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"I know you're upset and angry, I would be too. But...I know you did that because you still love him, Maura."

Her friend's words continued to wash over her as she sat behind that safety glass of Souza-Baranowski correctional facility, waiting for the person she had come along to see. To speak to. It had been almost six months since the incident had happened, and her shoulder was basically fully healed now. She had not yet been to see the man who had been the cause of it all, but she was there now, to see him and talk things over with him.

She watched as the other inmates were allowed to go to their respective windows and talk, and talk to their relatives waiting for them. She knew what she to do. It was then, she saw him and she swallowed. Everything she'd been telling herself on the drive over there, and while she had been sitting there had flown out of the window.

He sat down in front of her and she wet her lip, blinking as she studied over his face. He watched her and then smiled before reaching for the phone at the side of their booth. He was glad she was there to see him.

" still love him, Maura."

There was Jane's voice in her mind once again, as she reached for the receiver also, still staring at him. Jane was right. She smiled to him from behind that glass before she swallowed, "Victor..." she began and trailed off.

"Maura, I'm glad you're here, I was worried about you."

"My shoulder's fully healed now." she replied and gave him a gentle smile, "The round cut through my Subscapularis. I couldn't really do my work, but I could type up my reports. The Police Department had to hire me an assistant." she smiled a little more again, with an added giggle.

"I'm sorry about what happened Maura, I really didn't think it would get this crazy." Victor responded.

"You mean, getting yourself landed in here?"

"Again, I'm not taking back the fact Detective Rizzoli taught you how to be sassy like that." Victor smirked then his smirk softened again, "No, I meant you getting hurt. I would never have wanted that, Maura. Ever."

The Doctor looked to Victor, disbelieving his words, "You were the one who wanted me d-"

"Dead? No. I wanted to see you. It was Alex who suggested that part."

"Alex...?" Maura tilted her head, she had been sure that it was Victor who had wanted her gone. It was then Maura realized it had been Jane who had shot Alex, and not Victor. Had they figured out that he wanted her dead? Or was it because she had run in front of Victor to save him being shot?

"Yes. Your friend is very good, Maura. She saved your life." Victor smiled. If there hadn't been glass between them, he would have touched her hand, "And you saved mine. And I am and will be eternally grateful to you Maura, I can promise that."

Maura shook her head and was ready to replace the receiver back onto its holder, "Like you promised me marriage? To look after me in sickness and in promised me fidelity, Victor and you broke that promise."

"Maura, wait." he sighed, "I can promise you that I will look after you. Seeing you save my life made me realize how much you love me. And that in turn, made me realize that I made a mistake with Dominique. I had everything I ever wanted with you, and I didn't see that. Can you forgive me?"

The Doctor sat there, staring at Victor and she nodded a little, holding onto the receiver. Maura looked into Victor's eyes and she swallowed, "I already did. By saving you..." she whispered.


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