This is a response to the '25 Character Challenge' by 'The Fourth Black Sister'.

My Life of Magic

My life has always been below ordinary. At Hogwarts, I always had rubbish marks, below anyone else's, and I had basically no friends. My hair was greasy, and my face was too big for my body. So when I left the school, I disappeared, and came back successful, handsome, rich, everything I had ever wanted. So what if I stole someone else's fame? No one wants an ugly hero. So I stole that fame, I took their stories, I wrote the books. People loved me, wanted to date me, wanted my autograph. Then Harry Potter arrived. He took everything from me, my money, my fans, heck, he ever took my mind. So I was left with nothing, just the vague memory of people wanting my autograph, even if I had to relearn how to write it.

So I was dishonest.

I got what I deserved in the end.