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Doogie was just getting ready to go home when a woman was brought in. He wouldn't have thought much about it but Wanda and her little sister came in too and Doogie recognized it was Wanda's mother. The woman was in bad shape.

"JACK FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED," Doogie said, "Nancy put a shunt in to drain the fluids and page Teegan. She's bleeding internally and that needs to be stopped now"

Normally there was a debate when Doogie took charge but this was Wanda's mother and everyone knew better then to argue with Doogie. Jack came back a little later with all the information Doogie needed. They were working on Wanda's mom for 45 minutes.

"Should we call it," the head doctor of the hospital asked

"NOT A CHANCE," Doogie said continuing to work on Wanda's mom, "I am not going to let Wanda loose her mother"

Jack pointed to the x-rays

"She developed an embolism"

"Then we go in and remove it"

"She wouldn't survive if we cut her open"


"We use a laser and blast the embolism from here to Timbuktu."

"Page Dr. Paige," Jack agreed, "she knows how to work the laser"

Normally he would argue the fact but it wouldn't be effective to do so. Wanda's mom wasn't just another patient. She was the mother of the girl that Doogie loved.

Fourteen hours passed. It was a delicate operation. Finally Dr. Paige came out.

"How is she," Doogie asked.

"Awake," Paige said, "and in considerable pain but the next 24 hours will tell the story.

"She's not completely out of the woods yet but I'm expecting her to pull through. She's looking at 16 months recovery"

"Should we tell Wanda and her family yet?"

"No not yet," Doogie said, "I'd rather wait until we know for sure"

"I understand that," Paige said.

Wanda's mother did make it through the night though it was touch and go for a little while. She wasn't let out of the hospital for almost 4 months. Finally, when she was let out of the hospital Wanda and her family were almost crying with relief.

"How much is her co-pay," Doogie asked the front desk and then wrote a check after being told.

"Doogie we can cover it," Wanda's father said

"Not an option," Doogie replied smiling, "Wanda's the girl I love. You guys are like my 2nd family. There's no way that I'm going to let you cover the cost. I'd feel too guilty"