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Title: huge hole; bella; hallucination…

New Moon

Summary: Bella has finished her shift at the Newton's and are on her way home, but then she suddenly stops and goes into an alley ,she meets Felix and Demetri who gives her some drugs. She then returns to Charlie's house, finding it empty, she takes a shower after swallowing the pills she got.

Pairings: Bella/Edward



(Felix and Demetri are humans!)


:the YouTube video was made by Kate! Everything that is written in these kind of letters are memories.

Huge hole; bella; hallucination…

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"See you at school tomorrow," Mike yelled, before running out of the Newton's store.

"Bye," I mumbled as I took my jacket on.

Another day filled of nothing.

Without him there was nothing.


I walked outside the Newton's store, and into the chilly air. I threw my arms around myself, trying to hold the warmth from the now closed shop, and jumped to my truck.

I'd drive this way so many times before. Suddenly the truck stopped. It took me a couple of seconds before I realized that I was the reason why I had stopped, I removed my foot from the breakers and looked out the window.

A dark alley was placed between two dirty buildings. One being some kind of club, on the other side of the alley there was an apartment building.

I looked closer into the alley; I could see two silhouettes, both tall and scary big.

They reminded me of something.

Or someone…

I gasped as I realized they reminded me of the men from Port Angeles last year.

I felt a sudden pull to go towards them.

I bit my lip, and opened the trunk door.

I could see the silhouettes freeze.

"Somebody's coming! Did you tell anybody?" a dark voice said loudly.

"Of course I haven't! Is it the cops?" the other silhouette answered roughly.

"I'm not the police," I said quietly as I walked closer.

I got close enough to see their faces.

The tallest one of them had dark brown hair and wild eyes which looked me up and down.

The other had dirty blond hair, and pinched eyes.

"Aren't you too young to be out this late?" the tallest of them asked.

"I guess so..." I said as I came to a stop. An awkward silence filled the air.

"I'm Bella," I saw nervously.

"I'm Demetri and this is Felix," the smaller one said. They both nodded with a slight smile.

"What are you doing out here this late?" I asked.

"Well…" Demetri said raising his hand. He held a small plastic bag filled with white pills. I frowned.

"Pills?" my voice cracked slightly.

"You know, just the usual." Demetri said with a smiled.

"Are those..." I couldn't get myself to say the word out loud.

"Drugs? Yeah," Felix said proudly.

I shouldn't be here. My dad would be furious! Maybe I should just try one… No! Have I gone mad? I shouldn't even be thinking of this. Maybe just one? No. Come on, it wouldn't hurt to try?

"You want one?" Demetri asked, when I didn't look away from the plastic bag.

"I really shouldn't.." I finally said taking my eyes off of from the drugs.

"How old are you, Bella?" Felix asked.

"18," I answered quickly.

"18? I though you very older." he mumbled.

"It's just… My dad… He's the chief of police, I don't know if this is the best idea," I said slowly. They visibly stiffened.

"I won't say anything… About the drugs I mean." I said looking back at the bag.

"Well, then I think you should get something for not busting us," Felix said with a smile.

I bit down on my bottom lip.

I don't think I would die if I tried one... And that wouldn't even be so bad... What about Charlie, and Renee... What would they think if they found out that their only daughter had died of drugs?

Without thinking, I nodded and walked closer.

He smiled to me.

"Here you go," he said giving me a handful of the white pills.

"You just take two, but if necessarily take three," he said and gave me a wink.

"Then why did you give me eight?" I asked and let the pills fall down into my pocket.

"Friends, maybe… You could need them another time, maybe suicide." he said with a smile.

"I-.. I wouldn't do that," I stuttered looking swiftly at them both.

"Yeah, and you wouldn't do drugs either, right." Felix said winking at me.

"Right" I said slowly.

"I'll just… Eh, go home." I said. They were starting to scare me a bit.

"Drive safe," Felix mumbled, as I turned and started to walk away.

Just as I was out of the alley I heard Demetri yell: "I hope to see you again, Bella"

When I once again was sitting my car, it all came crashing down on me. What the heck was I doing? I-… I really shouldn't take drugs. It's not me to do that kind of thing… But I wasn't myself anymore was I?

Since… He left I hadn't been myself.

The new me would come out in the light now… And the new me took drugs, I though as I slipped my hand in my pocket and took two, then popped them into my mouth.

As soon as the pills where down I was immediately disappointed. Of course they wouldn't work that fast. I just had to wait.

So I sat there and waited. And waited. Oh what the heck, I slipped three more down my throat. Better, I couldn't feel anything yet, just the excitement.

As I drove home the silence became irritating. So I turned the music on. I was immediately stunned.

The music came rushing in, echoing, sometimes getting louder and louder and then really low, and then loud again.

My vision started to become a little cloudy, luckily I was home soon.

The colors were so… Colorful! And light! Playing around in front of my eyes. Almost dancing.

Like waves they came and went, and slightly disappeared again.

I parked the truck just as I started to feel a little light headed.

As I jumped out of the car I started to sway.

I quickly stumbled my way up to the front door, locking myself in and walking up the stairs, and quickly into the bathroom.

The air was coming in and out in heavy breaths. Looking myself in the mirror, my skin was pale. I looked into my eyes I was use to look into them and see a death look. Yet this time, the eyes were wild and livid. Like the eyes of a wild animal. As I leaned in I saw that my pupils were huge, and the little line of brown in the edges was darker than they used to.

I slowly leaned back, and leaned my head to the side, fascinated by my eyes.

My head was starting to fell heavy. Almost too heavy for my neck to carry.

Suddenly a small voice started to whisper in my head. It was too low for me to hear so I just ignored it, I was going to enjoy this feeling I had in me. I felt so light. As if I was flying, no, not flying, I was flooding. Flooding over the floor.

I hadn't felt so alive since… No, I was not going to think of him.

Too late, I though as I felt it.

It was as a huge hole.

Huge hole.

I-.. I don't want you, to come.

I jumped up to turn the bathtub on. Maybe a shower would help.

You… Don't want me?

I winced as the memories came flooding back.

It's like a huge hole!

The water quickly filled the bathtub.

If this is about my soul!

Stop it!

I was undressed now, so I climbed into the bathtub.

Huge hole

Don't do anything reckless.

This wasn't working.

I'm-… I'm coming!

I then took in a deep breath, closed my eyes and ducked in under the waterline.

It's like a huge hole

He was there...

You just don't belong in my world

His face just as beautiful as I remember.

I was there…

Water, so much water.

Surrounding us…

It was only us, and the water.

Only one way to see him

Why was he here?

What was here?


I don't believe you.

Please just promise me, you won't do anything reckless.

His voice echoed in my head.

Huge hole.

I wanted to stay here forever... Wherever 'here' was…

So peaceful...

I was flying back into time.

Back to when he was here.

Back when he still loved me.

Loved me...

I could feel a pull in my lungs... They were craving something.

But I just got him back!


But I had to have air.

I have to stay!





I wouldn't let go of him!

Not yet!



The water sprang freely to the sides, happy water bells, splashing, as I rushed up from the cold water, from him…

Ed-… Edward…

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