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Jane Rizzoli knew she shouldn't be there, none of the Boston P.D should have been there. It was something tragic that had happened, accidents like that happened each year in the police departments around the Boston state and the other states in America. It was just something that couldn't be helped but when it happened, the dead were remembered properly and had special service awards.

Looking down onto that fragile and elegant face, Jane Rizzoli sighed and shook her head, not wanting to look. She had wondered why it had had to happen, Jane didn't understand why it had happened. Most of the time, she knew people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time for these kinds of accidents, but Jane Rizzoli knew that this had been no accident.

She stood dressed in her usual smart, boxy suit as she paid her respects to the dead. Jane hated funerals, she had been to so many and yet they still made her feel creeped out and uncomfortable. Jane stood shaking her head as she watched her colleagues and others involved move up to the varnished box to lay in some roses and drop in trinkets to be remembered, it was then she remembered something and it caused a gentle smile to wave across her lips as she stared down into the box.

"You know, I'm not the one Darren Crowe keeps asking out, Maura. I wouldn't want to get a date with him!" Jane yelled across the autopsy lab to her Medical Examiner friend.

"Jane, can you please have some respect for the dead?" Maura replied, seemingly not acknowledging Jane's comment as she looked to her friend with an un-amused gaze.

"Oh, come on Maura, it's not like they can hear anything anyway!"

Maura didn't reply, she kept her gaze on Jane, trying to weird her out, like she often did with that stern expression etched upon her face. Usually it worked and Jane backed down, but today it was not working as the two had been joking all day about Maura's pet Tortoise, so of course, Maura thought about what had happened earlier on and she burst out laughing.

"Glad you agree, for once." Jane grinned as she looked over at her friend who basically could not breathe with the laughter.

"I'm still not going to say yes to Crowe. I know he just broke up with the wife, but that's not getting him the sympathy vote. I won't say yes, Jane." Maura chortled a little still, a permanent smile now across her lips.

Jane sighed a little and smiled still, it was a bittersweet smile as she looked into the coffin of her friend, Maura Isles. The brunette swallowed back her tears and softly reached to tuck back some stray hair behind Maura's ear, "You look as elegant as always, M." she smiled and then whispered, "Don't worry about your turtle, he's all safe with me." She couldn't help but smile a bit brighter as it had been their joke for so many years, "I miss you Maura. You're always going to be a part of me, girl." Jane sighed and then as she was walking away, she whispered, "Always." Looking once again back to Maura's lifeless body in the coffin.

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