PMD EoT, EoD, & EoS Ending

Disclaimer: PMD, Chimchar, and Piplup belong to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. I do not own them -w- (Though I wouldn't mind owning them xD)

A/N: I was bored so my friend gave me a 100-word-or-less challenge xD I think it came out kinda fail but w/e -w- Enjoy and review x3

"Piplup? What's going on?" Chimchar stared wide-eyed as Piplup started glowing. The penguin-like creature sighed. "Back at the cave…Grovyle told me that…all pokemon of the future would disappear if history was changed" he sighed. "W-What do you mean disappear? You can't go! You're my best friend!" cried Chimchar. Piplup smiled. "You're my best friend too. And I'll never forget you. But you must go on. Tell everyone what's happened, so that this never happens again." "B-But…Piplup…" tears formed in Chimchar's eyes. "Goodbye, Chimchar" with that, Piplup disappeared. "PIPLUP NO!" cried Chimchar as his partner faded.