SasuNaru; A High School Love Story

By: Kagura77

Chapter Five

I woke up quickly as a small whimper came out of my boyfriend's mouth. My boyfriend… I smiled at the thought than realized that he whimpered. I opened my eyes to see his eyes closed, his hands gripping my tank top as he shook slightly. I got worried, wondering if he was hurt when he let out another whimper, causing me to shake him gently.

"Naruto… Naruto?" I said, shaking him a little more. I realized he was asleep and it sunk in that he was having a nightmare. My expression softened as I kissed him gently, pulling away every few seconds to tell him to wake up.

"But if I wake up you'll stop kissing me." He whispered. I laughed and kissed him again, his eyes finally fluttering open as he shuddered, cuddling into my chest.

"Sasuke… I had a bad dream." He whispered, like a child afraid of a monster.

"I won't ever let anything hurt you, Naruto, I promise. I love you…" I whispered the last three words and he relaxed.

"I feel a lot safer in Sasu-kun's arms." He muttered, than seemed to realize what I said. He pulled back slightly and watched as blush creeped up to my cheeks. He grinned, completely healed from his nightmare.

"Stop staring..." I muttered uncomfortably.

"But, I love you too." He said, his grin staying on his face. My eyes widened in shock and I rolled over quickly, pinning him down.

"You mean it?" I asked, staring into those beautiful eyes.

"Yep!" He said. I don't know what came over me, but a grin spread across my face and his expression softened as he looked at me.

"That's the first grin I've ever seen on you." He whispered. I kissed him softly and he wrapped his arms around me. I pressed slightly harder against his lips, not satisfied with the chaste kisses we shared. His fingers started playing with my hair, all the while purring like a content kitten with a bowl of milk. (Giggle, sorry, I just… I have a dirty mind, thought I'd share) He pressed back twice as hard, obviously as unsatisfied as me.

My tongue grazed his bottom lip and he opened his mouth slightly to allow me entrance. His tongue pressed against mine as I attempted to enter, his taste making me moan. We fought for dominance until Naruto smiled against my lips and let me have the dominance. I explored his wet cavern, my tongue running along his teeth, brushing against his tongue. I wanted to claim every spot I could manage to touch. He made a cute little purrup noise and wiggled underneath me, causing me to pull back and gasp, staring into his eyes as I pressed against him, making him tilt his head back and moan.

"Is that what you were trying to do to me, love?" I whispered in his ear, kissing it before nibbling on his neck.

"N… no. Sasu-kun….. Not ready…" He whispered. I pulled back and kissed him gently once more, rolling off and pulling him into my arms.

"I know, I'm not either." I said, nuzzling him and smirking. "I'm surprised your cute little mind went straight to that though. Is someone horny?" I said, poking his stomach lightly. He started blushing and grabbed my hand.

"breakfast?" He whispered, still blushing. I got up kissing his cheek.

"Of course."

Within minutes I was standing at the stove, making scramble eggs while Naruto ran around complaining that I was slow. I rolled my eyes and gave him the non burnt ones, sitting down and eating them.

"So what do you want to do today?"

"Cuddle." He said, putting his plate down after he was done, grabbing my arm and dragging me to the living room, cuddling into me.

"That's all?" I asked, laughing and putting my arms around him.

"Well, I want to know more about you, like why you live alone. Why you chose me." I sighed and held him tighter.

"I'll explain my past to you, and then you can answer me questions." I said softly. I felt him nod against my chest and I sighed, starting to tell him everything.

"I was very young when my brother, Itachi killed my parents. I was nine… and I didn't know who to trust. For some reason my brother didn't kill me. But a guy named Orichimaru took me in. But… when he tried to rape me, I ran, going to authorities. They assumed that he had run off because he was gone completely." I shuddered and Naruto snuggled into me.

"I'm so sorry Sasu-kun." He whispered, kissing me softly, making all my sadness fade completely. All it took was one touch from this beautiful creature and I was healed of all dreadful thoughts.

"It's fine Naru-kun. Now... Answer my questions. Why was the house empty when we got your stuff? Why were you kicked out?" I asked, looking into those blues eyes. Just watching as the brightness dimmed slightly. I regretted asking, but I needed to know.

He sighed and lay back down on my chest, gripping me like I would disappear if he let go.

"Naruto… if you don't want to-."

"No. You need to know." He whispered, taking a deep breath. "I don't know what happened to my family, I have been in foster care all my life. But when I turned eighteen and asked if I could move out for my last year of high school. My extra year, they said sure. However, I just lost my job because of school, so I couldn't pay for my place anymore. So I was being evicted. That should answer both questions."

I stared at the top of his head then shivered, that sensation of being watched washing through me. I sat Naruto up gently and kissed him on the cheek, telling him to stay there. A shadow passed by the window and I ran to the front door, unlocking it and grabbing the persons arm as they were running by. They lashed out, punching me in the face and sending me flying, taking off as I attempted to stand.

Naruto ran to the open door, leaning out and seeing no one, closing it quickly and locking it. He ran to my side and examined my bleeding lip. Normally, I was quite independent about this. I hated feeling weak. Naruto changed that. If it was him taking care of me, I would let him.

"Did you see who it was?" He asked, picking me up and taking me to the bathroom, wetting a cloth and gently dabbing at it. I shook my head and shivered again.

The sensation was gone, but now I knew that it wasn't my imagination. I was being watched by someone who, obviously, wanted to hurt me…. Or my precious Naru-kun.

"Naruto, I need to tell you something." I said, keeping my eyes warily on the door.

"What's wrong?" He asked, worried as he forced me to look up at him.

"Nothing… well, I thought it was nothing. But yesterday I had this horrible feeling that someone was watching me, and then just now. And I looked out the window and saw the person. If they hurt you I'd never be able to live with myself." I whispered softly. Naruto smiled, wrapping his arms around me.

"Don't worry, not only can I take care of myself, but I'll take care of you. Ill protect you from whoever was out there. Cross my heart and swear to die."

I threw my arms around him, ignoring the pain as my lips pressed needily against his. He got what I was looking for and pressed me against the wall, letting me know he was the dominant this time. His tongue slipped into my mouth and explored as he slipped my shirt up, pulling away and taking it off before blushing.

"You're really hot Sasu-kun." He whispered, kissing me more gently. "Do you mind if I run out and grab something from my friends real quick? I left it there when I bought it; I'm hoping he hasn't used it."

"Not at all, but please be careful." I said, nuzzling him. He kissed my cheek and ran a hand down my chest.

"Stay just like that; I'll be back before you know it." He kissed me one last time, running from the room. I smirked and moved into my room, searching through my closet when my bedroom door creaked.

I froze as warm breath blew on my back, and cold hands grabbed my elbows.

"Hello Sasuke."

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