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Riley had betrayed the one who warmed his heart. The sun gleamed from above as Riley watched Zane and the rest of the team practice. His probation was well under way and merely seeing the team—his team—move forward without him made his chest heave.

"Stavros," Coach Carson walked up to Riley with a towel over his shoulder, "We need more water over here."

Riley nodded his head and jogged back to the benches, his t-shirt stuck to his chest as he grabbed the plastic bottles and handed them out. Each member walked up to him, slapped him on his back and thanked him. "Any time guys."

"Hey Riley," Owen walked up and took his water, "Don't look now but here comes Princess." Riley glared peeked over Owen's shoulder to see Zane walking up to them. Owen grabbed his water and walked off, mumbling "faggot" under his breath.


"Hey Riley." Zane smiled, Jesus, it had been weeks since Riley's probation and weeks since he had seen Zane's face so bright. "Can I get some water? Or is the 'Princess' asking too much?"

Riley shook his head. Zane's face glistened like glass, his cheeks were smudged with dirt and his uniform hid a small blood stain, a souvenir from Zane's last tackle. Riley knew that Zane was no princess. If anything he was a prince charming; he was Riley's prince charming. Zane could brave any dragon, he could rescue any maiden, but instead he chose to rescue Riley. Riley Stavros who had locked himself away in a dungeon of his own fear. Who was the brave prince that taught him how to dance and how to hold?

"Here" Riley's arm shook as he handed Zane water. Riley's heart beat quickened as Zane neared him and reached out his hand. Zane's nails were caked in dirt, and his shoes were stained by the mud from the field. Riley remembered the summer night at the pier, or the rain showers without an umbrella. How Zane used his jacket to protect them from the oncoming rain. How they hid away in a restaurant where no one knew them and just talked for hours before the manager kicked them out for not ordering anything. Did Zane still remember that?

The water bottle slid out of Riley's hand and into Zane's.

"Thanks man."

And then he remembered. Riley was the one who betrayed him. Riley was the one who turned him away in the locker room, Riley was the one who hid Zane away. Riley had forsaken his prince. Riley was still in chains. His prison was all around him.

"Stavros hurry-up with those towels."

"Alright coach."

A prison he might never escape.