Post Story Note:

And so, A Change of Heart has come to a close. It took me a while to write it, but I am proud of it, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Now, there is a question I want to take into consideration. It seems like everyone is asking, so I'll try to explain. The boy at the end of the story is the same boy who was at the end of the prequel, Somethings Never Change. So far, he is just the end of the story marker, but maybe will have an ultimate purpose in the role of things soon.

Not trying to spoil anything, but there could possibly be a third edition to the series. I somehow don't think I can end it like that, not yet. Need some time for some other projects though, may start a different DBZ project in the mean time.

I again thank you all for your support, and glad you enjoyed my story. I will progress forward, I enjoy doing this, and I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Thank you very much!