Disclaimer: I do not own any of the NCIS characters; I am just borrowing them for this story. May contain spanking or reference to spanking.

Summary: Sorry, there's no summary. Gibbs says I suck at summaries. (peeks over shoulder) However, think Gibbs in charge of NCIS fan fiction.


Gibbs: So, Nicky, what are you working on today?

Me: Um, you know, just stuff boss. Nothing exciting.

Gibbs: Is that so? Let me see what you have so far. (eyebrow raised)

Me: *panicky* Um, you can't do that, boss. It's not ready.

Gibbs: You don't have anything yet, do you? (pauses by desk)

Me: *Indignant* Of course I do. It's just, I'm not ready to show it to anyone yet. You know, gotta check spelling, grammar, all that stuff.

Gibbs: Uh, huh. Show it to me now, and quit stalling. (moves around desk)

Me: Boss, wait. You can't look. (quickly turns monitor off in desperation)

Gibbs: Tell me you did not just turn your monitor off. (eyes widen in disbelief)

Me: *gulping* Um, okay. I won't tell you. (flinches at the stupidity of that remark)

Gibbs: *barking* Move! (spins my chair out of the way and turns my monitor back on)

Me: *gulping* Um, boss? I can explain that. (cowering, waiting for a head slap)

Gibbs: *glaring* I thought you said you were working, not playing some silly video games.

Me: *fidgeting* Um, it is work sorta. It's research, for my new story. (digs hole deeper)

Gibbs: Don't lie to me, Nicky. You know how I feel about lying. (holds my chin like a five-year old)

Me: *nodding miserably* Um, yeah, boss. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. I promise.

Gibbs: Good. Now get back to work. (steps back from my computer)

Me: Um, right away boss.

Gibbs: *smirking* Oh, Nicky, just one more thing.

Me: Yeah, boss? (looks up from computer briefly)

Gibbs: (lifts me up from my chair) *SMACK*

Me: OW! (rubs backside fiercely)