Chapter 1: Just a Snack

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Saiyans and Namkians alike, behold as the sequel is about to begin... Cheesy right? I thought so, anyway, enjoy.

Somewhere in the depths of Space, a lone warrior is searching. He has questions to be answered, like why, and how. This warrior is not only searching for answers, but is searching to settle a score with someone... While he is in deep sleep in the space pod that he found on the planet he awoke on, he still has the questions running through his mind.

Where am I? Am I in the living world? I must be, I don't recall Hell looking like Space. The warrior opened his eyes and looked out the window, deep into space. "I will find you... I swear of it."

The early morning sun gave off a nice orange tinted light, and the perfect amount of warmth. The air was cool and refreshing to the skin of two Saiyans that had been training since dawn. Yes, Goten and Trunks were at it again. By now, they needed a rest. They stood on a cliff over saw a large plain. There tails waving around, they stood next to each other, Trunks moved his long hair out of his face and sighed. Goten's hair had grown again, it still looked like Goku's hair to an extent, but hung down more and was more rigid. They didn't speak, they just looked off into the view.

Gohan was up rather early as well, it was summer time once more, and Gohan had finally graduated high school, along with Videl and the rest of their friends. He was meditating. But he was not alone. It's not Videl either, he was meditating with his first teacher, Piccolo. They both levitated with their legs in criss cross position, eyes closed, and arms crossed across their chests. They were doing this next to a water fall, not far from where Goten and Trunks were standing, letting the cool mist that escaped the water's path land on their skin. Gohan's appearance has changed, he wears a uniform that resembles his father's G.I. But his blue undershirt had slightly longer sleves. His hair had grown too, having two locks of hair hang down in his face. He looked alot like is future counterpart, minus the facial scar. Also, his tail was wrapped around his waist like a belt. Piccolo hadn't changed a bit, he was still Piccolo anyway you look at him.

Back at the Son Residents, Goku was learking around the house. The only ones up were the guys, excluding Bardock, who had not been sleeping well lately. Goku was on a top secret mission. It was breakfast time! Goku snuck into the kitchen quietly so he did not wake up his father and his wife. This is great! He thought, No one can stop me now. Boy am I starving! Goku tip toed up to the fridge and opened it quietly, he began to rummage around the fridge.

On the floor in the living room, Bardock laid resting. He was sound asleep at the moment, but his facial expressions showed trouble. His dreams had been increasingly strange, yet he didn't want to share them with anyone. Everyone knew that Bardock was having nightmares, but about what they didn't know. He then began to toss and turn as if he was in pain. Goku looked over to him for a second, with a sausage link hanging from his mouth, then went back to finding more food. Goku finally got his arms filled with food, but not for long. Bardock awoke, "Kakarot, NO!" He yelled as he flew up to a sitting position. He had sweat dripping from his forehead.

The yell caused Goku to fall down with all of the food, causing it to go everywhere. Goku looked out to the living room. "Ahoy out there, you alright?"

"He'll be fine." Said a familiar female voice, "But you won't be for long."

Goku turned to look up, and discovered his wife standing above him with a rolling pin. "Uh oh." Said Goku.

"Uh oh is right Goku." Said Chi Chi, "Why can't you just wait for breakfast like everyone else?"

"I um." Goku stuttered. "It was... it was just a snack, I swear, just a little snack."

"Snack Shmack." Said Chi Chi with frustration.

Bardock was breathing heavily, the sweat dripped from his forehead like rain from the sky, and his face was red.

"Bardock." Said Chi Chi, "Are you okay?"

Bardock gulped and looked up. "It happened again." He said with a tremble. "I think my dreams are..."

The phone began to ring. "I'll get it." Said Chi Chi who began to walk over to the phone.

"Phew," Said Goku, "Off the hook."

"Not a chance," Said Chi Chi, who then picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Chi Chi." Said a young girls voice through the phone.

"Oh hello Videl, how are you sweetie?" Said Chi Chi.

"Not bad, kinda tired."

"It is kind of early Videl, you looking for Gohan?"

"Yes actually. I need to ask him something."

Chi Chi sighed. "Good luck with that. He's out training with Piccolo."

Videl sat down on her bed and sighed. "Well, could you tell him I called?"

"Sure thing." Said Chi Chi from her end of the call.

"Thanks, see you soon." Said Videl as she hung up the phone. The laid back on her bed and stared at the ceiling, her tail was on her side. She still was adjusting to Saiyan life, being a Half Saiyan was different to her because of living most of her life as an Earthling, or at least thinking she was an Earthling. She didn't mind it much though, all that was important was that her father didn't see her any differently, of course her father knew from the start, and that Gohan didn't either. She then dozed off. She was up early anyway, so it didn't matter if she slept now or not.

The routine was a little different in West City though. At the Capsule Corporation, Bulma was in her lab already, doing some research on Kami knows what, and since Trunks was at Goten's house, she didn't have to worry much. Vegeta was already in the gravity room, which became quite boring without someone to train with. Usually, he trained with Trunks in the Gravity Room, but Trunks was at Goten's house, so it became rather irritating. He found himself firing blasts at the machines he sued when training for the androids, and because they had been upgraded, they could withstand Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 power, but not all of the time. Vegeta was already a Super Saiyan 2 in his training, and it was him versus Dr. Brief's training machines.

Vegeta found himself trying to dodge balls of metal that wouldn't normally hurt the Saiyan Prince, but training at 450X normal gravity, made everything that much tougher. One of the machine came whipping at Vegeta, but Vegeta had just enough sense to jump out of the way, while in the air, he threw his hand forward, firing off a blast at the machine, which destroyed it. Behind him were two more.

Vegeta turned quickly, "How many if these blasted things did that old man make?" Vegeta blasted both of them, but he was already exausted, so they didn't become junk metal. Instead they flew out of the smoke cloud and smashed right into Vegeta's chest and stomach, pushing him toward the door of the gravity room

A loud crashing sound caused Bulma to spill her coffee. "Vegeta?" She said while getting up out of her chair and running out of the lab. The sight wasn't pretty when she arrived at the Gravity Room. "Oh no, Vegeta!" Vegeta was on the ground in his base form, half buried in concrete and metal, and bleeding from his forehead. The training machines were on the ground in pieces. Vegeta had built up a massive amount of energy while being pushed by the machines, which erupted in an explosion, causing Vegeta to fly through the wall.

Dr. Briefs came running around the corner after Bulma. "Bulma dear, what's going on." Dr. Briefs looked on at Bulma, who was trying to un bury Vegeta's lower body and free him from the rubble. He put his coffee down and helped get Vegeta out of the ruble and into the infirmary. Just another typical day at Capsule Corp.

Bardock sat on the living room floor, clutching his head in pain. Something in his mind was bothering him, it was hurting him from the inside. Goku and Chi Chi both knelt on the floor next to him, trying to figure out the cause of this pain he experienced.

"Bardock," Said Chi Chi with concern. "What's the matter?"

Bardock just yelled in pain, and fell back onto the floor.

Goku sighed, "This doesn't look good at all."

Gohan was still deep in his meditation, but broke from it when he sensed the pain that his grand father felt. He opened his eyes and ran through his thoughts. Grand Father?

What's the matter Gohan? The mental link opened between Gohan and Videl.

Gohan responded to Videl. My Grand Father, he's in trouble.

Piccolo, sensing the link, decided to invade on the conversation. Gohan, you broke away from the meditation.

Gohan was shocked, he had forgotten that Piccolo was capable of that, but after all, Piccolo was his first teacher. Piccolo, what the hell?

Piccolo sighed. "You really have to be on guard with me around." Piccolo smirked, he opened his eyes to look at Gohan. He had a sheepish look on his face and he was scratching the back of his head. Piccolo let out a small laugh, "It's amazing how much you resemble Goku now. If you're hair was longer, you'd be his twin."

Gohan laughed. I guess I really DO look like Dad.

Videl invaded his mind once more. Don't remind me.

Gohan knew she was joking, but then returned to serious business. "Piccolo, can we go see what's wrong with my Grand Father?"

"Well Gohan." Said Piccolo. "Alright kid, you've got it. Let's go."

Gohan and Piccolo then went from floating with their legs crossed, to floating in an upright position, then they flew off toward the house.

Goten and Trunks looked to see the student-teacher duo flying toward home.

"Hey Goten," Said Trunks, "Where are they going?"

"Ummm..." Said Goten in his usual manner, "I dunno."

"Well, some help you are." Trunks sighed. "Let's just follow them." Trunks then flew off without waiting for Goten's response.

Goten sighed at the fact that he couldn't say anything, but that's nothing new, it is Trunks were talking about. Goten simply followed him.

"Graghh!" Yelled Bardock from the couch. He was asleep, but in pain.

"Damn it!" Said Chi Chi, "Nothing's going to snap him out of it!"

Goku walked up to the couch and knelt down. "Father..."

Bardock began to relax, his breathing fell back into a regular rhythm.

The door opened up, and Gohan walked in, followed by Piccolo.

"Ah!" Yelled Chi Chi, not noticing who it was at first. "Oh, sorry Piccolo."

Piccolo sighed. "It's alright... I guess."

Chi Chi sighed. Still un easy about a tall green thing in my house.

Goku laughed, "Chi Chi you worry too much."

Chi Chi shot a look to her husband, remembering the mental link. "Damn it Goku."

Goku laughed. Gohan walked up to him. "What's going on? I picked up a strange energy fluctuation from here."

Goku looked at Bardock, who was asleep on the couch, "Grandpa is in pain." Goku sighed. "Something in his mind is hurting him."

Piccolo walked up to the couch. "Your father has a special ability Goku."

"Oh?" Said Goku. "How would you know?"

Piccolo simply laughed. "The non-ending knowledge of Kami."

"Oh yeah." Goku said sheepishly. Goku then looked back at Bardock, Gohan joined him.

The door was still opened, but that didn't stop the group from noticing the foot steps of two significant chibis sneaking in. Goten snuck around behind Gohan and looked at his grandfather. Gohan felt something tug his pant leg, and he looked down.

"Gohan? What's wrong with Grandpa?" Said Goten with worry.

"He doesn't feel good, Goten," Said Gohan, "He just needs his rest."

Then, Bardock began to stir, his eyes opened slightly, and moved from left to right, viewing the family that stood before him. He was startled at first. He jumped out off the couch into a sparring position.

Goku looked directly into Bardocks eyes, "Hey, good morning."

Bardock looked at him, then realized where he was. "Ka... Kakarot?"

"Yup, what's up?" Said Goku cheerfully.

Bardock sat down and rested his arms on his knees. "It was... a dream..." Bardock's voice was low, he sounded irritated too.

"Hey," Said Gohan, "What's up?"

"It happened again." Said Bardock. "I've had the same dream for about four weeks now, and each time, it gets worse."

Piccolo thought for a moment, then looked at Goku and Gohan. Hrmph, they look almost exactly the same.

Goku and Gohan both had thier hands on thier chins and were deep in thought. This caused Chi Chi to become confused. Since when does Goku think?

I heard that.Replied Goku through the mental link.

Whoops. Said Chi Chi. Sorry dear, I forgot.

Goku and Gohan were still deep in thought. Suddenly, they both looked up at each other, a light bulb had turned on. Goku began to speak. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Damn right I am Dad." Said Gohan. "We'll take him to Bulma's place, and get him examined in one of her fancy machines."

Goku looked at him with his eyes widened. Gohan quieted down. Goku then laughed. "Actually, I was thinking about giving him a huge roast beef."

Everyone in the room fell over. Goku looked around. "I guess the Bulma's place idea will work too."

Gohan walked over to Bardock. "You wouldn't mind it, would you?"

"If it helps, then It'll be fine." Replied Bardock.

Goku sighed to himself. Man, I really didn't want to deal with Vegeta today, oh well.

"Piccolo, you coming too?" Asked Gohan.

"No, I'm going to go back to the look out." Said Piccolo. He didn't say another word, he simply walked out the door, and flew off toward the look out.

Goten tugged Gohan's pant leg again. "What's his problem Gohan?"

"Yeah," Said Trunks, "He's so up tight lately."

"I don't know," Said Gohan, "I'll find out eventually though, knowing Piccolo."

Goku looked at everyone in the room. "Is everyone ready to go?"

Bardock stood up. "Yeah, let's go."

Goku spoke once more. "Alright, get over here and hold on." Everyone nodded and held onto Goku. He then put his index and middle fingers to his fore head.

Gohan then decided to open up his mental link with Videl again. Hey sweetie? We're headed to Bulma's place, want to come?

Videl quickly responded. Sure, it'll be nice to see everyone again, I don't know when I'll be there though, so be patient, I'll be there soon.

Okay, see you soon. Goku then initiated Instant Transmission, and the group disappeared.

Well, the sequel has begun, and it's time to see where this new adventure will take our heroes. Hopefully, Goku will be bale to avoid Vegeta, you will find out why in the next chapter. Thanks, Review and the next chapter will be up soon.