Title: Captured

Pairings: Spamano and Framano

Rating: This chapter's T, but the following chapters shall be M! Well France is in it, whaddya expect?

Warnings: Molestation, Rape, Lemons, An Angry Italian Who Cannot Control His Mouth, and Overall Frenchness!

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The sun shone bright on a luscious tomato farm as two men worked through the fields, sweat glistening off their skin like crystals. Dirt was caked onto their clothes and skin, their sweat working as adhesive. One man was tall with messy chocolate curls, his skin a deep olive. The other was short and had strait reddish brown hair, his skin a bit lighter of a tone.

"Antonio, look at all of our pomodoros~!" the shorter man, Romano, exclaimed, a childish smile spread across his face. It looked a bit off, like it was unpracticed; the man rarely smiled. The taller, Antonio, giggled and patted the other's head

"Si! We've filled our baskets!" he replied in a matching childish tone, holding out a large wicker basket full of plump red tomatoes. Romano held up his own basket and pouted, sighing. His weren't nearly as big as Antonio's.

Now that he thought of it, he could think of a few other things that weren't as big as well… he cut off his thoughts with an awkward cough, blush spreading across his face. Antonio laughed confusedly and rolled his eyes.

"Awwhh look Lovi! You're face is like a tomato!" he mused, pulling a tomato out of his basket and holding it next to Romano's cheek.

"B-bastard! No I don't!" Romano yelled furiously, snatching the tomato out of Antonio's hand. "Why must you do that!" Antonio giggled and stretched, letting out a hum of satisfaction when his spine let out a quiet pop.

"I have to use the cuarto de baño~" he purred, receiving a disgusted look from Romano.
"T-M-I bastard!" he exclaimed. Antonio chuckled and patted his head again before turning and walking towards his house.

Romano sighed and turned back towards the tomato plants, a smile finding its way onto his lips again as he began to search for more ripe tomatoes. As he searched, he began absentmindedly humming a song, one he'd come up with himself while he was picking tomatoes on a day much like this.

He was too enthralled in his work to notice the blonde man creep up behind him. He was also too enthralled to notice the arms wrap around his waist. He was not too enthralled, however, to notice when the blonde man purred in his ear, "bonjour Romano~"

He cried out in shock (no he didn't scream like a little girl, he was a grown man dammit!) and thrashed to get away, terror flooding his senses.

"Francis!" he yelled as he was turned to face his assaulter. "What the-!" his question was cut off as a hand covered his mouth and he screamed—Okay, maybe it was a scream, but there was a good reason!

"Aha! I've got you mon petit lapin~!" the French man exclaimed in victory then lifted Romano over his shoulder and began to work his way out of the fields.

"P-PUT ME DOWN YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!" Romano screamed, slamming his fists into the French man's back. He merely received a chuckle and a squeeze of his ass. He yelped and blushed madly then remained quiet. It took quite a while for Francis to find his way out of the fields, getting lost a few times before he finally found the gate which lead to the road. Romano'd finally had it.

"What the hell are you doing you freak!" he yelled, bracing himself for the imminent molestation that was sure to follow. When it didn't come, he relaxed with a silent sigh.

"I'm stealing you!" Came the French man's reply. "I finally got you when you were alone; I had to make the best of the moment!" Romano's eyes widened and his heart plummeted as he began to imagine the horrible things Francis would do to him. He forced himself to stop; it only made things worse.

"W-why?" he asked, and inwardly cursed himself for trembling so violently. Francis shrugged and slowly set Romano down, though he kept a tight grip on his wrist so the young Italian wouldn't escape.

"Because, mon cher, you've caught my interest~" he replied, then gestured to the other side of Romano. "Get in or I'm forcing you to." Romano looked confusedly up at Francis then turned and realized that they were standing next to a very fancy looking Citroën C5. He gaped at the car, so engulfed in its overall beautiful-ness that he forgot about his current situation. That is, until he was picked up and practically thrown into the back seat of it.

"w-what the hell bastard!" he yelled, and Francis chuckled as he climbed into the front of the car.

"If you don't stop talking, cher, then I'll rape you right there where you're sitting~" he threatened, and Romano immediately clamped his mouth shut. Francis smiled in satisfaction and turned towards the front of the car.

"Good little lapin~" he purred as he placed the keys in the ignition and turned them, the engine roaring to life. Romano shrunk back in his seat, tears suddenly threatening to escape. He peered out of his window, the tears flooding his eyes as he remembered Antonio.

"Mi dispiace", he whispered sadly as the farm began to grow smaller until it disappeared from sight, "Antonio."

Antonio stood in the middle of the fields, confusion flickering in his wide hazel eyes. Had Romano already left him…? He felt tears threaten to escape but he swallowed them away and sighed deeply. There must have been a good reason.

"He'll be back by tomorrow," he assured himself as he lifted his basket and turned back towards the house, "I'm sure of it."


"Pomodoros"- Italian for "Tomatoes"

"Si"- Spanish and Italian for "Yes"

"Cuarto de baño"- spanish for "Bathroom"

"Bonour"- French for "Good Morning"and "Hello", it's pretty much just a basic greeting

"Mon petit lapin"- French for "My little bunny"

"Mon cher"- French for "My dear" or simply "dear"

"Mi dispiace"- Italian for "I'm sorry"

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