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The next morning, Veronica had awoken from bad dreams about being locked in the Grimhold by Morgana, but she relaxed, seeing Balthazar awake, but he understood about his wife's angst about being a prisoner of the Grimhold, but heard laughter, and Dave yelling.

He was curious to see what was going on, but smiled seeing Lana in the kitchen, with pancake batter all over the floor, and Growly licking it off the floor but Balthazar saw anger in Dave's eyes but was even more stunned, hearing him yell.

"Uncle Dave doesn't mean it, Growly.

He used to be cool, but now all he does is yell." Lana said.

Dave was stunned, but a little hurt but understood, knowing that was the first time in weeks, that his niece had spoken since her parents had died, but she normally either hung around Balthazar and Veronica or with Growly in her room.

"You didn't handle that well, Dave.

Lana's going through a rough time, being a sorceror's apprentice and dealing with her parents.

She just needs time." he told him.

Dave then had no idea that Lsna had left the building with Growly, but saw worry in Veronica's eyes, as she had a vision of Lana going to Chinatown, but understood why the girl was going there, to be with Mel-Ling her only friend and fellow sorceror.

"We should go after her, in case Morgana strikes." she told them.

Dave wanted to go, but Veronica stopped him, knowing that Lana trusted her, as she was Lana's mistress and was training her to be a sorceror but Balthazar agreed.

"Just bring her back safe, Veronica." Dave told her.

"I will, David." she said leaving the building.

where're we going, Lana?

Lana sighed, entering Chinatown, as Growly was in her backpack but had been talking to her through their link they'd created, since they were great friends, but the young dragonling sensed her sadness, as they walked through Chinatown.

"I don't know, Growly.

We need to find an new home, as Social Services will take me away, from you and the others." she told him.

Maybe we should go back, to Uncle Dave and the others but maybe we should go back, in case that bad sorceroress comes back.

Lana understood, as she saw Mei-Ling and Yui, as it made them feel better, as Lana came over to them but Yui sensed that something was wrong, but Mel-Ling sensed that Lana's uncle and family weren't around.

"I ran away, so I wouldn't cause trouble." she told her.

"You never cause trouble, Lana.

You're a sorceror, as it's in your blood." she told her.

Yui then saw Mel-Ling lead her into their home, but he saw that Growly was sad, but understood he was worrying about Lana but knew she'd be okay.

But Veronica sensed Lana's aura, following her to the home of Mel-Ling but saw Growly nuzzle her, as she smiled, seeing Lana with Mel-Ling.

"We need to go, Lana.

Your uncle's worried about you, along with Balthazar." she told her.

Lana was stunned, hearing this as her uncle had yelled that she was trouble, but Veronica explained that he never meant it.

"We should go, Veronica." Lana told her.

Mel-Ling then saw them leave, but Yui sensed dark magic, as he saw Morganians after them, but Mel-Ling saw they were kids her and Lana's ages, but were going after them.

Lana and Veronica were in the subway station, waiting for the next subway but Lana sensed dark magic but saw two young Morganians, but Growly was lunging at them, but scratching them, as Lana was using her magic but the Morgaians were angry, but left but Lana was nuzzling Growly, as he got back into her backpack, before anybody noticed but were relieved seeing the subway, as they got in but they were hoping that Balthazar and Dave were okay, but were okay, as they got off but Balthazar was relieved seeing Lana with Veronica, as they got in the car.

He noticed that Lana was quiet, but knew that she didn't really speak a lot sometimes but understood, as the passing of her parents was fresh.

They then arrived at the house, as Lana got out of the car, as Growly was following her, but Dave saw her go upstairs to her room, but Veronica knew she needed time by herself.

"I'll order takeout, guys." Dave said as Balthazar went upstairs.

He peeked into Lana's room, seeing her stroke Growly but talking to him, but he let her be for now, as a lot of things were going on.