Author's note: I've been noticing a lot of extremely bad Kataang fics as of late (no Kataang4ever1, I don't mean you) so I decided to set out to prove that you can actually write a good, cute fan fic with the two of them. I also am setting out to prove that, no, they don't need to be having sex at the ages of 13 and 15 or 15 and 17. A cute, fluff filled story is all they really need.

Hopefully, this little oneshot will prove that.

The wind was cold on the pair's exposed skin, but they didn't care. Right then, they were too enveloped in the warmth of their passion to notice. The Water Tribe girl did not seem very girlish in the way she attacked her partner's mouth, her lips crushing his with a surprising amount of force. Of course, the boy was not acting quite his age either, nor was he living up to the monks ways. Gyatso would have shuddered to see his pupil doing such things as he was doing. Grinding his hips against hers, he let out a quiet moan. The girl did as well, though hers was a bit deeper, the boy not having been through puberty yet.

Yes, their passion was great.

Soon, both knew that they were ready, as if some sort of telepathic link had been made between them. There would be more than just that link soon. The boy grasped the girl's -or rather, the woman's dress, since this ordeal has suddenly made fourteen the legal adult age in the Water Tribe- and pulled it off her. He gasped at the sight of her underclothes, despite having seen them on multiple occasions in the past. She looked so beautiful, the queen of his heart, the Southern Water Tribe, and sea prunes. Oh, how he wanted to take her as his own! He touched his lips to her neck like "tender moist petals", gentle so that he would not frighten her with his feelings.

Of course this did not frighten her. In fact, it awakened a craving within her. She placed her hands on his chest to squeeze the muscle like hard, smooth, hot molds of dough, only to realize that the boy was rather scrawny and lacking in squeezable muscles. So instead she resigned herself to stroking his chest. Her hand soon moved downward toward the boys pants...

"Oh my gosh. Katara! You have to see this, sis."

"What is it, Sokka?" Katara asked, walking up behind her brother. Her expression changed from inquisitive to embarrassed, to downright disturbed as she scrolled down the page.

"This... this-" she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence.

"Hey guys! Whatcha looking at?" Aang's cheerful voice called as he ran down the hallway toward his friend and girlfriend. Katara caught him in a quick hug, giving Sokka just enough time to close the tab on his computer.

"Oh, just this," Sokka said with a shrug, turning the computer toward Aang. The boy took one look, then promptly turned three shades of red and ran off, mumbling something that sounded like an apology.

Just because he had time to close the tab, doesn't mean he did.

Heh, probably not quite what you expected, huh?

Oh Sokka, I love you and your annoying older brother side.

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