Lenne : I wanted to make this kind of story. Heh. Beginning may be boring but I'll try to spice it up in the later. So enjoy now!

This Chapter Contains : Friendship-thing, hint of shounen-ai

Pairings : Hint of KotaroXNegi

Note : Setting is half a year after the Fate incident in another world. This makes Negi and Kotaro 11 and 1/2 year olds (birthdays and training from the miniaturized worlds)

Chapter Rated K+

Negi dashed out of the school dorm entrance, thinking he was late to his teaching class.

"Wah! I'm late I'm late!" The little teacher just shut his eyes and let his legs run towards to the 3-A classroom by instinct. He was stopped by an unexpected yell.

"Oi, Negi!"

Negi opened his eyes around him. He was at the school building entrance and found a dog hanyo walking behind him, who was in fact, Kotaro.

"Oh, Kotaro-kun!" Negi waved his hand high towards Kotaro, and so did the other. Kotaro ran up to Negi.

"Where're you off in such a hurry?"

"I'm late for class, speaking of which—" Negi turned around but was cut off.

"It's only 7:47." Kotaro was looking at his wrist watch.

"Eh?" Negi wondered why Asuna's alarm clock was 8:45 when he got out.

"It's daylight savings, did ya forget?"

"…Oh…" Negi remembered he told Asuna to set the time an hour back, but knowing her, she must have forgotten.

"Well, why not just go ahead anyways, I'd like to see your classroom."

Kotaro just walked on in, with Negi following in behind.

Along the ways, Kotaro asked an unexpected question, him hoping he would get a good answer.

"Hey Negi, what do ya like in a girl?"


"You know, personality and stuff."

"Huh…" Negi put his finger on his chin. "Intelligent, brave, caring, calm, and hopefully has a fighting spirit. Of course my partner gets her powers by making a contract with me."

"Hm…" Kotaro took note of the characteristics he listed. "…does your partner have to be a girl?"

"It can be male or female, but partners for magicians usually end up getting married to the opposite gender."


Negi and Kotaro finished their conversation and entered the 3-A classroom. Inside was no one else, just only the two of them.

"Wow, the room is huge!"

"Well, yes, I do have 30 students."

"Don't 'cha mean 31?"

"Chao Lingshen left, remember?"

"Oh yeah, so you got an empty seat now. Who was next to Chao?"

"Madoka Kugimiya, one of the cheerleaders."

"Huh, alright." Kotaro looked at the chalkboard. "You're teaching English?"

"Yes, I did come from Wales."

"Heh, I'm good in English. I could ace this class."

"I thought you were a dummy?"

"Eh?" Kotaro glared at Negi.

"Asuna told me Nodoka was quizzing you with questions the other day, and they said you failed most of them. She called you Baka White!"

"Who're calling a baka? !" He clenched his right fist at a giggling Negi. "And those questions were mostly math! It's hard to do that stuff in your head!"

Kotaro then started to walk out the door.

"W-wait Kotaro, I'm sorry!"

"Huh? Oh, it's alright Negi."

"Where are you going?"

"To see the headmaster, I'm gonna ask him something. See ya later, Negi." Kotaro left with a slightly confused sensei in the classroom.

"Soon, hopefully."

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