Chapter 1

Brock glared at her as she ran out the door and off the front porch. He ran right after her. She first elbowed him in the face and now in the stomach. He was feeling great as he started getting closer to her. He looked up for a moment to see her face turn around for a brief second and flashed him a smile while sticking out her tongue at him. For a split second that smile distracted him. That smile had once cost him his best friend. As he continued to watch her run he almost tripped over a trash can that was lying on the side walk. He glared at the back of her head again as he picked up the pace. How dare she try to distract him! He was almost ready to pass her when the cramp he had developed in his side started getting worse. He clutched at it and tried to deal with the pain, he was determined to not let her win.

He couldn't help but admit though that she was in great shape. There was no way that he didn't notice. He was a man after all. Running a pretty good distance behind her now he noticed how well she had kept her body in that hourglass figure shape he loved so much. He had to shake his head and remind himself that he shouldn't be checking out his ex-wife. It wasn't the first time he had checked her out since the divorce. One of the times happened just earlier in the week when Van was helping her train. He was stretching in the driveway when she had run by. He had made fun of her of course but he would have gotten hit if he had said she looked great running.

He shook his head. He had to concentrate on winning. He wasn't about to lose to his ex-wife again. He pushed himself harder, trying to ignore the pain that was pulsing itself on his side. He could see the pizza place in his sight. He was running neck and neck with Reba. She turned to give him that sexy smile that always got to him and it worked. He stumbled a bit and fell behind. He heard her laugh and he surprised himself by smiling. It didn't insult him that she was laughing at him. He just wanted to hear her laugh. It's been so long, even if she was laughing at him, he didn't care. He saw her running faster by the time he was able to get straight again and then he realized that winning was going to be impossible.

He stopped running and let himself enjoy the pleasure of a walk when he saw her reach the front doors of the pizza place. He smiled as she started humming the theme to rocky and doing a little job near the front steps. She was going to rub this in his face that's for sure. He sure wouldn't mind her rubbing…no! He couldn't think thoughts like that. They were divorced and he was married. He saw that smile again when she finally stopped and grinned widely at him. He always thought she had the most beautiful smile. He used to tell her when they were married that he wanted to place a picture of that smile up in his office. He always had meant to get around to it too but he never did. He wished now that he had because he wanted to be able to see her smile all the time.

Reba continued to smile big at him as he finally made it to the front doors of the pizza place. He placed his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath, he was grateful for the pleasure of being able to stop. He felt a pat on his back and he turned to Reba. "Come on old timer. You owe me a pizza." He shook his head and grinned. He opened the door for her and let her walk by. He took shook his head once again after he caught himself checking out her backside again. He also couldn't help but notice the spot she patted was warm from her touch and he never wanted that feeling to go away. When they walked in they stopped to look around. It was packed. The only table that was free was a small table in the back by the restroom. "You sure you will be able to make it back there old man?" Reba teased. "You sure we don't need to stop halfway to rest."

He glared at her while she chuckled. "Just go sit down and I'll order the pizza." Reba smiled one last time at him before walking to the back, assuring they got the table. Brock walked up to the counter and ordered a medium pizza, half green peppers half pepperoni. He ordered them drinks and walked to the table that Reba sat herself down at. "Ice tea, two slices of lemon right?" he asked setting the glass down in front of her, he always remembered her favorite drink. She jumped as she seemed to be deep in thought. She smiled a bit and nodded. He sat down a crossed from her with his coke, setting the ticket number of their pizza on the table. "What are you thinking?"

Reba was brought out of their thoughts and looked up from her ice tea that she had been staring at for a while now. "What?" she asked

Brock raised an eye brow at her as he set down his soda after taking a sip. "You seem a little out of it now, anything wrong? What happened to the whole Mrs. Rocky thing you had going outside?"

Reba laughed a bit and flashed her pearly white teeth at Brock. "It's nothing. I was just thinking about all the other times we used to run together."

Brock nodded and smiled, suddenly finding himself thinking about them as well. They used to have so much fun together when they ran. He always teased her, calling her lead feet. He was only kidding about that but he felt bad because he guessed his teasing and competitiveness is what turned her off from running. He hated that he ruined it for her. She always did enjoy it. He chuckled when he found himself thinking of the bets they used to have, kind of like now but back then the loser did whatever the winner wanted. Back then he didn't care of who won because they usually both got what they wanted out of it, a long nice massage to relax the tense and hurt muscles from the long run and then a nice hot steamy shower…together.

He must have been really smiling because Reba was looking at him funny and then he heard her talking. "Are you ok? What are you grinning at?"

He noticed she seemed a little hesitant to ask and he was afraid to answer. He could get hit for this. "Just thinking about the bets we used to have when we ran together."

It didn't seem to click with her right away. She looked confused. "Why? They were stupid and…" Finally it registered in her brain and her face turned the same color as her hair. She looked away from the smiling Brock for a moment and looked towards the counter. "Is our pizza up yet?"

Brock shook his head at her trying to change the subject but he could understand. They were divorced. Talking about past memories like that was not a relatively good thing anymore. "I'll check." He said politely. He hated to make her feel anymore uncomfortable than he already did so he decided to drop the subject of their used to be happy life together and try to get through this meal with her. He didn't really have to try and get through the meal. He would enjoy every minute of it. He loved being alone with her and with seeing her smile almost every minute today had turned this day into the best day he has ever had lately. He walked up to the counter and placed the ticket number by the same ticket number by their pizza. He grabbed it and carefully took it back to the table, careful of any little children that were running around. "Bon appetit." He said with a really bad French accent.

Reba laughed at his accent and immediately took a slice of pizza with green peppers. "You're accent is terrible."

He glared taking a side of pepperoni. "Don't get me started on accents. I'll have to make fun of yours." He said teasingly.

Reba smirked and looked at him funny. "I don't have an accent, YOU have an accent." She said giving a small giggle. He shivered a bit when he heard that giggle. He loved that giggle. He missed it. He missed her. He missed their friendship and all the good times they have had together. It was all ruined now because of his stupidity. He couldn't control himself and now he had thrown away the best thing that ever happened to him.

There was silence between the both of them and Brock kept trying to focus on his pizza but his eyes kept going to Reba. There were little things he just kept noticing about her. The way she drank her ice tea in small little sips, eating her pizza in small tiny bites, taking forever to chew them. It may seem weird to watch and try to memorize the way she ate but he wanted to remember any detail he could because he doesn't see her like he used to. He used to see her everyday. The only excuse he has to come over to her house anymore was to see the kids and they were growing up fast and soon he would have to think of another excuse to come over or he would have to face reality that she wasn't his anymore and he had to let go. She seemed to be lost in thought as well and didn't notice him staring at her the whole time they ate their pizza.

He noticed a bead of sweat slide from the back of her hair to her neck and he watched as it slowly, teasingly, made its way down the side of her neck, down her chest and into her running shirt. He stared at the spot the bead disappeared to for the longest time. It may have seemed like an innocent thing but to him it was the hottest thing that could have happened at that moment. She wasn't even trying to drive him crazy and yet here she was doing it so well without even knowing it. He shifted in his seat, a little uncomfortable as that bead of sweat reminded him of the way she looked when he saw her back at her house after she had ran. Van was helping her and they were happy about something but he couldn't help but notice how sweating gave her a beautiful glow. The way it dripped down to her chest and the sound of her heavy breathing drove him crazy. It was weird, considering she probably didn't feel sexy at the time and she more than likely wasn't even trying to be sexy but he was glad he got out of there fast with those tight running pants on or they would have noticed a little something if he had stayed any longer.

He shifted again as he saw another bead of sweat make its way to a place where he would love to be again but knew he would never be able to go. He finally decided to stop checking her out before she noticed or worse, put him in a position where he wouldn't be able to leave the table without her noticing something had appeared doing their short time together.

He glanced at her and decided to ask her a question. He told himself he wouldn't talk about their good times because it made her uncomfortable but he had to know. "Reba…" he said glancing at her, waiting for her to respond.

"What?" she asked as she swallowed the last bit of pizza crust. She reached over and took another slice, waiting for Brock to say something. "What?" she repeated.

He hesitated for a moment. "Well…don't get mad at my question. It's just a question that I need an answer to."

Reba rolled her eyes. "Will you get on with it." She said a little annoyed.

Brock nodded and took a deep breath. "I was just curious…" he paused for a moment. He thought a second really hoping she didn't hit him. He figured he better ask soon because she gave him a look that said he better continue or else. "Was our life together…our marriage…ever really that bad?" he asked

Reba stopped eating for a moment and looked at him like he was crazy. Did they really have to get into this? She didn't really know what to say so she responded the only way she knew how…sarcasm. "No, once you left it was pretty good."

Brock glared at her. Why did she always have to make a joke when he was trying to be serious? He wanted to know the true answer and here she was trying to act funny. "Reba, why do you always crack jokes? With all the jokes you crack I have to ask. Did you ever love me?"

Reba couldn't believe this. "Of course I did Brock. I do…did love you once." She hoped he didn't notice her slip. He did. She tried covering up with a joke. "I think it on a Tuesday." She said with a smile.

Brock suddenly became angry. "Be serious for once, this is something I have to know ok."

Reba suddenly got very serious. "You don't know if our marriage was good?" she asked a bit shocked.

Brock shrugged and took a small bite of pizza. He chewed slowly, trying to delay answering. He finally swallowed and took a sip of coke before he replied. "It's just, with all the jokes you make…"

Reba shook her head. "Brock, I make those jokes because I didn't know how to deal with it ok. I was hurt when you said you had to marry another woman because you got her pregnant. It was the only way I knew how to deal with it and to answer your question honestly…" She paused a moment, the longest moment in Brock's life if he had a say. "Yes, our marriage was good at one time. It was very good."

Brock smiled. He accepted her answer. He didn't really want her to go further explanation because if she did they would eventually get into the times when their marriage wasn't so good and their time together right at that moment would have ended in a fight. Brock didn't want that. They continued to eat their pizza in silence and once they were done there wasn't much left to do except to leave.

They had gotten up and walked out together. Brock didn't know where to go from here. They both stopped outside the door and he noticed she was hesitating too. He didn't really want to go home just yet and he wasn't so sure if Cheyenne and the rest of the family were done with their dinner. He surely didn't want to eat it. If he really wanted to be honest with himself, he really didn't want to leave Reba yet. He wanted to spend as much time with her alone as possible. They have been getting along so well with this little outing. As they ran to the pizza place he had to remind himself he was a married man and he still was obviously but didn't care. At that moment, he didn't care. "Do you want to take a walk? I don't want to go back and find their not finished and were forced to eat Cheyenne's cooking."

Reba chuckled a bit and nodded. They walked down the street, in silence, side by side. It was like when they were dating, they took walks together all the time, along the beach that is and this certainly wasn't the beach but he wanted to just grab her hand and hold it tight like he used to. He was beginning to realize all he had given up when he left her. He shouldn't have left her. He was grateful for BJ and Henry but it was something about Reba that always made her close to his heart and it wasn't because she was the mother of his first three children and it wasn't because they were married for twenty years. There was just something about her that made him want to keep close to her.

He couldn't help but notice as they walked how the evening breeze brushed her gorgeous red hair ever so gently back away from her face. She closed her eyes as she walked and felt the gentle breeze against her face. She looked so gorgeous to him at that moment. She always loved the breeze of the cool evenings and she drove him nuts when they were married how she would love to have the window open at night but now he wouldn't care if she opened every window in the house at night, just as long as he was right beside her in bed. He didn't even care if they spent the rest of their nights with their backs facing each other like they did for a while before he left, just as long as he was right there in bed with her. He really screwed up and he meant what he had said when his dad had died. He will be sorry forever. He was sorry he didn't care for her feelings and didn't bother to show up sometimes at the marriage counselor but instead went out with BJ. He hated himself for it everyday.

As he continued to watch her he continued to smile. If only they could spend the rest of their days like this. His eyes drifted over her face, she was really beautiful. He knew every beautiful curve of her face and he was still amazed at how she hasn't aged while he continued to look older everyday. Her eyes were gorgeous. They were beautiful pools of blue. He loved her long eyelashes and how they used to brush against him when he kissed her. His eyes roamed over her face and bare arms and couldn't help but think of how that pale skin she had always made her look like a precious china doll, too beautiful too touch. Her skin was always soft and she always smelled of strawberries. He sniffed the air hoping the breeze would carry her sent. He was disappointed when it didn't.

Reba suddenly stopped. "Are you ok?" she asked

Brock stopped right in front of her. "Yeah, why?" he asked innocently. He hoped she didn't notice that he was staring at her the whole time they were walking together.

"You have been quiet the whole time and we have walked almost a mile." Brock didn't really hear her. He was staring at her beautiful pink lips. He loved her lips. They were always soft and always kissable looking. They looked like that now. He knew he shouldn't. He really knew kissing her was the worst thing he could ever do. She was happy without him, she was better off without him, and he should just leave whatever good memories they had in the past but she just looked so darn good to him. "Brock…" Reba said with concern in her voice. Her voice was the sweetest voice he could ever hear. Her singing voice was gorgeous and she always had him in a daze when she did sing. He really wished she would sing more often. His thoughts soon drifted back to her kissable looking lips. He took a step forward and didn't notice her sudden look of fear. "Bro…"

She was cut off immediately by Brock grabbing the sides of her face and bringing her into a kiss. He felt her pushing away for a moment but then his heart soared with happiness as she stopped fighting and started kissing back. Her lips were as soft as they always had been. He pulled her closer and she didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around him. His tongue ran a crossed her lips, trying to gain access. She immediately let him and followed suit of him, massaging his tongue with hers. Her body pressed against him was the greatest thing he felt in a long time. He moved his hands to her sides, memorizing her curves and her body. He wanted to have a memory to last him a lifetime.

It was when she felt his hands move against her body that she was brought out of her own daze. Brock was trying to pull her even closer as Reba quickly pushed him away and broke the kiss. She stood there shocked, flushed, and lips swollen from the wildfire shocking of a kiss they just had. Reba didn't know what to do or say. She had noticed the stares but she didn't think anything of it. She did the only thing she could think of. She ran.

End of Chapter