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The guild had been one big gathering of hope and tears when Levi delivered the news about Lucy's state. The poor blue-head had spoken with tears of joy devouring her voice. Lucy had shown a lot of signs of being near consciousness lately, and that was the reason to Levi's happiness.

The bookworm strolled down the streets of Magnolia with the first beaming smile in weeks adoring her face. She was in a far better mood than she had expected – not that she minded at all!

She had decided to buy something for Polyushko. The poor soul had been forced to bear with having Natsu around her 24 hours every day, and Levi really sympathized with the elder woman. Sometimes Levi had to wonder how Lucy managed to stay sane with the foolish boy around her all the time.

Even Natsu's mood had improved the past week, and the usual spark of life in his eyes had somewhat returned. This spark had send waves of determinism through all of them – especially, dare she say, Polyushko.

The old lady thought she was good at hiding it. But somehow Levi always noticed the small smirk that crept onto the face of the pink-haired woman, whenever Natsu roared in joy when Lucy squirmed or gasped or did anything to prove to him that she was alive.

The injury was also fading. Slowly, yes, but it was fading. Natsu was so close – so goddamn close. Therefore Levi decided to buy Polyushko a present. She had to admit that she had no idea what to get the woman, therefore she had decided to buy her a book – something Levi was very good at. Buying books.

Mirajane had been preparing a huge party. Levi hated to admit that the guild, especially her and Mirajane, was a little too eager. It was not even sure yet whether Lucy would wake up or not. Polyushko had told them about a possible coma. But that was a fact Levi decided to deny completely. Or at least ignored the best way possible.

Erza stared at Lucy's body in bewilderment.

Natsu was in the kitchen together with Polyushko, Happy and Wendy. Gray was outside with Juvia. The only one in the room beside her was Charlie. She was unsure whether it was simply her imagination, since Charlie had not shown any reaction of having seen the same as her.

Was she seeing things? Did she really miss Lucy that much?

Or had Lucy's body just flinched as if she was waking up?


What an incredible sensation that ran through Erza's body. It felt like a huge bubble that surfaced in her stomach and spread throughout her veins. She could not hold back the gasp as she quickly threw herself towards the bed Lucy had been lying on for weeks. She did not care how out of character she must have looked, all she saw was her beautiful blonde friend.

"Polyushko!" She roared as Lucy frowned with her eyes closed. "POLYUSHKO!" the rosette almost shrieked, her body trembling as she tried to figure what to do. "GET IN HERE!" she hissed loudly, making Charlie finally get the situation. The white cat observed Erza as the woman seemed to be close to a mental break-down. Charlie guessed that since Erza was so used to having control of the situation, it bothered her that she did not know what to do about her friend.

"What?" Polyushko asked with her stern voice as her steady footsteps came into hearing. Right behind her was Wendy, Happy and Natsu, who all wore a confused expression; this sure was not a behavior the Titania used to show.

"Lucy! She just! She just! Her voice!" Natsu was at Lucy's side in an instant, and Polyushko frowned slightly at the rather short explanation she was given. But as her patient's hands began moving around, grapping the first thing they touched, Natsu's hand, she threw herself into action.

"Where… Where…" Lucy's voice croaked as her eyes suddenly fluttered open. "Where am I?" she muttered, pain overwhelming her body. She desperately tried to blink away the blur, hoping that she was not dreaming inside of her nightmare.

"Luce…" she heard him whisper. When she felt the hand she had just grabbed close around hers, she knew he was there. She immediately let go of tears. "Natsu!" she gasped as her eyes finally adjusted. Even through the tears she saw him. His hair. His eyes. His… his… tears…

Her eyes. Lucy's eyes. Brown chocolate filled eyes that held so much passion was finally open. Her voice. Her beautiful voice which he had missed in so many weeks was finally used. She was right there. Right before him lay the girl he could have never thought meant that much to him. Her absence had left a surprisingly deep scar which would probably never fade away.

"Why are you crying?" the blonde asked, her voice sore, as she tried to reach her hand up to his face, her intention being to wipe away those tears he shed, but the pain she was in would not allow it. He shook his head with that stupid trademark grin she had missed so badly.
"It doesn't matter. You're awake!"

That was when Levi arrived. And that was when Gray and Juvia returned inside. That was when Fairy Tail got their teammate back. And that was when Natsu vowed to never allow anything to ever hurt Lucy Heartfilia again.

And that was when Polyushko finally got back the silence of her property.

"Hey Natsu." Lucy said, smiling brightly up at her fierce teammate. The party was still going on strong inside of the guild, and Lucy had to admit that she felt a little ungrateful against Mira for just skipping out like this.

When she had returned, bandaged up like never before, she had not even comprehended how much pain she was in when the whole guild, one by one, had hugged her. She had cried her heart out, having never been so happy to see the faces of her guild mates again.

But, sadly, she was too tired to party the whole night. Therefore she had placed herself outside, allowing herself to catch her breath and realize that she was actually alive. She was not surprised that Natsu had followed her.

"Natsu?" she asked her smile slowly fading as his thoughtful expression was all he offered. She slowly rose to her feet, wrenching from the pain in her stomach. Natsu grabbed her arm firmly, helping her onto her feet, which she breathlessly thanked him for.

He observed her as she looked up at him, taking in her every feature with care. He was having a hard time realizing that she was actually standing right before him. Her beautiful eyes had been locked away from the outside world for so long, that he suddenly found himself lost in them. His hand slowly rose to touch her face, making it slowly dawn for him that she was alive.

"Natsuuuu?" she called silently, cutting off his thoughts. She was taken a little aback when his rough hand had touched her, but she did not want to scold him for it. When she finally caught his attention, she noted the well-hidden hint of sadness playing in his dark eyes. She sighed deeply as she lifted her arms with a careful move, placing her palms on each side of his head, somewhat hoping that her touch did to him what his had done to her.

"It was never your fault." She simply stated, surprising him greatly. "I should have never followed your scream. I was just afraid that you had been hurt, and I wanted to help you so badly, even though I knew I couldn't. I acted on a stupid thought." He stared at her for the briefest of moments before frowning and looking away. This made a concerned expression creep onto her face.

"I couldn't help you." He rasped out in a mutter, making her eyes widen. "You asked for my help. But I couldn't help you. I failed you… I…" before he could continue though, Lucy had pressed her lips against his own with such force and passion that he almost stumbled backwards. He quickly grabbed a hold on a table near them, afraid that his knees might give in on him.

"You did help me." She whispered against his lips. "You saved me Natsu. And even though I don't like to admit it, you always do. I'm grateful." He quickly caught her lips again so that she could not continue, sneaking his arms around her fragile being.

"You can never, ever, do something like that to me again." He whispered as he licked his lips. "Ever." He added, as if to make his point clear. She smiled up at him as she leaned in to rest her tired head on his broad chest. "I promise I won't."

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