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Thanks to everyone who's commented and liked it! Hope this ending
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Lines of Communication (6/6)
by C. L. Kamnikar
copyright 2002

DATE: 01/31/02 9:12 PM PST
SUBJECT: One week

...since the grounding. Weird. It's *finally* over tonight. You'd think
Buffy would've been satisfied with Anya and Spike punishing me, but she
wanted to give it that 'personal touch.' I don't know how many games of
Monopoly we've played this week, while she's been Stay-In Sister and I've
been Grounded Girl. She might be the Slayer, but she sucks at getting the
Utilities and Park Place, and she owes me $21,340 virtual bucks at this

Are you still mad at me? For not lying fast enough when my parents
asked how I knew you?

No, I'm not. I *knew* you weren't a good liar five minutes after we met.
It's not like we shouldn't have had a cover story ready--- or just not have
run up such huge bills in the first place! It's okay, Clark. It was my fault
too. I'm just glad that your parents don't know about Buffy's thing or me being
a Key, and that Buffy never *did* ask what the blackmail material I had
on you was.

But I still think it's too bad that the Nerd Herd didn't get blamed for it
instead of us.

Gotta go. I've been thinking that maybe (*maybe*) you were right about
the junk I took from the shop--- and Spike's going to help me break back in,
and put the jewelry back in inventory. We've got a very small time window between Buffy being at work and coming home to patrol, so

Hasta pasta!

Dawn of a New Age of Enlightenment

DATE: 01/31/02 11:27 PM CST
SUBJECT: RE: One week

Glad you're not mad at me, even though I wouldn't blame you too much if you
were. But it wouldn't have helped if I'd lied. I had to claim 'private secrets' to keep everything you told me to myself! Mom's got super-lie-detector
skills, and lying would've made it worse, so... Lex keeps threatening to give
me a seminar on how to lie, cheat, and scheme--- I think he and your buddy
Spike must've gone to the same colleges. Or maybe they just hang out in the
same bars.

Careful not getting caught tonight--- Anya sounds scary enough, but I'm
really hoping Buffy won't be able to ground you from the phone for *another*
week if the putting-stuff-back plan doesn't work out. You couldn't do
things the easy way, and just hand it over to them and apologize?

Wait. What am I saying.... Easy way, right. Not compatible with Dawn
Summers. Forget I asked.

Congratulations on the return to freedom, though. And in another week, you
can hear me angst about Lana in person again! I know how inspiring that
must be for you.

On the other hand, I can probably explain better why Chloe kissed me over
the phone than I ever could in writing. Or maybe *you* can explain it to

Either way, I'm not telling you about it 'til then. Too weird. And maybe
you'll stay out of trouble with some incentive.

Good night, Sunrise---

Clark after dark

DATE: 01/31/02 10:24 PM PST
SUBJECT: RE: Re: One week

*Why* do you torment me like that!? You drop these *hints* of really juicy
stuff happening, and then you sign off, and--- grrrrr!

(She *kissed* you? Friend-kissed-you, or *KISSED* you? You *have* to tell

Anyway. We put it all back, no biggie. Now my conscience is *totally* clear.
Technically I should probably tell Anya about the shoplifting, and Buffy
too, but you know what? I've been really really punished for all sorts of
behavior this last month, I've really really learned my lesson, and right
now is where moral relativity comes into play. This is as good as I am able
to be, at least until the statute of limitations is up and I'm in college
where Buffy can't ground me any more.

Spike and Lex in a bar. In the *same* bar. There's a mental image that...
just isn't happening. Hunh. Maybe an airport bar. But wait, he has a jet,
what would Lex be doing in the airport's bar? ... Now you've got me thinking
about this too much. When we're legal, we have to make them take us to a bar
together just so I can finally see this.

One more week until you are *going* to spill the story on the Chloe-kiss,
Clark--- and it better be worth it! Especially if you're going to be a
mother-hen about me getting in trouble until then....

I'm not really *glad* it all came out like this, but you know what? It's
okay now. Bizarre. It's been a while since things took a turn for the
better, instead of for the extremely worse. Maybe we'll even get through
Buffy's birthday party next week without being attacked by trolls. Again.

Sleep tight---

Dawning Curiosity

DATE: 02/01/02 7:47 AM CST
SUBJECT: Re: RE: Re:One week

Okay. Talk about cruel. I'm late for the bus, I can't even call you to ask,
and all I have to say is---


You're explaining that one as soon as I'm back from class!




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