I- What… The… Fuck…

Okay… This... Is just too fucking weird for my liking. My name's Pete Kowalski, I'm a normal, if not somewhat wimpy, sixteen year old boy. The only problem? I'm pregnant. With a psychopath's baby. Could this get any worse? Probably. That's just how this whole situation has been playing out. But I guess at this point you, my reader, are somewhat confused. And I don't blame you; I'm pretty damn confused right now too. But, maybe I should start at the beginning… The night Gary and I- well, conceived the kid.

It was maybe a week before he was taken away. I remember it was raining outside, or else he wouldn't have come back to the dorm that night. Being as paranoid as he is, he doesn't like to sleep in the same room every night. So, it was very rare that he actually stayed in our dorm room.

I had been sitting on my bed at the time, working through some hard as hell math problems when he came in, dripping wet, a plastic shopping bag clenched in his hand. He gave me a cold gaze, and that look coupled with the grin that spread across his face made my stomach clench in fear. He could easily break me, and we both new it. And he planned to, oh yes. That's what that look told me.

"Hello, Femme-boy…" he purred, like a big cat playing with its prey.

"Hello." I answered.

Keep it simple, that's the rule. You get too wrapped up in his game, you get hurt. And he always wants you to get wrapped up, he's sinister like that.

"What are you doing?" He had asked, leaning over me as if to peer at the book.

But when I looked up to answer him, my eyes met his cold hazel glaze.


"I- I'm doing math homework." I stuttered, looking back down to see water dripping steadily on my paper and running the ink (because Hattrick was just an ass like that and demanded all our homework be done in ink).

Gary laughed when he noticed this, making my anger flare up. Why did he have to be like that?

"Looks like you'll have to start over." He cackled.

I then made the mistake of glaring up at him. He caught that easily, and glared right back.

"What? You have something to say?" he smacked the books out of me lap and they hit the floor with a thud and slid a bit farther than where they landed.

I kept my eyes on the books. "No…"

"Good. Keep it that way, little girl."

I got off my bed and picked up my books, my head bowed. Why does it have to be this way? All I had wanted were friends. And for awhile, that had been Jimmy and Gary. But after Gary betrayed Jimmy, I had seen Gary less and less as the year progressed. And then Jimmy had started being an ass. Friends? Yeah, right. Not me, not Peter Kowalski. He doesn't need friends. I sniffed as tears started to sting my eyes.

'No,' I told myself firmly, 'You will NOT cry in front of Gary. You WON'T.'

But I had. Call it my poor self discipline, or my raging hormones making me overly emotional, but what Gary saw when he looked over was weakness. And he jumped at the chance to be the top dog.

"HaHa! What's this? Did I hurt the wittwe baby's feewings?" he had mocked as he grabbed my hair and jerked my head back so he could more easily see my tear stained face.

He smiled, a truly pleased smile. I blinked back tears that were newly forming, and shook my head 'no' as best I could with his hand clenching my hair.

He frowned.

"Peter~" he had cooed, it was a sound that sent shivers up my spine and made dread settle in my stomach.

I looked up at him expectantly.

"You remember what we do to liars… don't you?" he asked, malice and joy filling his eyes.

I had started to tremble, but shook my head 'yes'.

"Tell me." He said, kneeling down to my level with a scowl on his face.

"W-we ki-kick them in the balls…" I stuttered, closing my eyes.

I was shaking, from fear and from trying not to outright sob. I could feel my asthma starting to act up. From his new position on the floor, Gary had a better position to clench my hair from. And he used it for just that. After a few moments of not receiving the pain I had thought was coming, I opened my eyes.

Gary had this sort of glazed over look in his eyes, and he was staring at me in the most alluring fashion. It made my heart flutter in my chest. But then he blinked, and pushed me down onto the ground with the hand that had been clenching my hair.

"Don't forget it, bitch." He said, standing and going to the desk where he had placed his shopping bag.

I sat up and picked up my books. I ran the back of my hand over my eyes. He confuses me… so much. I stood, and put the books on my bed. I was going to retreat to the common room, or maybe Jimmy's room before I suffered any more emotional trauma at the hands of my psychotic roommate. But… Gary wasn't going to let such easy prey slip so easily through his claws.

As I headed for the door, he caught my wrist. I looked at him, my forehead furrowing.

"Where do you think you're going…Well?"

I stared at the ground, trying to make this whole situation easy on myself. But… nothing can be easy when Gary's involved.

"I… I thought I'd… go watch TV?" I finished lamely, wanting nothing more than for Gary to let go of my wrist.

"Haha… oh, is that so? … Listen, you little girl…" he growled, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him.

I whimpered. Gary was strong, at least compared to me he was. And he had a good grip.

"G-Gary… You… You're hurting me. Please let go." I begged, taking a hold of the wrist of the hand that he gripped my chin with.

He ignored me, obviously.

His eyes appeared glazed again.

"You know… you beg a whole awful lot… and it makes me wonder…" he leaned in close to my ear and slid his hand from my chin to my neck, "What else can you do with that mouth."

My eyes widened, and my heart started racing.

"Wh- what do… you mean?" I asked, not wanting to believe I was actually hearing such words coming out of Gary's mouth.

And then his lips met mine, and my heart started going ten miles a minute. His hands where clasping the sides of my face. He forced his tongue into my mouth, causing me to moan. He herded me towards his bed, never letting our lips part.

My legs hit the edge of the bed and I sat, laying back. And from there… everything went really fast. His hands roamed my body, and I definitely did not try to stop him. In the heat of the moment, it felt too good to even think about stopping. He knew what felt good to me. It was so clumsy (after having gotten used to his amazing precision as the year had stretched out, I had thought he would know what to do in bed), but it felt so good.

And then we started losing clothes. First our shirts, then shoes and socks, then pants, then… that last futile layer and it was flesh on flesh all the way.

Looking back… maybe I should have thought about pushing him away. But no, I let him have me. No questions asked. Probably because he started using his tongue… all over me. Down my chest and stomach, nipping at all my sensitive areas and making me pant and call out his name. And then he got to my organ, and I saw white. I twisted the sheets under me, and arched my back. And that's when he slipped his fingers into me, angling them so they hit my sweet spot. I curled my toes and clenched my teeth.

I remember panting his name… a lot… as he fingered me and gave me oral. I still don't know what possessed him to do these things to me… I should have taken the chance to ask somewhere around here, but… I was a little distracted at the time.

It wasn't long before he pressed his lips to mine again, and started scissoring me. God, I thought I was going to loose my mind. And then he pushed his cock into me, and I really did loose my mind. I clawed his back, moaning his name. He attached his mouth to my neck as he started thrusting into me, starting at a slow pace before picking up his speed.

How no one heard us is still beyond me. I wasn't exactly making an effort to keep quiet. And God… the feeling of his cock hitting that spot inside of me brought me to my limit quickly. I spilled onto our stomachs, starting to call out his name. He forced his lips against mine before I could, effectively muffling it as he filled me with his cum. I remember my face burning. And him climbing off me before I dozed off.

And in the morning he was gone. Simple as that. And besides being really ass sore the next morning, nothing really felt all that different.

My problems didn't start until after school let out, four weeks into summer. Bullworth is unique in that it lets students stay during the summer for as long as it takes them to catch up in their studies. I had to stay because I had been made Head Boy. Not that I wanted to go home anyway.

I remember waking up at four in the morning, my stomach aching, and I knew I was going to be sick. I got up, throwing the covers off of myself, and ran to the bathroom down the hall. I fell to my knees in front of the toilet in the first stall and emptied my stomach. Obviously not a pleasant experience. I flushed the toilet, and rinsed my mouth out in the sink before going to get my tooth brush.

It didn't stop there, either. I was sick at least three more times that day. I spent the next twenty-four hours in bed, either sleeping, playing my DS, or reading. Jimmy came in twice to check on me after he heard I was sick.

The next morning was no better. I was up at three thirty, throwing up. I brushed my teeth, and then got back into bed. I thought I'd be in bed all day. But after that one time in the morning I felt fine. I showered, and actually went and had lunch with Jimmy, Russell, and Ted Thompson. I ate, and then went back to my room, Jimmy following me.

"I'm glad you feel better Pete."

"So am I… ugh, it was horrible."

Jimmy nodded, as if in agreement.

"So, when's your mom coming to get you?" I asked.

"As if I know… I haven't heard from her since Christmas. I'm willing to bet she just plans on leaving me here."

"That sucks. You should give her a call, then she'll have to talk to you."

Jimmy sat down at the chair by my desk.

"You know, you're right. I should give her a call… and tell her off."

"That… might not be such a good idea, Jim."

He shrugged. "Whatever. I'm just glad Gary's gone, and everything worked out for us. Did you hear?"

"Hear what?" I asked, fighting the blush that threatened to rape my cheeks at the mention of Gary's name.

"The little psycho got off easy. He managed to avoid jail time, but got put in Happy Volts… Isn't that a pile of bull?"

"I guess…"

"You guess? Have you forgotten what he did to you?"

My face burned. Forget? How could I?

"No. I haven't. But he doesn't deserve to be put there."

"I was hoping he'd get put in prison, but whatever man. At least he's gone."

"Mhm… So, what's been happening since I've been holed up here?"

"Nothing. I mean, you're all caught up. What would you want to know?"

I shrugged. "Anything really. It get's so boring in here when I'm by myself."

Jimmy smirked. "I'll send you some company next time."

"Company?" I asked, trying to push the dirty implications out of my head.

"Yeah. Pedro, or maybe Gloria. If you're that bored, anyway."

"Why little kids?" I asked.

Jimmy shrugged. "Would anyone else want to come hang out with you?"

"Oh, thanks!" I said, scowling.

Jimmy laughed. "Oh, come on, Pete. I was only playing."

"Jimmy Hopkins, please report to the main office. Now." It was Ms. Danvers over the intercom.

"What did you do?" I asked, noting that she sounded pissed.

"This is probably about activating the fountain and putting soap in it."

I rolled my eyes.

"Anyway," he stood up, "I'll talk to you later Pete."

I waved as he left, and closed my door.

And then I was sick again. At this point, I was starting to worry about what was wrong with me. I mean, I had felt fine. Then I ate and got sick again. All kinds of thoughts went through my head. Was it the food? Was I under too much stress? It didn't seem like it… I remember cleaning my teeth and then crawling into bed.

After about a week, I was used to it. I started eating a few small meals a day and going out on campus. Then one day, a small group of boys cornered me coming out of the dorm bathroom after being sick. I remember it was Tom, Davis, Troy, and Wade.

"What's wrong Kowalski? Feeling a bit under the weather?" Davis asked in a mocking tone.

"No." I lied, trying to walk past.

"See? I told you he's not sick." Troy chortled.

"Yeah. He's pregnant, duh." Wade said, grinning at Davis.

"Right, Kowalski?" Troy again.

"I most certainly am not!" I said, fuming.

"Let's find out for sure." Tom said, pushing me back into the bathroom.

I landed on my back, and Tom tossed something into the bathroom after me.

"You can't come out until you've taken that." Tom said, smiling.

And the door was shut and locked.

I sat up and picked up what Tom had thrown in after him. It was a pregnancy test. I sighed, and stood up.

"You guys! This isn't cool. Just let me out." I said, jiggling the knob of the door.

"No can do. You have to take the test. And when you show us the result, we'll let you out."

"There is no way I'm taking this, you jerks!" I shrieked, throwing the stupid test at the door as if it would help.

Laughter from the other side of the door was my answer.

I remember fuming as I paced. The assholes couldn't keep me in here forever. Jimmy would find out about it and let me out eventually. I sighed. But how long would that take? I looked back over to where the test had landed on the floor and went and picked it up. I looked the box over.

I honestly couldn't blame them for thinking I was pregnant. I had been sick in the morning for almost a week and a half. But, I was a boy. So it was impossible. I rolled my eyes. They just have to make fun of the girly looking kid… Idiots. I sighed and sat on the floor facing the door. There was obviously no point in taking the test, and I was not about to give them something else to ridicule me for. I'd just wait it out.

And about an hour later, one of them started pounding on the door.

"Kowalski! The only way you're getting out of there is to take that damn test! Now hurry the hell up!" Davis called through the door.

"You can't keep me in here forever."

"We can if we put an 'out of order' sign on the door." Davis shot back.


Well, they may not have been able to keep me in there forever, but it would be a long time before someone opened that damn door. I groaned.

"Well?" Davis asked.

I didn't answer. I was too busy considering my options. There was a window in the bathroom. But I couldn't reach it without climbing up a stall. And even if I had, there would have been a major drop on the other side waiting for me. And I didn't even think the window opened. Breaking down the door was out of the question, I was far too small to accomplish such a thing. Picking the lock… with what? All I had was the stupid P.T. and I sure as hell wasn't going to even think about opening it. Even if I could pick the lock, Davis and the rest of those jerks would be outside waiting and they would just push me right back in.

I slumped against the wall. I was gonna be in the bathroom for a really long time. I could tell. I slid to the floor and pulled my knees to my chest.

After another hour, they banged on the door again.

"Kowalski! You can't stay in there forever! Now hurry up and take the damn test so we can call it a night!" Tom called.

'Getting bored with me already huh? Good. Another hour and they'll just let me out.' I thought, but at the same time my stomach growled, begging for food.

I placed my hand on my stomach. I was really hungry for some reason. And I had to pee. Like really bad.

And that's probably the only reason I actually took the damn thing. I gave the directions a scrutinizing look before reading through them. Collect urine in cup, stick dumb test in cup for 10 seconds, set on dry surface with control window facing up, wait 7 minutes, check for a plus or negative sign. Simple enough. I followed the directions, waited seven minutes and picked the dumb thing up again.

And I think I nearly fainted. There, next to the control line (which is supposed to tell you the test is functioning properly) was a plus sign.

What… The… Fuck…

That's all that went through my mind. I felt like the room was spinning. I kneeled down and put my head between my legs, trying to make the dizziness stop. I didn't know what to think, or do for that matter.

But then I heard Jimmy talking outside.

"What are you guys doing?" he asked.

"Nothing." Wade answered.

"Oh, really? I heard you've got Pete held captive in there. And I want you to let him out."

"Fuck off Hopkins." Troy growled.

"Don't make me get Russell."

It was silent for a while.

"Fine, let's go guys. He wasn't gonna take it anyway."

I heard the door unlock and open.

"You okay, Pete?" Jimmy asked, stepping in and closing the door.

I looked up at him.

"No. I'm not."

Jimmy glanced at the counter.

"What's this stuff?"

"A pr-pregnancy test." I answered, standing up with said test clenched in his hand.

He gave me a WTF look.

"Why do you have a pregnancy test?"

I explained to him the situation that I had been put in.

"Bastards. So, you took it huh?"

I nodded.

"Let me see." He commanded, amused.

I held the test up so he could see the results.

His eyes widened, and he looked at me with his mouth gaping open.

"What the fuck?" he asked.

'Exactly.' I thought.

-End Ch. 1-

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