Fate Happens

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Title: Fate Happens

Post Twilight

Summary: Vampire Bella and vampire Jasper met at the diner instead of Alice and Jasper.

Pairings: Bella/Jasper

A/N: A reviewer of mine asked me if I could write a story where Jasper mets vampire Bella at the café and not Alice, and I decided to give it a shoot. So here I am, writing it! ;)
Right now I think of it as a one-shot, but it will depend on what you guys think and if I get any inspiration to write more ;)

Beta: BellaCullen884


A tall, pale, beautiful, brunette with red eyes stood outside the small fancy café in Philadelphia the early 1950's. Her name was Isabella Marie Swan and was born in 1922 in Forks Washington by Darren and Antonia Swan. She was dressed in a yellow dress with a thin red belt around her waist.

She was messing around in her red lacquer bag, as a honey blond man with red eyes as well walked toward her. His name was Jasper Whitlock, and was born in Texas. He hadn't seen her yet, but could feel the pull so he started to walk faster. He then looked up at her, just as her eyes looked up at him. A sudden rush floated through the two of them, and they confidently walked to each other.

"Hello ma'am," the man said to her. She smiled warmly, and if she had been a human, she would have blushed.

"Hello," she gave him her hand, and he kissed it, without looking away from her eyes. She sighed unconsciously as she glanced into his deep red eyes.

"May I ask you your name?" he asked excitedly.

"Only if you tell me your name afterward." she said teasingly.

"Of course," he flashed her his smile.

"Isabella Marie Swan," she said and bit her lip. "But you can call me Bella." she rushed out right as he was going to say something. He laughed quietly, and said: "Jasper Whitlock, at your service. And you can call me what ever you please."

She giggled. And that was all it took before they took off together.

Back in the café sat a short, almost pixie like, vampire with short dark hair. Her name was Mary Alice Brandon, and she was born in 1901. She was dressed in a gray dress, with red buttons and belt. All because the popularity in a short street near the one she was in, was bigger than in this.

"If somebody changes their mind, the future changes."

A/N: This story was as said the the start, something a reviewer asked me if I could write. She only told me it could be cool if Bella and Jasper met at the café/diner, instead of Alice and Jasper, but the rest I made myself. I know it's shitty short, but it's just supposed to be short and sweet. Though I might be making an epilogue, where Alice gets her happy ending, with another vampire, or with the Cullen's (I already know which one it should be, I just don't want to ruin it for you (; )

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