"Good god you're coming up with reasons
Good god you're dragging it out
Good god it's the changing of the seasons
I feel so raped
So follow me down "

The song Fake It of the band Seether boomed in Alexa's ears from the pair of black headphones she was wearing while cleaning her very messy apartment. She always blamed the mess on the smallness of the place, while any sane person wouldn't have had any trouble at all keeping everything in order but Alexa was nowhere near normal, hence the constant mess. The dark haired woman of 29 was currently attacking her not so fluffy carpet with the hoover, trying to remove the tiny pieces of glass she'd noticed the day before. How they'd gotten there, well that was a complete mystery.

Alexa Rivers was professional safe cracker that occasionally worked for the police to crack safes that their people couldn't, but she mostly did jobs for companies that make them and needed someone to test them. She spent all her free time with a pair of headphones on and music in her ears, no matter what she was doing. She spent her time alone since she had long since realized that her and the opposite sex just didn't get along, so not having a boyfriend or that many friends made her life pretty lonely. Not that she ever spent it much thought, she hadn't felt lonely in years, she had her music.

" Finally! At last something going my way."

Her war with the glass pieces stuck in her carpet was finally settled, she coming out on top. Alexa's morning had not started well. First, she was woken up at five just to be told that her job for the day got canceled, then when she tried to go into the bathroom she hit her head in the door. Ten minutes later in the kitchen she had burned her left hand on the tea water, leaving a nasty burn on the back of her hand and wrist. Why did she have to be so clumsy in the morning? She turned off and stuffed away the hoover in a closet, now fully intent on spending her day at the record store. She grabbed her black sweater, pulling it over her lithe form, careful with her bandaged hand. Just as she was about to exit she thought she heard someone outside. She pulled out one of the headphones and pressed her ear to the door. She heard two voices behind it, but from the footsteps echoing in the hallway she guessed there were at least four people out there.

" I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the crawling, you can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven? "

That unfamiliar voice was alluring and smooth, and Alexa found herself glued to the door in case it would sound again. But the voice that answered was a lot gruffer and not pleasant at all.

" I really couldn't say."

" I'll play you some. "

Just then she heard what sounded like a gun being fired and someone taking loud steps that faded slightly with each step, the person probably walking into one of the neighbor apartments. ' Probably the family across the hall.' She went away from the door a few moments to pick up her sheath knife that lay on the table, putting it in her right pocket. Just in case something happened. As she neared the door again and stopped to listen, but it was now quiet in the hall. Alexa let go of the breath she didn't even know she was holding and picked up her Mp3, turning on Remedy by Seether just as she opened the door. She closed and locked it behind her. As she turned around she pulled up her black hair with blue bangs in a ponytail, walking with slow and quiet steps so that if there was anyone around they wouldn't notice her. After w few steps she walked by a door that stood wide open, but no one was visible inside. She heard voices from inside and carefully took a step closer. All of a sudden two men came around the corner inside the apartment, one of them holding a plastic bag with white powder inside. ' Drugs?' The word echoed through Alexa's head as the men continued walking towards her, talking between themselves but not noticing her yet. It was then she recognized the wonderful voice she'd heard before, and it came from the very man that held the white powder, clad in a beige suit.

" I told you it was still in the apartment. But now we need to find a new hiding spot til the next delivery. Maybe we could-"

In that second DEA Officer Norman Stansfield looked up and saw the dark haired woman staring at him like a deer in headlights, and he looked between her and the cocaine in his hand, only one thought passing through his mind. ' Shit, a witness.' He handed the powder over to his partner, the shotgun still in his possession and resting safely by his side. He saw her eyes darting between him, the powder, the shotgun and back to him, panic evident in her bright eyes. He raises his hands slightly to show that he's not going to hurt her, but the second he takes another step towards her she bolts, heading for the stairs. Alexa hear a loud " Fuck! " behind her but keeps on running, the music loud in her ears. The chorus give her a boost as she takes the steps two at a time.

"Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail
And so we go back to the remedy
Clip the wings that get you high, just leave them where they lie
And tell yourself, "You'll be the death of me" "

She squeaked as the gun fired and the bullets hit the wall beside her. She runs faster but despite the music and over the music she can hear loud footsteps right behind her. She jumps the last steps and pushes violently out the door, but as she turns to head down the street she feels a white searing pain in her side. She ignores it and concentrates on running, hoping that she know the neighborhood better than the 'crazy men with the guns'. She turns a corner and disappear into the market, then into an alley where she stops to look behind her. She sees no one but keep on running anyway, deeper into the city towards the hotel district.


An hour later Alexa is checked in on ' Duet Hotel' under the false name of Kim Taylor. She doesn't dare go to the hospital, since that would probably be their first place to look. 'Who the shit were those guys? I'll have to be careful with where I go now. And I'll have to move. Damn what a mess!' Alexa got up from the bed where she'd spent the last ten minutes in shock and moved to the bathroom to have a look at her side that was throbbing painfully. As she removed her shirt and looked in the mirror she gasped. The shotgun had grazed her side and it now looked horribly torn and blood ran down her waist to her leg. She got completely undressed so she wouldn't soil any more of her clothes and stepped into the shower, after all it would probably be the most effective way to get it clean. After a few painful minutes of scrubbing it was finally clean and Alexa stepped out of the shower, once again surveying the damage in the mirror. It was then she noticed a hard bump beneath the skin close to the wound and as she looked closer she realized it was one of the small bullets from the shotgun that had lodged itself in the skin. ' I'll never get it out by myself. I need help with this. But who would know how to remove a bullet?' Alexa pondered on this for a few moments before remembering that the only friend she had that she would trust enough was afraid of blood, she would faint if she saw this. But if she was going to do it herself then she would need a forceps, and there was none in the cabinets. She only found a roll of bandages but it would not help her get the small piece of metal out of her skin, she would have to buy one herself. But it would have to wait a few days until some of the heat went away, and she could roam the streets again. As the dark settled in the sound of rain pattering against glass could be heard, creating a calm but depressing atmosphere. That night Alexa went to sleep with a tight, anxious knot in her stomach. 'What the hell have I gotten myself into this time?'

DEA Officer Norman Stansfield inspected the drops of blood left on the asphalt, the only proof that the mysterious dark haired woman had ever existed. He sighed and rose to his full height again, one of his subordinates standing behind him.

" Hey Stan, do you want help man? With finding her I mean."

The man twitched his fingers nervously, and with good reason too. His boss could be very unpredictable when he was angry or frustrated, especially if it wasn't long ago since he popped one of those pills, then he could be down right scary. But Stansfield just sighed and reached for his headphones.

" No, I wanna do this my way. Now go and make yourself useful and don't disturb me, I need to think. " The lower ranking man left his boss alone, knowing better than to interrupt him when he was listening to one of his beloved composers.