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Flash back

Subconsciously, I felt the tubes that fed through my chest; down my throat; twisted around my arms. Nothing had changed, not yet. I slowly; exhausted; brought my fingers to my neck, and felt myself swallow. Only a few more tries and I would have full control over my limbs. I let my arms drop and gasped for breath. The air was changing everyday now. I stretched and flexed my feet, feeling and memorizing the cold bangle that gripped tight my ankle, and pulled slightly, gently. Although I knew it would be a few more days before I could see properly, I willed my eyes to open, feeling them flutter and shudder with the effort, closing multiple times before they were in a state to stay. There was a cloudy mist covering my eyes, and I knew that would stay for a while, even after I was let out, if everything went as planned.


Dammit, man I hate that colour, this same colour hue everywhere; it bloody well tastes green too! I thought impatiently. I couldn't stand it anymore and let my lids fall shut, returning to my deep slumber, hoping desperately to wake up in a room that DIDN'T scream green murder in your lungs.

By the time I'd re-awakened, I could feel the strength growing in my limbs. Sitting up slowly, eyes slitted against the torturous white light spitting from the over hanging fluorescent, I stretched and flexed my arms and legs in turn. It felt good to move, the chains and tubes no-longer brandishing me to the wall. I breathed a deep, contented sigh, quietly amusing myself with the sound of my own voice. I looked up, discovering my surroundings. I sat on a table, a pillow at one end where my head had been, and a blanket lay across my lap. The walls, made clearly of stone, loomed ominously in the shadowed corners the florescent could not reach. A mirror broke the blanched surface of the wall to my right and in it, for the first time, I saw my reflection. I stared.

Did I like what I saw? Yes. Was I mesmerized? Hell yes. Did I look normal? How should I know?

I nearly fell over backwards. Who is that? Was my first thought, but the expression gave it away. Smart one, dumb one; I thought to myself and stood up to get a closer look. Fiery red hair, bright green eyes, a thin build; all awkward arms and legs, the first things I picked up. I had a white plain dress that flowed to my just above my knees, but the loose straps had a hard time covering anything. I yanked them up and then my hand moved across my neck. I could see the long pale scar that cut its way across my chest. My fingers trailed a long its especially smooth surface to the base of my skull where the scar abruptly ceased.

"Well would you look at that," I muttered under breath, taking one last glance at the mirror before spinning around to face the table and the opposing wall. I couldn't see any doors or windows, or even trap doors, the room was blank. In the farthest corner, the darkest corner, I could see a small stool. After a moment's hesitation, I walked over to it, got a grip and hurled it at the mirror.

It cracked, and that was about all.

I frowned, walking up slowly towards it. As I stood in front of it again, my distorted reflection's many faces staring me down, I saw a flicker if movement so subtle that most normal people would thought to have imagined it. Yeah, most normal people. At that, I whirled and sprang onto the table, whirling again, and leapt at the glass, twisting in the air so my back smashed through first. It did.

I fell through to the room that I knew was waiting. As my body hit the floor, I curled into a ball and rolled gracefully to my feet. Inspecting myself for any injuries worth attention, I turned to face a desk covered in papers, many wires, and objects that looked so technical, I was afraid to move in case I touched something and the whole roof came crashing down. Dramatic, I know, but if you'd heard the sounds the room was making from the strain, you'd take precautions too. The room was empty. Nothing live seemed to lurk in any of the constricted corners of the room. Still scared to death of the thing that buzzed beside me, I carefully manoeuvred myself through the hanging wires, to stand just inside the doorway. From my position I could see a few metres to the right of a hallway. The corridor was bright white. A composition of polished marble floors and, what I assumed to be, bare white, concrete walls. A dark, foreboding doorway broke the surface of the hallway to my left. Curiosity getting the better of me, I stuck my head around the corner and looked far down to the very end of both sides. The both ended the same, a wall two strange metal doors in a frame. I jumped back as I notice the one to my left separate. I could hear footsteps echoing across the floor, getting closer and louder. I backed up to the far wall of the room, my eyes searching desperately for anything to use for defence, or just a reassurance. My gaze fell upon a long metal rod that leant against the table, its head misshapen, long pieces of fabric protruding from its face. I grabbed it and braced myself. The footsteps slowed and their creator cast a show a few centimetres from the entry. I tightened my grip on the pole. As the figure rounded the corner, I sprang at them, raising the bar, using the wall as leverage.

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