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Romano shuddered and panted, the constant rubbing on his curl driving him insane. France sat next to him,

absentmindedly twiddling his curl while reading a most likely pornographic book.

"l-let go of me... Bastard..." the Italian breathed, his eyes lidded sightly in lust and his face covered in deep

blush. His mouth hang ajar as to get as much air in as he could possibly manage. Behind his back his whole

arms were bound, as were his bent legs. He had no clothes on; he really couldn't remember the last time he

had. Since he'd come here he'd been forced to stay "naturale". Damn Frenchie.

"a-ahh! F-fuck you, stupid bastard! Let go of my curl! J-just let me see Antonio already!" he spat. Francis

glanced up at him then set his book down, standing and releasing the curl as told. Romano let out a shuddering

breath and let his head fall forward.

"hm, I have an idea of what we could do next~ the frenchman purred. "you jack yourself off, i'll watch, and then

maybe you can communicate with your beloved Spain, Non?" he purred.

Romano's eyes widened and his head shot back up, a fierce look in his eyes.
"I'll never humiliate myself like that!" he yelled, wishing he could punch the blonde, or SOMETHING. Francis sighed

and shrugged.
"hm. Well, I guess you won't get that call to him..." he mumbled, holding up his cell phone teasingly before dropping

it back into his pocket. "pity, I'll just have to do it myself~" Romano shook his head and squeased his eyes shut tight.

"n-no!" he cried. "I-I'll... I'll do it..." he said quietly, and Francis' eyes lit up in triumph.

"what was that?" the blonde purred. "I couldn't quite hear you. What will you do?"

"I'll do it! I'll..." his face flushed red and he screwed it up in disgust. "I-I'll jack myself off..." France smirked hugely and

nearly licked his lips in anticipation. He walked over to the brunette and snaked his arms around him, undoing his bindings.

"get to it then," he purred. "I haven't got all day." Romano grimaced in embarrassment then spread his legs, licking his

hand before slowly rubbing his length. Francis arched an eyebrow at the odd gesture but didn't complain.

Romano scooted backwards so he could lean against the wall and continue rubbing his length, flicking the tip with every

upstroke. He bit his lip until he could faintly taste blood, forcing back any moans that tried to escape. If he was going to do

this, he'd do it his way.

He began to pump his erection, starting slowly then speeding up until he was furiously pumping, whines finally escaping his

lips. He trembled violently, having to use the wall for support. His nails scratched at the surface, wanting this to end as soon

as possible. His hand was moving as fast as he could, hoping it would speed up the process.

Francis stared in fascination. He'd never seen anyone so determined to reach their climax at such a fast speed

before! He felt pity wash over him and he walked over, pulling Romano's hand away and replacing it with his own.

Romano cried out and bucked his hips, not expecting the new sensation. When someone else touched him it

felt so much different... He'd never admit it, but it felt much better. He shoved against the wall with all of his

force and weight and rocked his hips with the fast pumping the frenchman was doing.

Francis smirked at the boy's reactions and and brought his lips down to the hot organ, licking it once.

Romano wailed and bucked his hips again, though they were forced down this time by strong hands. His trembling

had increased greatly as had his breathing. He moaned out as his erection was taken completely into the

others' mouth and sucked. Stars filled his vision in ecstasy as he cried out again, not sure exactly what happened.

He hadn't come...

Francis smirked and pulled his phone out while sucking, dialing a certain number and holding it to romano's face.

The Italian gasped and shrieked, swatting at the phone. It really didn't matter if it was near him though,

it was on speaker.

"R-Romano! Romano is that you? Where are you? Como estas! Are
You oka-... Romano what's going on?"

He couldn't hold back the noises. Fingers were prodded then slipped into his entrance and he screamed in the pain,

then moaned and cried out as his tip was drowned in kisses and licks.

"... Romano what the hell is going on? Are you okay? Goddamn it! whoever is doing this is gonna pay!" the spanish

man on the other end of the line yelled. He didn't want to hear these noises, but he refused to hang up in case he

caught who was doing this.

"A-ANTONIOO!" Romano wailed, bucking his hips again. "G-get me out of h-here! Haaaaa-AAH!" Francis bit down gently

on romano's cock, giving him the 'i have your dick in my mouth, you may not wanna do that' look. Romano nodded and

looked up at the ceiling, tears beading in his eyes.

"Romano, who's doing this to you? where are you!" Spain demanded.

Romano shook his head, moaning through gritted teeth.
"j-just help me bastard!" he begged, his eyes widening as Francis positioned himself at Romano's entrence. "NO! DON'T!"

a bloodcurtling scream and the phone beeped twice then went silent.

Antonio screamed in frustration and threw his phone across the room, flinching as it hit the wall.
"sorry..." He mumbled. England glared at him then sighed deeply, standing and walking over to the now destroyed

piece of equipment.
How'd England get into this story, you ask? Well, let us rewind a bit, shall we~

Antonio sat on the couch next to the British nation awkwardly, a tiny tea cup meant for dainty hands held equally

as awkwardly in his large hands.

"so... You don't know where Romano is...?" he asked with a nervous laugh.
England shook his head, still glaring. He looked as if he'd just been in an explosion.

When looking at him profile-wise, his left side looked completely normal. Though, not when looking at him strait on.

It seemed as if an explosion had gone off on his left; everything on his right side was blown away from his body,

his hair spiked out and his tie leaning generously to his right. How he'd come to be like this was unknown, though

we can guess it was probably some sort or tantrum Spain had thrown.

"Hey, I'm sorry about freaking out on you..." Antonio apologized sincerely. "I'm just panicking! Romano's only

disappeared once before and that was when he was involved in the mafia!"

England nodded and sighed. "America ran away a few times," he assured the brunette. "he always came back

unharmed... More or less..."

Spain grimaced at the last statement and held his head In his hands. Aye aye.

Back in the present though, things were slowly seeming to fit together.

Spain gasped and looked over at England, who'd fixed himself since then.

"you don't think..." he began, "that Francis is behind this? I mean, he's ALWAYS after my romanito! What if...


England's eyes widened and he hurriedly shushed the Spaniard.
"bloody hell, do you have no decency! Keep your voice down!" he scorned, then his expression softened.

"I'm afraid you're most likely correct..."

Spain pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger then sighed deeply.
"I will go save him as soon as I can, but right now it's pouring down buckets of water out there and I just can't think.

Go fill me a glass of wine, I need to sort this all out."

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