I am so excited for Sorceror's Apprentice coming out this Tuesday in the U.K and I wanted to write something for it.

In this fic, Dave's niece Lana spends the Summer with him but he and Balthazar discover she has magic and decide to make her an apprentice but Morgana wants to take over and it's up to them to stop her but can Lana find her inner and magical strength while helping her uncle and Balthzar stop Morgana.

I hope you guys like.

It was the beginning of Summer but Lana Marie Studler was annoyed as she was on an airplane to New York City as she was supposed to be spending the summer with her Uncle Dave and she'd turned thirteen a few days ago but was feeling strange as she didn't know why.

She had wavy black hair and was slender but was very unconfident in herself like her Uncle Dave but didn't understand but she sighed as she was reading a fantasy book as she loved sorcery and folklore as she'd loved it since she was little.

She wondered why her uncle never lived away from New York but had no idea of what her uncle was capable of and the fact that he was an apprentice but she sighed reading the Legends of King Arthur.

She was in eight grade but not very popular and picked on a lot by kids in her class and in Seventh grade but she felt bad.

"I wish I could be special.

Like Merlin and Morgana." she thought.

She had no idea what Fate had in store for her...

Dave sighed as he had finished teaching another Physics class at NYU but was nervous about Lana coming to spend Summer with him.

Even though being Balthzar's apprentice was helping his self confidence, he was still a little nervous as he hadn't seen Lana since she was little and knew she was thirteen now but was nervous as he and Becky were picking her up from JFK in a few hours but had been helping Balathzar in the curio shop this morning before college.

He then went to meet Becky as they were going from college to JFK but she noticed he was nervous but understod as being a sorceror's apprentice meant a lot of strange things could happen and was worried about Lana finding out in case she thought he was crazy.

He and Becky had started dating but she had accepted he was magically gifted.

Becky noticed that Dave was quiet as they started the drive to JFK but understood as they were listening to the radio.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm just nervous about Lana.

What if Maxim shows up?

Or the fact that she discovers I'm a sorceror?" he said.

Becky understood as she knew that Dave was sometimes very shy and didn't have a lot of confidence in himself and knew he was worrying about Lana as he hadn't seen her since she was four.

"Don't worry Dave.

I'm sure she'll like you.

She may be into sorcery and want to help.

Who knows?

You could have an apprentice of your own." she said.

A smile played on Dave's face.

"Yeah that could happen." he replied.

Yhey then arrived at the airport but Dave grew a little more nervous as they got out of the car as they entered the airport.

Lana was nervous as she collected her baggage from the baggage claim but was hoping her uncle Dave would like her as she saw him beckon over to her to join him and Becky but Dave stared seeing a dragon necklace around the girl's neck and smiled a little as Becky saw the thirteen year old not giving them a lot of eye contact but Dave understood as he had been like that at that age.

"Hey I'm your uncle Dave and that's Becky.

I like your necklace." he said.


It's like the one Merlin had." Lana said softly.

They then got into the car but Becky noticed that Lana was quiet as she was in the passenger seat of Dave's car but noticed she was looking out at New York as she had never been there before but Dave understood as it was magical to her like being Batlthzar's apprentice was to him but he knew she needed him as he knew that Lana's parents were always fighting and were secretly getting a divorce.

Dave then decided to stop at the curio shop to see Balthzar but Lana was in awe as she was looking around but was in sorcery loving heaven but heard growling from the stock room and was curious opening the door but gasped seeing a dragon there but she was in awe.

"Wow this is so cool!" she said to it.

It was growling softly at her touch as she was giggling.

"Lana are you okay in there?" she heard Dave ask.

"Yes I'm okay." she answered.

But the dragon then climbed into her backpack but she hoped that her uncle Dave wouldn't approve of her having a pet yet alone a dragon.

She then heard her uncle call her.

But she saw a strange man with her uncle.

"Lana this is my friend Balthzar Banks.

He owns this shop." he told her.

"This place is so awesome." she said.

Dave was stunned seeing her smile.

"He's coming with us for dinner, okay?

Let's go to Chinatown okay?" he said.

She nodded as she left the store.

Balathzar had a feeling that Lana was like Dave.

He just needed to see first before he told the child.

"Is something the matter?" Dave asked.

"I'm fine.

We should go." Balthzar answered.

But the apprentice had a feeling something was going on...