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A couple stood in the middle of the forest as if waiting for someone, or something. A flash of orange between the trees alerted them to his presence. They turned and waited for him to get closer. When he reached them he stopped and looked at them before speaking.

"You came." A woman with flame coloured hair smirked, and glanced at her partner before replying.

"Of course we did, any chance to antagonise a human." Her partner, a blonde haired man smiled with the woman and threw his arm around her, before turning to the copper haired man again, his face thoughtful.

"So then Edward, we need a plan. Why are you even after this girl anyway?" the blonde man asked. Edward smiled darkly, considering his reply.

"She's supposed to be mine. She belongs to me! But she's gone off with a werewolf, which I won't allow to happen. You two aren't to hurt her. Not too much at least. Just get her, and bring her to me. Then I'll show her who she belongs to." Edward spat out, his thoughts lost in the revenge he would take upon Bella. He knew that it would hurt Paul too, which would make it even better. He knew that the dog would chase her, but really that was half the fun. Not only would he be getting what was coming to him, but he knew it would cause unbearable pain to the one who took what belonged to him. He pulled himself out of his thoughts, to outline the plan.

"James, I just need you and Victoria to get her for me. My family already suspect me so it's up to you to find her when she's alone and then take her. I can't do it, they'll do everything to keep her away from me." Anger coursed through Edward, how dare they take what's his away from him. He knew he had outgrown his family, but for now he could pretend to be the dutiful son. After all they did provide him with his money.

"So that's our only rules? Get the girl, don't hurt her too much?" Victoria needed clarification. After all Edward had offered a huge amount of money for their services and she didn't want any of that taken away because they hadn't followed the rules properly. Edward shrugged carefully.

"Pretty much. I don't care how you do it as long as you give me enough time to get away without being followed too closely. You can rough her up a bit just don't bite her or kill her. After all, she does need to be taught about the consequences of her actions." Edward really didn't care how they treated her while she was in their care as long as she was in a reasonably good condition when he got her.

James grinned happily. Edward knew that James liked to play with his food before he ate, and he knew that this would be true here too. James would teach Bella a lesson. Although that would just be playtime compared to what Edward would do to her when he got his hand on her. He knew that he would be teaching Bella who she really belonged to, Edward was still outraged that she had run to the mutt when she could have had him. Victoria interrupted Edward's thoughts though before he could get lost in them too much.

"Time limit?" She questioned. Edward cocked his head and thought for a moment. How long could he wait for Bella? On the plus side it would mean everyone would think he had given up, but then she would be in the clutches of the mutt for longer. But he was immortal, he could be patient.

"One month. I want her within a month. Any later than that and I'm getting her and you don't get paid. And James doesn't get to have his fun with her. And I know how he's looking forward to that." Edward knew that while Victoria was doing it for the money, James was doing it purely to torture a human.

"One month." James agreed nodding. He loved a hunt and loved to torture humans.

At this Edward turned and began to walk away from them melting back into the forest, turning and calling over his shoulder as he did so;

"Don't disappoint me."