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Katara and Negi were standing outside of a door, leading to what Negi believed it was Katara's dorm. But the hallway for this dorm was familiar. It was the room for Kotaro, Chizuru, Natsumi and Ayaka. Was Katara living with them? Negi had his mind filled with questions until Katara pulled out a brass key. She unlocked the door, and led Negi inside. This new dorm was very different from last year's, of course it was to be expected since rooms were supposed to be different for the new school year. There was a large closet on the west side of the room (from the view of the doorway), and a kitchen designed in a square to the east. Next to the kitchen was blank space until the floor was set lower by about 3-4 inches. Filling in that spot was a curved orange sofa, and in front of it was a glass table with Negi's face on it, and it sank to a very low elevated level. There were gaps under the sides of the table, which was there to allow people to lay their legs under the table. Six pillows, two on two sides and one on the ends were laid for the rectangular table as seat comforters. Behind the other end of the sofa was the same elevation floor level as the kitchen and there was a white door which must have led to the bathroom. Viewing from in front of the closet, one bunk bed and another bed (which also was imprinted with a Negi blanket and pillow) was set in the corner of the room.

"Go ahead and sit down."

Negi sat on the pink sofa, but a glance of Negi's face imprinted on the pillows gave him a surprise.

"…The old lady just likes you a lot." Katara locked the door behind her.

Old lady? What? Did she mean Ayaka? Katara never called her that. Negi only heard that from Kotaro. Katara walked around the sofa and sat near Negi.

"Negi, I'm sorry for lying to you," came out from Katara. But Negi heard that sentence different. Her voice was in a different pitch, it sounded similar to Kotaro's voice. Katara then pulled out a piece of flat, rectangular paper from her pocket. It looked like a paper seal, ones that Eastern mages use. Negi examined Katara's fingers, as she looked like she was concentrating energy into it by pressing the bottom of it. In just a quick second, Katara's appearance changed. Long, uprising black hair with spiked tips, red eyes of a demon-wolf, and dog ears…?

Negi jumped back at surprise. "Kotaro-kun! ?" Negi's best friend replaced the girl he was dating. The dog hanyo was just sitting there, where he knew Katara used to be, in that school uniform for girls. Negi couldn't believe Kotaro was Katara, or did Kotaro just hide the real Katara? And, if Katara was Kotaro, then wouldn't that mean he kissed him? Negi was just completely too shocked that he couldn't speak.

Kotaro just looked down at his legs. He couldn't bear thinking of the pain that Negi was in. Kotaro lied to his best friend.

Negi just waited for a moment, then sat down and looked at the table. Silenced filled the room as he just filled his thoughts.

"Katara is Kotaro? Or was the real Katara somewhere else and Kotaro just hid her somewhere? A-and…" Negi blushed from remembering the moment from the Ferris wheel. "He kissed me? And he was dating me too…why? Did he want a contract? No...he wouldn't try to get me to ask him out on a date for a contract...and Kotaro said he never wanted one...but-"

Negi's thought was interrupted when he heard sobbing. He raised his head and looked at Kotaro. He was crying, tears following down on the red checkered skirt. Kotaro couldn't help crying, He strong guys weren't supposed to cry, but he couldn't hold his feelings. It was like forced pressure put on him. He covered his face with one hand.

"Kotaro-kun...do you...?"

Kotaro just nodded, thinking Negi had the question he expected.

"I-I'm..." a sniff was put in between. "...S-sorry!"

Negi concluded his thoughts. He believed Kotaro fell in love with him. Not wanting Kotaro do be in further pain, he tried to comfort him. Negi moved closer to Kotaro, about just an inch away.

"...Kotaro-kun, you could have just confessed to me..."

"B-but...!" Kotaro wiped his eyes with his arm. Negi grabbed a couple of tissues from the box on the table, and offered it to Kotaro.


Kotaro accepted the gesture and blew his nose. Then he threw it in the trash can next to him on his left, and sniffed away the rest of his mucus. Then he rubbed his face again, trying to get his face as dry as possible.

"Kotaro-kun, why did you do this?"

"I'm sorry...I just wanted...to be closer to you. I mean...I...just thought you'd laugh at me...and...!"

"You like me?"

Kotaro felt embarrassment and shame as he nodded.

Negi didn't know what to do after his answer. He never saw Kotaro cry before, it was extremely rare. He thought Kotaro really loved him, to even go this far just to be closer.

"Were you scared that I'd reject you?"

He replied with a nod. "I mean...you have all the girls around you. They'd think I'd be really creepy to just confess to you straight away...so I thought I could be a girl you liked."

"Wouldn't I just find out about your secret anyways?"

"...Yeah. I didn't think that through."

"...So, you really like me?"


"Really, really?"


"How long?"

"...Since...I don't know. I guess it started when we began massive training with Eva after we came back."

"Hm...could it be when we bathed together?"

"W-wh...no!" He flushed red as he turned his head away.


Silence filled the room, both also filling their minds with thoughts about the future.

Kotaro feared the next moment. He would have wasted all his efforts trying to be with Negi. Though, as he thought about it, what was the point if Negi would find out his love was on a boy?

Negi only wanted to make Kotaro feel better. But as he wondered, he think about Kotaro's characteristics. He began to like them...his cute ears, the wagging tail when he gets in battle or embarrassed...and just being in detail, he liked Kotaro's smooth, muscled body...remembering the time they had bathed. Negi shook his head, getting out his perverted thoughts.

"...Negi, what's...your answer?"

The magician thought about it. He began to slowly feel the same way as Kotaro. There probably was no one else to be his good partner, other than Asuna, who was beat in a challenge by Kotaro in the few weeks after returning from the magic world.. In fact, Kotaro seemed stronger than everyone else...well, probably except Rakan and Evangeline. Kotaro was the only one par with Negi, so Negi believed he would make a good date as well.

"I..." Negi tried to make it not sound so friend-forgiving. So he had to say the words to make it true. "I...love you too."

"Eh?" Both of them flushed red. The magician hung his head half-way down, shutting his eyes. The hanyo stared at the other, processing that information.

"You...really do?"




"...Prove it."

"Prove...?" Negi knew only one way to prove his feelings. He nodded, then scooted closer to Kotaro. A slight "huh" was out until Negi placed his hands on Kotaro's shoulder, and leaned his head in, closing his eyes. Kotaro froze at that moment, letting the gentle touch of Negi's lips trying to warm him. He joined the blindness of the moment, both faces red, leaving the kiss to last about six seconds until Negi scooted back.

Now Negi truly loved Kotaro. He never kissed a boy, but because it was Kotaro, it felt amazing. In metaphoric meaning, Kotaro's lips tasted like a bit of heaven. He wanted more, but had to stop. Though, he knew he would get more some other time in the expected future.

"I really do love you, Kotaro-kun."

"...Since when?"

"...Since you confessed."

He only smiled, ignoring that answer.

"Why didn't you just tell me you liked me straight away?"

"You know I'm not the type to deal with love stuff...so Chizuru-neechan helped me."

"Ah..." With his expression finished, Kotaro scooted closer and hugged Negi.

"Chizuru-neechan said hugs are great...so..."

Kotaro didn't have to say no more. Negi returned the hug, then both of them pulled away after three seconds.

"So you're my boyfriend, now right?"

"Yes. And I'm happy about that." Negi then stood up. "So, shall we return back to the date? I want to have some more fun with you."

The dog hanyo stood up, pulled out his paper seal and transformed into Katara. He then held Negi's hand. "Yeah."

"Oh? Why Katara?"

"I'd be in trouble if everyone else finds that I'm with you as myself."

"Oh, good thinking. See, you are smart."


Both of them exited, after locking the room door, went back to the Mahora festival.

At the entrance of the dorms, were Haruna, Chamo, Yue and Nodoka, concealing their selves in a few large bushes.

"Damn that dog kid! What a lucky ass! !" Haruna yelled. Nodoka and Yue were already fainted from reading the picture book, knowing the two boys kissed.

"Heh, who knew my aniki had it in for him?" Chamo smoked a cigarette.

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