"What have you done" cried Raymond

"I done what needed to be done" Insisted Paco

Paco looks at the empty city of New York which now seemed like nothing but old memories. The rays of light in the sky became nothing but darkness and the clouds began to cover the sky. Paco put his head down and whispered a few words to God before turning back to Julia and Raymond.

"We need to keep going down this bridge" said Paco

"And go where? Face it there is no where to go, were fucked" said Julia

"Look all I know is we need to get the hell out of this city and go far away as possible from here and hopefully find some rescue to get us out of this mess"

Raymond slowly stood up and looked at the car in which his mother was killed. He walked over and looked inside the window to see his mother pale face with her eyes wide open looking towards him. He put his hand on the window and said "I love you mum "before taking his hand off the window and leaving his mum for good.

Their exhausted bodies who have induced the terror in which had over-ran new York city carried down the bridge with all empty cars once people who use to drive them and left their cars for rescue were now empty.

"So do you think we'll ever find rescue?" asked Raymond

"I don't know, but were defiantly not going to find it back there it's a ghost town" replied Paco

"Why is this happening? This is something you'd watch in horror movies or have nightmares about I can't believe this is actually happening" said Raymond

"Don't worry we'll be ok" Julia said quietly

"This place seems familiar" Julia said while looking around. "I remember coming here when I was a kid, no wait I remember I use to come here with my father when I was younger he use to always push me on that swing over there and when-ever I thought I was falling he would always be there to catch me" smiled Julia

Julia walked over to the now empty park and sat on the swing in which her father used to push her on. She closed her eyes;

"Daddy where are you going?" said Julia

"Daddy's going away for a while sweetie" said Julia's father

"When will you be back daddy?"

"Daddy's not coming back but I want you to know how much I love you and how that will never change no matter what"

"Why aren't you coming back?"

Julia's father kissed her on the head as he picked up his bags and left never to be heard from again. Julia opened her eyes as a tear began to run down from her right eye after remembering the day her father left her mother and herself.

"What's wrong said" Raymond

"This is the place my father use to take me when I was younger. God it feels like only yesterday" smiled Julia

"What happened to him?" asked Raymond

"When I was about 6 I remember seeing him and his bags were packed by the door and I asked him Daddy why you going but he never said. I hated him for leaving me and my mother. Before my mother died 3 weeks ago she told me the reason my father left me was not because he didn't love me is because he couldn't bare the fact that one day I'd wake up and go into my fathers bedroom like I always use and wake him up but one day he wouldn't wake up" said Julia

"How did he die?" asked Raymond

"A week after he left there was a phonecall and all I remember was my mum just crying down the phone. He died suffering from lung cancer." Said Julia

"Were going to make it through this" insisted Raymond

Julia looked at Raymond and smiled, as the dark clouds began to fade and the light rays began to shine through.