted over to the toilet seat, an image of me straddling Emily on it stormed into my mind's eye, but Emily had other ideas. "Sit down" she instructed me, motioning towards it. Again, I quickly complied. Emily stood in front of me, just out of arms reach. She unfastened another two of her buttons before smiling enticingly at me. The temperature in that small room seemed to be screaming higher and higher.

"Let me see" I pleaded, as Emily made no further moves. She chuckled at my impatience.

"Take your bra off" she said softly. It hit the floor the next second. Emily licked her lips as her eyes moved over my naked skin. I watched her transfixed, waiting for her to make a move. Finally her deft fingers slowly undid her remaining buttons. I've seen Emily naked a million times, but I was still so eager for those clothes to come off. She eased the shirt down over her shoulders, revealing a particularly alluring lacy bra. It was burgundy - a perfect match to her hair. The top now discarded, Emily reached behind her to unzip her pencil skirt. She dropped it to the floor to expose a matching pair of knickers, and stockings and suspenders. My mouth gaped open appreciatively. Emily stepped out of her skirt, then dropped her shoes to the floor one by one, an action that I found ridiculously sexy.

"You are so beautiful" I murmured, as my eyes explored the vision in front of me. Emily finally stepped closer to me and placed her hands lightly on my shoulders. I took advantage of our proximity to slide my hands gently up the outside of her thighs and over her hips. I pressed hot kisses to her stomach while my fingers trailed over the top of her knickers. I was desperate to take them off and get started on making Emily soar, but she had something else in mind. I wasn't about to argue: like I said, Emily taking control is quite a turn on. Not to mention the thought of her fucking me while wearing that get-up had me so wet. She kneeled down in front of me and pulled my face to meet hers. As our kisses grew increasingly lustful, Emily's hands slid up the outside of my thighs, hitching my skirt up. Once at my hips, those hands pulled me closer towards her, effectively widening my legs. Emily left my lips to kiss her way softly down my throat. I tipped my head back and moaned as Emily's fingers began to tease their way across my inner thighs. Her lips moved lower, until she took one of my nipples into her mouth. My hands tangled in her hair as she gave attention to both of my breasts in turn, alternating between sucking firmly on each nipple, then licking them soothingly. All the while, her fingers were moving steadily higher up my thighs, tickling against the soft skin, purposely avoiding the heat between my legs.

Emily moved herself lower, and began to kiss and lick the area of my stomach that she knows is so sensitive to her touch. I arched my back into her, now desperate for more contact. Finally, she complied. Her thumb sought out my clit, rubbing against it with just the right pressure. As the throbbing between my legs intensified, I knew that it wouldn't take long for me to reach that blissful release. A strangled whimper left my throat as Emily removed her thumb. She stared up at me, a seductive smile playing across her lips. With her hands on my inner thighs, she pushed my legs just a little wider. Then her eyes flicked down to my pussy. She licked her lips again, and I gasped at the sight of that.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked softly, her eyes darting back up to meet mine.

"Fuck me" was my immediate reply, but I could see that she was waiting for more. "Emily, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your tongue on me..." the rest of my sentence dissolved into a strangled cry, as Emily swiftly moved closer and I felt her smouldering tongue just where I wanted it. The sudden relief of the contact made my hips buck upwards. Emily licked and sucked at my clit, knowing just what to do to drive me higher. I clung desperately to her shoulders as my whole body began to shudder. My release came quick and hard. Emily held me firmly as the waves of ecstasy ripped through me, and I cried out her name.

A few minutes later, my breathing began to return to normal. Emily got to her feet, allowing me another proper look at her in lacy underwear. The sight alone nearly took my breath away again. The need to make her see stars as well rose within me once more. I reached out for her, placing my hands on her hips, and steered her until she was on my lap straddling my legs. As much as I love a naked Emily, it seemed a shame to disturb such beautiful lingerie.

"Now it's your turn" I told her with a seductive grin. Her hands found my shoulders, and she leaned in to kiss me. I kissed back with all the passion I could muster. My hands teased across the exposed skin at the tops of her stockings, before sliding up her torso. I took a last lingering look, before quickly discarding her bra - the rest could stay, but that had to go. I stared at her perfect tits, my fingers tugging playfully at her nipples. Unable to resist them, I moved in to take one of her nipples between my lips. I rolled my tongue around it, enjoying the sensation of Emily's fingernails clawing into my shoulders.

With one hand at the small of her back, I moved the other hand down between her legs. I stroked softly against the crotch of her knickers, feeling just how turned on she was. Then I let one of my fingers stray teasingly inside the fabric, caressing her pussy lips. I heard a moan from Emily at the skin to skin contact. I left off from her tits to meet her mouth again with mine. As my tongue slid it's way towards hers, I pushed the crotch of her knickers to one side and thrust two fingers deep inside of her. A louder moan and the increased grip on my shoulders told me how much Emily wanted it. I held her hips steadily against me, and moved my fingers in and out of her with firm, deliberate strokes.

"Faster" she breathed, when she realised that my slow movements weren't changing pace. I complied straight away. I drove my fingers into her, revelling at the noises she was making, each one spurring me on further. As Emily tipped her head back - a sure sign that she was close to the edge - I increased my pace once more. I pressed open mouthed kisses to the base of her throat and curled my fingers inside of her. "Oh, Naoms fuck!" With her usual string of expletives, Emily announced the arrival of her orgasm. I kept pushing into her, trying to wring every last drop of pleasure out of it for her. She rode those waves of bliss, before collapsing back into my arms, panting. I held her tightly, slowing my movements to bring her gently back down to earth.

"Fuck, that was... wow!" She said at last.

"Yeah" I agreed, grinning at her. I kept my arms around her, just wanting to feel her close to me. She gave me her trademark beautiful smile, that is always so full of warmth. I smiled back, marvelling to myself that I get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing woman. I adore her passion, and it always inflames the same feelings in me for her.

Eventually, we got dressed and did our best to freshen ourselves up, before leaving the bathroom hand in hand. We didn't bother checking first to see if anyone was around - the immovable grins on our faces would have given the game away anyway. Just before we re-joined the party, Emily pulled me closer to her.

"I love you" she said simply. I gazed back at the gorgeous, passionate, wonderful woman that was going to become my wife. I gave her the same answer that I always gave to that statement. It was the only answer that I had, because it was the only answer that held all of the truth that I needed her to know.

"I love you too" I said.