A/N- this is just something I did when I was bored. The characters aren't mine, the show isn't mine and even the msn idea probably isn't mine. All I own is the torchwood DVD, and a pen.

WARNING- contains Gwen Bashing, and minor Martha bashing. I really don't like them :P


"I love you rhys"has entered the conversation.

"Coffee King" has entered the conversation

" Tosh" has entered the conversation

"Beefcake ;)" has entered the conversation

"Owen "Burn" Harper" has entered the conversation

I love rhys says- er... Tosh? wot's up wid teh name?

Tosh says- What's wrong with it?

I love rhys says- noothink, its just ay byt... b0rInG loolz

Coffee King- Gwen... why are you speaking like an idiot?

I love you rhys says- itz de cOol WaY 2 TLK, loolz

Owen "Burn" Harper- you sound like a loser.

I love rhys says- u calin me de LoosErr? Ure de 1 WhO HaS beeN SleePiNg Wit JoHNn 3 4 de LastT MoNTH & tINks No-One HaS nOtiCeD...

Owen "Burn" Hart- HEY... that is NOT TRUE!

"Caption sexyy" has enter the conversation

captain sexyy says- why the fuck is there a heart next to my name? (Hi oweeennnnnnnnnnnn ;) love you xx )

Owen "Burn" Harper- (shhhh, i haven't told them yet)

I love rhys says- U No, Coz U r JoHn "HaRT" loolz

Beefcake ;) says- John, what the hell are you doing here? And Owen, what the hell have you been doing? oh, and for the record (putting something in brackets does not mean the rest of us can't see it!)

Owen "Burn" Harper says- ...

Tosh- why would you wanna sleep with him? and not me?

Coffee King says- Because he's "Captain sexyy" I presume.

Beefcake says- Now is not the time for a well timed sarcastic one liner Ianto!

I love Rhys says- yEAHh iAntoE lIstEn 2 mR bEEfCake -flutters eyelashes-

Tosh- Ianto, are you ok? I can see you turning red from my station

Coffee King says- I'm fine Tosh, just fine...

Beefcake ;) says- it's ok Ianto, you know she means nothing to me

-Beefcake ;) changed his name to "I love my welshman"-

-"I love Rhys" changed her name to "broken hearted"-

Captain sexyy says- Ew. PDA's. I'm off. see you tonight Owen ;)

Owen "Burn" Harper says- bye! xxxxx

Broken hearted says- W8... Im ConfUsed...

Tosh- no shock there.

Broken hearted says- so If OweN 3's JoHnn, & The TeA bOiI 3'S jACKkk, Who 3's Me?

Coffee King- no one. Because your a lying cheating cow who likes to steal other people's boyfriends.

I love my welshman says- I love it when you get all possesive ;)

Broken hearted says- JacKkK!1 r U reallY gONna LeT Him tlk 2 me Lyk Dis?

I love my welshman says- ...yeah... why not?

Broken Hearted says- :( I Am SoOo tEmptEd 2 KiLl u AlL...

-The Master has entered the conversation-

The Master says- Woo, help me! Oh hey Ianto.

Coffee King says- Omg HI! I haven't seen you in ages!

I love my welshman says- WTH? what the hell are you doing here? i thought you were dead! The minute I lay my eyes on you I'm putting a bullet through your stomach! and how do you know who Ianto is?

The Master says- Can't you put it through my head instead? I don't want to stain my suit :D

Tosh- Wait a minute... suits... sarcastic humour... DOESN'T THIS REMIND YOU OF ANYONE?

Owen "Burn" Harper- ...

Broken hearted- ...

I love my welshman- ... no?

Tosh- -slaps forehead- It's like Ianto you idiots!

I love my welshman says- You know eachother and you're really similar... are you two father and son or something?

Coffee King- ...

The Master- nooooooooooooooooo... hehe...

Owen "Burn" Harper- ... well thank god for that!

Tosh- -slaps forehead again-

-The Doctor has entered the conversation-

The Doctor says- Master? what are you doing here? aren't you meant to be dead?

The Master says- Yeah, but dying's boring.

The Doctor- well... seeing as your here... would you like to... maybe... go on a date?

Tosh says- Um... guys? I think Jack's choking on his biscuit...

Broken Hearted says- eye;lL GiVe hImm Tehh Kiss Of Lyf!

Coffee King says- oh no you fucking won't.

The master says- ...meh, sure. And that annoying welsh lady reminds me of Martha :/

- Martha has entered the conversation-

The Master says- Ew. It's you.

Martha says- Doctor? This isn't the way it was supposed to go! You weren't meant to date HIM! you were meant to fall in love with me and then we'd skip off into the sunset holding hands climbing into the TARDIS passionately kissing and then we were meant to get married and have three children together called Tina, Benjamin and Toby!

The master says- ...

Coffee King says- ... so who wants coffee?

-The master has left the conversation-

-The Doctor has left the conversation-

-Tosh has left the conversation-

-Owen "Burn" Harper has left the conversation-

-I love my welshman has left the conversation-

-Coffee king has left the conversation-

Broken Hearted-WelL DisS iS UpSEtTiNg

Martha says- Oh shut up, nobody likes you.

Martha has left the conversation-

broken hearted girl- :(

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