4 Amy & Eleven Elevator Drabbles

1. The doctor stood staring at the lift doors, what he was thinking about Amy had no idea. Suddenly to her surprise he launched forwards grabbing the doors and started to attempt to prise them apart. Amy knew they were almost at the next floor and should probably pull him away, but when she stepped forwards to do so the doors opened and he had fallen on his face.

2. The Doctor stood facing the buttons on the side of the elevator , unaware Amy was staring at him curiously.

"Hmm… I wonder what all these do" The Doctor said randomly pushing the all red buttons.

3. Amy's eyes flicked towards the Doctor and immediately caught him staring intently at her face.

"What?" Amy demanded. She got no reply from him and once again demanded what he wanted.

The Doctor suddenly smiled and leaned forwards to whisper in her ear "I have new socks on"

4. Amy and the Doctor stood side by side in the elevator waiting for it to stop at their floor. Amy felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned to look at

"What?" He asked

"You tapped me on the shoulder"

"Did not"

"There's only you and me in the lift"