"What are you doing?" Paco questionably asked

"I'm not leaving him here" Julia replied

Julia gripped hold of James deceased body and struggled to try and carry him out of the Military camp. Paco looked on at Julia confused as to why she was carrying a dead body.

"We haven't got time" Paco told Julia

"I don't fucking care, just leave if you have to. I'm going to get him out of here whether your with me or not"

Paco hesitated and went to sneak out at the fence of the Military Camp but decided to help Julia to get James body out of the camp. Paco and Julia dragged James body to the barbed wire Metal fence which was surrounding the camp. Paco pulled out some metal cutters and began to cute a small gap in which they could escape from.

Paco and Julia both squeezed through the gap and then dragged James body out of the camp. Julia looked around and saw the city in a distance and a river near-by. The rain was pouring down heavily and the mud was becoming wet and muddy. Julia slowly fell down to her knees clutching James in tears as she rested his head.

Julia began to drag James body to a streaming river which was no more than half a mile away. Julia placed James body just next to the lake;

"I hope you're with her" Julia whispered to James lifeless body

Julia rolled James into the river and watched his body begin to float and go down the long river. Julia slowly got up and watched as his body began to fade in the distance with the heavy rain and dark blocking her view. Julia looked back to Paco as he lowered his head down. Julia walked past him and looked back at a blackened New York City.

"Where do we go from here?" said Julia

Paco turned his head slightly to see Julia just staring into the empty city of New York.

"We go forward, that's all we can do" Paco replied

"But what if the Infection has spread there?"

"Well then that's the chance we have to take" Paco insisted to Julia

Julia turned around and nodded as Paco and Julia began to walk past the military camp far away from New York as possible in hope that the infection has not spread anywhere else.

They walked down the long empty motorway and began to slowly approach a bridge which would take them out of New York. Paco thought he heard a noise and began to approach one of the cars.

"Stop right there, or I'll fucking shoot" a voice said

A young boy no older then 18 turned around from the car and began to aim his gun towards Paco and focused on Julia as well.

"Don't come any closer or I'll shoot" the boy said again

Paco raised his arms in the air and began to try and talk the boy off putting his gun down;

"Were not infected, were just trying to get out of here now put your gun down" Paco said

"What about her" the boy said aiming his gun to her

"She's not been bitten either, were both fine" Paco said

"What's your name" Paco asked

"Raymond" he replied

"Raymond, put your gun down and lets all get the fuck out of here and survive" Paco said

Raymond began to lower his gun and allowed Paco and Julia to pass. Paco began to walk towards Raymond who was keeping protected of the car.

"Who's in the car?" Paco asked

"My mother" replied Raymond

"Has she been bitten?" Paco asked again

"She's dead, and I'm not leaving here"

A bloody hand began to touch the window from inside the car. Raymond turned around and looked into the car shocked seeing his mother looking into his eyes.

"Mum?" Raymond said walking to the car

Paco grabbed Raymond and pushed him to the floor;

"That's not your mother anymore" Paco said

"She's alive" Raymond shouted

"No she's dead"

Paco grabbed the handgun that Raymond had and pulled himself up from the ground lifting Raymond up with him.

"Shoot her, that's your mother" Paco asked

"I'm not going to do it, that's my mum" Raymond said refusing

Paco checked to see if there was any ammo in the gun. Paco turned around to the car aiming his gun at the window.

"NO!" Raymond shouted

Paco pulled the trigger as the shot pierced through the window.