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"Yes you are, I mean, there's nothing wrong with that or anything, but you are."

"No I'm NOT!" Sasuke screamed.

"Whoa, Whoa... calm down sister."

"Itachi shut up I am not gay!"

"You, Otouto, are the faggiest fag in fag land."

Sasuke frowned and mumbled something about there being no such thing as fag land

"It's okay, Sasuke. People say it's good to be in touch with your feminine side... I think that you need to find your masculine side first, but that's just my personal opin-"

Sasuke punched his brother in the nose. Itachi's nose bled disgustingly, it was definitely broken, but all he did was smirk.

"Really? Really, Sasuke? I'm the ANBU captain. ANBU. What on earth did you think that was going to accomplish?"

Itachi simply raised a single green glowing finger to the tip of his nose and it was back to perfect in less than forty five seconds. Sasuke aimed another punch Itachi's direction, but all his brother did was catch Sasuke's wrist so quickly that Sasuke didn't even see his hand coming.

"Enough, or I'll break it." Itachi said with a dead serious tone. Sasuke relaxed his hand and Itachi dropped it.

"Arigato, Aniki."

"Hn. Go to school, you'll be late."

"Where are you going?"


"To where?"

"To out."

"Where's out?"

"On the other side of the front door."

"And after you cross the threshold, then what?"

"Then I'll close the door behind me."

Sasuke sighed and gave up. He knew that Itachi could keep going on with out actually answering his questions for an infinite amount of time. His older brother's mind was too quick for him to keep up with.

"Hn. Fine, I'll go to school then, bye Nii-San!"

Itachi nodded his head and disappeared with a brief cloud of smoke, ANBU style.

Sasuke was walking slowly down the street when he felt something kind of heavy plop on his head. He lifted it off. It was his lunch. He kept on walking, then his hand was pulled to the left and dropped. He looked at it. It had 'You're walking too slow' written on it in Itachi's handwriting. The boy frowned. Speed like that shouldn't be legal.

'That's okay though.' He thought.

'Because someday soon, I'll have my sharingan, and I'll train with Tou-San and I'll be fast like Aniki, so Kaa-San won't have to take pity on me anymore. I'll be the greatest Uchiha there ever was!'

"Believe it!"

Sasuke flinched, what on earth was that ridiculous sound?

"And then I'll be Hokage! Believe it!"

The Raven wrinkled his nose at the intrusive noise. Who really talks with that much enthusiasm anymore? Well, obviously this kid...

The mysterious blond walked up to Sasuke boldly.

"Hey you!"

Sasuke looked behind his back; sure that no one would address him in such a way.


"Me?" Sasuke asked in a bored tone. He was actually really interested in what this kid had to say, but he was too much of an Uchiha to show emotion to strangers... or acquaintances... or friends...

"Yes YOU! The Teme with the attitude!"

Sasuke was holding in a smirk, but kept his face impassive.

"Yes?" He asked making sure to add enough of a sarcastic tone so that the kid new that as far as Sasuke was concerned he was a complete waste of space.

"I want to make one thing very clear to you right now! Sakura is all MINE believe it!"

Sasuke raised his right eyebrow.

"Don't look at me like that! You know what I'm talking about! Sakura and all those other girls are all chatty chatting about the Uchiha this and the Uchiha that, you can have any one that you like, except Sakura, cus she's MINE, get it?"

Sakura appeared out of thin air and whacked Naruto on the head repeatedly.

"Heyy!" She said to Sasuke sweetly, as if she hadn't just beaten the daylight out of her other classmate.

"I'm Sakura Haruno, but you can call me anything you want..."

Sasuke glanced at her briefly then looked over at Naruto. Two girls he didn't know were holding him up against the wall while Ino punched him in the gut, over and over again.

"Stop." He said. He still sounded bored and unconcerned, but on the inside, he really didn't think the boy deserved to be treated that way. He actually respected that Naruto was bold enough to walk up to him.

Everyone froze and looked over at the raven questioningly.

"W-What?" Ino asked.

"Let go of him." Sasuke sounded very commanding even though he was only going on nine years old at the time. The girls let Naruto drop to the ground limply and Sasuke helped him up then turned and exited the classroom. He needed a drink, these people were crazy.

Naruto just stood there in shock. His first feeling was anger. He didn't need the Uchiha brat to save him from a bunch of girls. But he was also grateful because he felt bad for the way he had treated Sasuke earlier, and he thought it was very kind of the boy to help him out even though he had been a jerk. So he followed Sasuke.


Sasuke just looked up from the water fountain and nodded his head, then went back to drinking his water.

"I guess you're not such a Teme after all, ne?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and started walking back to the classroom.

"Tch...Dobe." Sasuke mumbled under his breath, even though he knew the blond could hear him.

Naruto was upset at first, but he shook it off and returned to class. Little did he know, he had just met his best friend.

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