Brock pushed the door to his and Reba's bedroom door open gently. He gave a small smile as he saw her beautiful form under the covers as a soft spring breeze pushed through the open window. She always loved to have the window open. He moved cautiously to the bedside, careful not to wake her, she hadn't been feeling to well the last couple of weeks. She stayed in bed most of the time while Brock took care of her. He was happy to do it though. She had a lot to take in these past weeks.

He placed the tray of breakfast he had brought her on the nightstand, carefully positioning it so it wouldn't fall off, before sitting himself beside her. He took a moment to appreciate her beauty. He never understood how she could look so sexy and gorgeous in the morning. She always had a glow and her hair was always a mess but an adorable mess. He didn't know how she woke up still smelling like the roses and lemons perfume she had put on the previous day or how still had the minty fresh taste instead of morning breath. Meanwhile he woke up smelling like a skunk sprayed him in the mouth and face was all puffy and tired looking, not exactly a turn on. But she was always perfect.

He figured he better wake her for her breakfast. She had to eat. "Honey…" he said gently shaking her. She didn't move an inch. She had always been a heavy sleeper. Brock shook her a little more and was happy to see her stir. "Reba, sweetheart, I have your breakfast." He chuckled when she groaned in protest. She was never a morning person either. "Come on. You got to eat something."

Reba grunted and shifted so she was lying on her back, staring at Brock with her barely open blue eyes. "I know. I'm not sure if I'm hungry." She said in that morning rasp tone.

Brock sighed and picked up the tray he brought up. "You have to eat something."

Reba nodded and tiredly sat up. "I know but…" She looked down at the oatmeal he had brought up to her. "I don't really feel like oatmeal. I know it's healthy for me and I do appreciate it but I could really use some eggs and bacon this morning."

Brock smiled and nodded. "I'll go make you some and bring it up."

Reba shook her head and pushed the covers back. "I should get up and have breakfast downstairs with you guys."

"Are you sure?" Brock asked with a frown. "I can bring your breakfast up here. It's no problem."

Reba patted his arm as she got up from the bed, yawning and stretching as she did. "It's time I got up Brock. I've been in bed long enough."

"Okay." He said in understanding. "I'll be downstairs cooking."

"Actually…" Reba said stopping him. "You just relax…I'm gonna cook breakfast this morning."

"I can do it."

Reba shook her head and smiled. "I'm going to cook for you all this morning. You've done enough for me." Brock smiled and nodded, turning to go. "Wait." she said stopping him again. When he turned Reba took a slice of toast from the plate on the tray and smiled as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." Then she turned toward the bathroom, munching on the toast as she did so.


Reba didn't want to take too long in the bathroom for she knew her family would be awake soon and she couldn't be the zombie like figure she had been lately. And she didn't take long in the bathroom…just enough to wash her hair, body, and get rid of the small ache that was still in her back from being in bed for a while. She did her hair, put on a little bit of make-up, and got dressed for her day. She felt so much better already. She vowed never to stay in bed for long periods of time again.

She had just walked out of the bedroom and the door across the hall caught her eye, the door that led to the nursery. She hadn't been in there. She wasn't sure if she should step inside or not. She had placed one delicate hand on the door knob, weighing her options in her mind. Brock had been kind enough to keep her away from this door for a while but maybe it was time she finally poked her head inside.

Turning the knob slowly and then pushing open the door a lump formed in her throat. The walls were still painted a beautiful baby yellow, the rocking chair was still by the window that was her favorite part of the room, and of course the changing table directly across from the gorgeous antique looking oak crib they had found, complete with yellow blankets and bed trimming and beautiful canopy curtains on it. There were small toys around, a dress filled with cute little baby clothes. This room had been perfect for a little baby girl. There was just one thing.

"Mama!" The small voice said from sitting up in the crib, looking excited yet completely tired.

Reba smiled. The only difference was her little baby was getting bigger and bigger everyday. She was already two years old and it seemed like just yesterday they had brought her home from the hospital.


Brock Hart didn't know what to think as he let the small tear fall from his cheek as he stared sadly through the window at the empty incubator that once held his and Reba's daughter. He didn't understand so many things. He didn't understand why some bad things happened to good people. Why God put good people through so many trials and tribulations. He knew he may never understand. He supposed he might find out someday but for now he just felt confused and was ready to go home.

"Brock…" A small voice said behind him, "What are you doing?"

He sighed. "Just saying a prayer…" He turned around and smiled as he saw his wife holding their small two month old baby girl in their arms. "…for everyone who has to be in there." Brock approached his two girls and placed a soft hand on his daughter's soft delicate head. "Well…Mariska Ann…" He would have to get used to the name. "You ready to go home?"

Reba nodded and smiled when her daughter let out a small cry. She softly bounced her in her arms. "I think she is ready to get out of here and never wants to have to come back."

"Me too." He said giving Mariska a small kiss on the cheek and then wrapping an arm around his wife. "Let's go home."

Yes, there were many things Brock didn't understand. Why God put them through this only to actually let them keep their beautiful baby and why those people that were still in there with their babies were still struggling. He was completely thankful and grateful he was able to take both of his girls home but he may never understand half the things that God does and he wasn't sure if he wanted to. Maybe it was all for the best.

End of Flashback

Reba had been so thankful for being able to have her baby at home with her. She couldn't believe it when Dr. Hargitay had called them both down to the NICU to witness something so miraculous. She was struggling a bit but breathing. Their baby was such a beautiful miracle. The decision to take their baby off the machines was something they would never regret and they were all right when they said her baby was a fighter. It was touch and go for a few days with baby Mariska but Dr. Hargitay never gave up hope for the couple and soon her baby was breathing on her own and then when she gained a few pounds they were able to take her home.

Reba had made the decision to name her after the doctor that saved her and now a good friend of Reba's because she never gave up. Reba would never be able to thank her enough for what she did for them. She went way beyond what a doctor would normally do for patients. She cared so much and was so determined that Reba took a healthy baby home and Reba would forever be grateful.

The family of course said they would have to get used to the name…Mariska but Reba thought it was a beautiful name and her mind had already been made up.

"Hey sweetie." Reba said cheerfully walking over to her baby. She had been hesitant to come in here for she had been sick with the flu. Brock was able to take care of her but for the past three days Reba had been feeling better. It had been Brock's orders that she stay in bed just to be safe but now all she wanted to do was get out of bed and hold her baby girl.

"Mama." Mariska said holding her little arms out to the redheaded woman she hadn't seen or been held by in over two weeks.

Reba grinned and groaned as she picked her up. "Have you gotten bigger since I held you?" Reba asked in surprise. Mariska just giggled and wrapped her arms around her mama's neck, never wanting to let go.

"She probably has." A voice said from the doorway. "She has your appetite."

Reba turned and glared at the blonde buffoon she called her husband. "Not funny."

Brock shrugged. "I thought it was." He stepped into the room and smiled. "She has missed you. I know you only been a door away but she missed you like crazy."

"I missed her too. I am never getting sick again."

Brock chuckled. "And how do you plan on controlling that?"

Reba shrugged. "I'll figure something out but I am never letting this little baby girl out of my sight again." She hugged her baby tightly and Reba knew she was being a bit protective and kind of ridiculous but nobody blamed her for wanting Mariska to be in sight at all times. Her baby almost died. It was only natural.

"You want me to take her?"

Reba shook her head. "No…I'll get her dressed and then I'll be downstairs soon to make breakfast. I've missed her in the mornings. You go relax."

Brock was a little surprised and just smiled. "I really love it when you're not sick." He chuckled and gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Reba smiled and then turned her head back to her cute little baby with bouncing blonde curls. "I love it when I'm not sick too. I get to spend time with you." Reba kissed her sweetly.

Mariska giggled. "Mama!" she squealed. Reba just loved that word.


"Will you hurry up you slow poke." Reba huffed as she jogged down the street later that evening while pushing a stroller with Mariska laughing like crazy at the speed she was going at. The kids were out for the evening, well Cheyenne and Van had their own place to eat at now, Kyra was with her band, and Jake was staying over a friend's house for the weekend to finish a project, and thankfully Barbara Jean found herself too preoccupied with Henry and her new boyfriend to come over. Neither felt like cooking so they decided to take their evening jog right down to the pizza place for dinner. Brock was behind her as usual, trying to catch up.

Little did she know that Brock was not catching up on purpose. He always did this so he could watch Reba with appreciation from behind as she jogged down the street. He knew it was a perverted thing to do but she was his wife and he honestly couldn't care. "Aw, you beat me again." He panted as he stopped at the doors of the pizza place.

Reba eyed him as he kept a small smirk on his face. "You let me win on purpose didn't you?"

"If it lets me see you run in tight jogging pants than yes…I did." He opened the door for her and Reba glared despite the small uncontrollable smile that was forming on her face. She pushed her stroller through the doors and they made their way to the back of the restaurant towards a booth. "I'll go get the little highchair for Ann and order the pizza."

"Why do you call her Ann?"

Brock shrugged. "Mariska is a mouth full."

Reba just rolled her eyes and let Brock go. She helped her daughter out of the stroller, setting her baby next to her and letting Mariska stand on the seat next to her until Brock came. "Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzza." The small girl said. The girl did like her pizza, green peppers and pepperoni was her favorite. She was definitely her parent's child.

Brock came back a few minutes later with a high chair for Mariska and a bus boy following behind them with two glasses. "Here you go baby…" Reba said putting Mariska inside. The bus boy set Reba's tea and Brock's coke in front of them before excusing himself. "And for you baby girl…" Reba fished out a small juice box. They always carried at least two apple juice boxes with them wherever they went. Mariska was very picky about what she drank. Reba placed a juice box in her girl's hand and watched as the little one happily drank away.

"I told you." Brock said breaking her thoughts.

Reba turned to face him. "Huh?"

He smiled. "Three years ago when I told you I still loved you I promised you it was going to work out. Look's like I was right."

Reba rolled her eyes but smiled none the less. He was right. "Yeah, yeah. You were right. It did work out and I'm happy it did." She said grinning.

"Me too." Brock reached across the table and held her hand, rubbing the back of it gently. "I can't believe it's been three years since that day, well, maybe a little over three years but still…it seems like just yesterday I was enjoying your company here and trying not to stare at how gorgeous you looked."

Reba scoffed. "Gorgeous? I probably look like I do now. I'm sweaty, tired, and starving…I look…"

"Gorgeous…hot…dare I say sexy." Reba rolled her eyes again but Brock knew she appreciated his compliments. "Do you know how hard I had to try while sitting at this restaurant with you not to just jump over the table and kiss you? You weren't even doing anything and you were driving me crazy." Reba blushed and avoided his gaze by messing with Mariska's hair…which didn't last long because Mariska didn't like it and pushed her mama's hand away in annoyance. "Look at me." He said softly. Reba looked to him and it amazed her even today how he could make her feel this shy. "You are the most amazing mother, wife, and woman I have ever met and I feel so lucky to have you. You know that right?" Reba shrugged. "Well I am lucky to have you. You and the kids are my everything. I can't imagine sharing my bed or my life with anyone else."

"Neither could I." she said softly. Reba gave him a small smile. "It amazes me how loved you always make me feel."

"Well you are loved and not just by me either. The kids…Barbara Jean…Henry absolutely adores you!" Reba chuckled. "It's your curse Reba. You're too amazing for someone not to love you instantly." Reba fell silent and it was only a few seconds later that their food arrived. "Well, time to eat." He said as a medium pizza with green peppers and pepperoni was set in front of them, not half and half this time, but as a whole.

"Here's to us…" Reba said raising her glass.

"To us…" Brock said, imitating her. "May we have another wonderful three years together."

Reba shook her head. "No."


"Make it a wonderful thirty years and you got a deal."

Brock chuckled and shook his head. "Not long enough."

"We got the rest of our lives darlin." And they did. They appreciated each other and they were both willing to work on this for it to work but most importantly they loved each other and that was enough for either of them.

The End