Title: IM

Author: Jenn11

A/N: Just a random idea that came to me after Sympathy for the Devil. What if when Grant is in DC he and Jane IM each other? Sometimes it's easier to say things when you aren't face to face…

DetJane: How is DC?

LtGrant: Lonely.

DetJane: Liason means you have to come back to Boston sometime?

LtGrant: Yeah. In two weeks I'll be home for a couple days.

DetJane: See you then?

LtGrant: Yeah. Dinner?

DetJane: Okay.

LtGrant: Will you wear that dress again?

DetJane: Maybe.

LtGrant: Do you miss me?

DetJane: Maybe. Do you miss me?

LtGrant: Maybe.

DetJane: Okay, I miss you. More than I thought I would. A lot more.

LtGrant: Miss you too.

DetJane: You put my brother on that Task Force as a favor to me, didn't you?

LtGrant: Yeah.

DetJane: I thought you did it to tick me off.

LtGrant: I know.

DetJane: Thanks.

LtGrant: You're welcome.

DetJane: I like you too. A lot.

LtGrant: You tell me this over IM?

DetJane: It's… easier.

LtGrant: Does this mean I get a real kiss when I see you for dinner?

DetJane: Yes. Sorry about running out on our last dinner and leaving you out in the rain.

LtGrant: I forgive you.

DetJane: Thanks.

LtGrant: We even for me calling you names when we were kids?

DetJane: Yeah. We're even.

LtGrant: I have to go. Meeting.

DetJane: See you in a couple weeks.

LtGrant: I can't wait.

DetJane: Call me before then?

LtGrant: Yeah.

So, should I do their phone call as the next chapter?